Is yogurt good to have dinner? – Here’s the answer


Yes, it is good to dine yogurt but it is too little, it is advisable that you bet on including more ingredients to give your body the nutrients it needs. Light dining is one of the main premises to enjoy a healthy diet and avoid overloading your body with unnecessary calories that will not be consumed. But it is one thing for us to have a light dinner and quite another for us to have very little dinner. We have to remember that food is essential for our whole body to function properly and, therefore, the trick is not not to eat, but to eat well, without excess saturated fats or sugars.

Is yogurt good to have dinner - Here's the answer

In this article we are going to answer your question “Is it good to have yogurt?” discovering that it is a type of food that can be included at dinner time but that will have to be accompanied by proteins and vegetables to get a healthy dinner.

Health Benefits of Yogurt

We have already told you that it is good to have yogurt at night but that it is highly recommended that this product is not the only one you take at this time of day, but that you accompany it with other healthy and nutritious ingredients. But, before we start giving you some tips so that you know how to dine well, it is important that we know the benefits that yogurt brings us because, thus, you will understand why it is an ideal food to incorporate into our diet.

Rich in calcium

One of the main benefits of yogurt is that it is a food that provides us with a large amount of calcium, an ideal mineral to protect and strengthen the health of our bones and avoid the appearance of diseases such as osteoporosis.

Very rich in vitamins

Another reason why yogurt is ideal for the body is because it gives us a great source of vitamins A and B, two nutrients that protect our immune system but also protect the heart and improve the health of our bones. It also provides us with vitamin D, a type of nutrient essential for calcium to be absorbed by our body.

A great source of protein

Yogurt is also a perfect food for people who follow a vegetarian diet to consume because it provides us with a rich source of proteins that are very beneficial for the body. Remember that proteins are essential for the proper functioning of the body because it manages to regulate, defend and transport nutrients, therefore, the vast majority of internal processes require the work of proteins.

Rich in probiotics

Probiotic foods are very beneficial for health because they manage to restore our intestinal flora making it in perfect health. In this sense, yogurt gives us active bifidus, bacteria that manage to improve intestinal functioning and protect us from the aggression of other external bacteria.

Eating yogurt: healthy but insufficient

Now that you know all the benefits of this food let's focus on answering your question “Is it good to have yogurt?” In order to give you a specific answer we have to specify that yogurt IS a healthy food to consume at the end of the day but that it is NOT enough to take at dinner time: it is important that, in addition to yogurt, we include other healthy and nutritious ingredients that satisfy our appetite and that help us to be in perfect shape.

So, the answer to your question is YES, yogurt is good for dinner but it is not enough, we will have to include other foods to, thus, be able to really enjoy a nutritious and healthy dinner. It is yes: we recommend that you always opt for the skimmed version of it because, otherwise, you will be taking a very high number of calories that are not necessary at this time of the day.

But what if we want to lose weight? Even if your goal is to lose weight, it's best to opt for creating a balanced, hypocaloric, healthy menu rather than “starving yourself” at dinnertime. Because, what do you think will happen when you wake up the next day if you've only eaten one yogurt? That you will need a very high contribution of calories to be satisfied, therefore, it is an undesirable practice because the ideal is to distribute calories in a balanced way throughout the day.

In addition, it is important that we emphasize that miracle or express diets, that is, those that guarantee you lose many kilos in a short time at the cost of a very important drop in calories, usually cause the rebound effect. Gaining weight after a diet is very common when betting on unhealthy practices, therefore, it is best to bet on a healthy diet and that you lose weight progressively and healthily.

In this other article we discover how to lose weight in a healthy way.

Recommended foods for healthy dinner

We have told you that yogurt is healthy to incorporate at dinner time because it is an alternative that gives us great benefits ideal for late in the day. In addition, if we opt for the skimmed version, we will be able to satisfy our appetite in a very considerable way and without hardly providing fat or extra calories to the body.

But, in addition to yogurt, there are other foods that are perfect to include at dinner time because they will help us satisfy hunger, provide us with essential nutrients and are low in fat and calories. They are as follows:

  • Vegetables: vegetables are ideal to take at dinner time but, to get a good night's sleep and avoid flatulence, it is recommended that you always eat them cooked and avoid those that are more flatulent or indigestible (such as onions, cauliflowers, etc.)
  • Low-fat proteins: proteins (such as yogurt) are more than recommended for dinner time but it is important that we reduce calorie intake and, therefore, we will have to bet on those lighter varieties such as lean meats or white fish. Eggs can also be part of dinners as well as low-fat dairy (cheeses, yogurts, etc.)

The forbidden foods during dinner are carbohydrates, since they provide us with a large number of calories that we will not process during the night, and fruits since they are also carbohydrates rich in simple sugars. In this other article we tell you in detail why it is not good to eat carbohydrates at night.


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