Is wine bad for uric acid


People who have uric acid should follow a treatment in which the food and drinks they ingest are decisive for the gout to disappear or, at least, the most recent outbreak is reduced or terminated. They are fundamental keys so that these episodes do not recur.

Is wine bad for uric acid

Among the guidelines that must be followed, those that generate the most doubts are those related to drinks, since some of them are allowed to be taken but, on the contrary, others should not be drunk. The latter group includes beverages containing alcohol. So, is wine bad for uric acid? In we explain whether or not you should avoid this drink if you suffer from gout or

Uric acid: prohibited drinks

The relationship between uric acid and alcohol causes many doubts among people suffering from this problem. Before answering this question, you should know that when an individual has uric acid higher than normal, it is absolutely essential to control what is eaten and drunk so that the body recovers normal values.

Within the group of prohibited beverages for high uric acid are all those that are part of the so-called high alcohol beverages such as, for example, gin, whiskey, brandy or vodka. If you have doubts between the relationship of uric acid and beer, we explain that neither this nor soda nor industrial juices are recommended for people who suffer from gout. The reason is simple: it is due to its purine content that, once in the body, cause uric acid to rise.

So, can you drink wine with high uric acid or gout? The answer is not easy. In fact, there are medical studies that suggest that it can be taken when you have high uric acid, while others indicate the opposite: it is an unsuitable drink for gout.

Benefits and disadvantages of wine for uric acid

In general, uric acid and alcohol are two difficult concepts to put together. However, wine is a product that does not contain high levels of purines, as you can see in this article on Benefits of Red Wine. In fact, you can find wines that have 0 purines, an especially key factor for those who suffer from gout.

In the case of wines with low purine level, many doctors allow it to be taken, but always consumed in moderation. For example, you let yourself have a drink during meals precisely because it helps regulate uric acid levels. However, as we have said, the relationship between uric acid and alcohol such as wine is complicated, so you should never pass that amount, since the opposite effect could occur. It is also important to consider differences in intake depending on sex.

It has been shown, for example, that a man who does not have elevated uric acid could have two glasses of wine a day. However, this amount is not the most recommended for women, as it would be enough to raise uric acid.

In any case, whenever wine can be drunk, it should be drunk alone and without the soda since, as we have said, this sparkling drink is prohibited for people with uric acid.

Types of wine and their effect on uric acid levels

Within the wines, the various investigations have shown that there are different effects on the body depending on the wine that is drunk, since it is not the same to drink a red than a white or a sparkling wine.

Although there are also different medical opinions here, most specialists say that the best wine that can be taken in case of high uric acid is red wine, since it usually contains a lower level of purines.

White wines are usually less recommended because, as with caves, they have more purines. In addition, these drinks also tend to be sweeter than a red wine, which is not beneficial for the body.

Before finishing, we want to insist that you consult with a specialist doctor if you want to drink alcohol with uric acid to provide you with the appropriate guidelines. From, we hope to have helped you, as a guide, to solve the doubts about whether wine is bad for uric acid.



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