Onion soup diet to lose weight quickly

The Paleo diet, the detox diet, the protein diet… There are numerous diets that we find today. But had you heard of the onion soup diet? It is a food plan that can help you lose weight, as it stimulates gastric activity, eliminates excess fluids and, in addition, is low in calories. More than a diet is based on a plan in which the protagonist is this rich onion soup that will be the basis of our meals for 7 days. Here it is not a question of eliminating food, but rather of basing the diet on a single recipe to take advantage of all its properties. It is a very effective diet to lose weight quickly and in a healthy way and you will not go hungry. In this article we explain how the onion soup diet works to lose weight quickly.
Onion soup diet to lose weight quickly

Diet Benefits of Fat Burning Onion Soup

As we have said, it is not a diet as such, but rather a plan in which the fundamental basis is onion soup. It is also known as fat burning soup, so for something it will be. The onion has many slimming properties, as it is diuretic, depurative, satiating and very low in calories. In fact, it only contains 20 calories per 100 grams of onion (yes, it has to be cooked).

In addition, other very beneficial vegetables are added to the soup that will help in the slimming process. Thus, with this soup you can:

  • Remove excess fluids.
  • Help a better functioning of the liver and gallbladder.
  • Remove excess gases.
  • Stimulate gastric activity.
  • Regulate blood sugar, so you can take it if you have diabetes.

However, you should know that although it eliminates toxins and liquids, which causes you to decrease in weight and volume, it should not be taken more than seven days in a row. After this period, it is advisable to continue with a healthy and balanced diet, because it is worthless to have dropped in volume to catch it again the following week. You can repeat this plan after a week or fifteen days to accelerate weight loss, but it is not advisable to do it more than seven days in a row. Therefore, it is better to leave a week, at least, of rest.

Interestingly, this soup has been used for years and was formerly indicated in people who were going to be operated on the heart so that they lost weight in an accelerated way without taking risks.

It achieves very good results in a week, although it cannot be assured exactly how much weight you will lose, since it will also depend on each person and their metabolism. What is clear is that some weight you will lose for sure.

Weekly Onion Soup Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Let's make a meal plan based on this rich onion soup recipe for seven days.

As we have said, it is not a diet as such and does not eliminate food, but it does base meals on this recipe, so for 7 days it will be the basis of your meals, being able to accompany it in some cases with other vegetables, meats or even rice. To do this, we show you the appropriate elaborate follow-up plan. You can start on a Monday and finish on a Sunday so you know exactly what day of the plan you are on and, thus, if you want to repeat it, you will know how to calculate exactly the weeks of rest.

Day 1: Monday

The first day is about basing meals on onion soup only. Therefore, you can take all the onion soup you want and you can accompany it with whole fruits or juices. An example would be to take a juice for breakfast accompanied by a piece of whole fruit if you need to eat solid. At lunch, you will have onion soup and one or two pieces of fruit and at dinner, the same. Of course, it is not recommended that the fruit is banana.

Day 2: Tuesday

On the second day we will also include some vegetables. To do this, you can take all the onion soup you want and accompany it with raw vegetables, boiled or steamed or grilled, but without including hardly any oil. In this case, we leave the fruits aside.

Day 3: Wednesday

On day 3 you can add both fruits and vegetables, so you can make a menu of the day something more complete.

Day 4: Thursday

From this day, you can start drinking milk, as long as it is skimmed. In addition, you can continue to take all the onion soup you want, fruits and vegetables.

Day 5: Friday

The diet begins to expand and, in this case, you can take onion soup, tomatoes (but only three), fish or meat (recommended meats such as turkey, chicken, and always cooked in the oven or grilled, both fish and meat). It is important to know that on the days you eat fish or meat you will have to choose one of the two.

Day 6: Saturday

The weekend arrives, but the diet has no breaks. Therefore, it is preferable that you do it in a period of time that you know that you can eat at home or take the food (to work, travel …), This day you can eat, in addition to onion soup, vegetables (as we have mentioned before cooked) and fish or meat (baked or grilled). If on Friday you ate meat, you can eat fish on Saturday and, thus, alternate.

Day 7: Sunday

And the last day of the plan arrives. On day 7 you can eat the onion soup in addition to vegetables, some cereal (such as brown rice) and fruit.

Onion soup recipe for weight loss

And now that we have told you all the benefits of this diet and the plan to follow, you will surely be looking forward to starting to try it. To do this, we are going to show you the recipe of the onion soup that you can use. And no, we are not talking about the French onion soup that has cheese au gratin.

Although it is known as onion soup, the truth is that it carries other vegetables that also have many properties such as celery, which is also a diuretic, or green peppers, which provide a feeling of satiety.


  • 6 or 7 large onions
  • 2 large green peppers
  • 3 stalks of ripe celery
  • 6 tomatoes
  • half a cabbage or cabbage
  • pepper and salt


It is as simple to prepare as washing the vegetables and cutting them into small pieces, removing the seeds when necessary (as is the case with peppers). Then, add them to a casserole or pot with plenty of water to boil them. Once they are boiled, it is only left to season it to taste and ready, the onion soup is ready.

If you do not like solid pieces, you can beat it and leave it in the form of a cream. The properties will remain the same, but do not add more ingredients such as oil or cream that are added to other creams.


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