Is lemon good for gastritis?


Gastritis is one of the most common pathologies among the population. Under this name hides an alteration of the mucosa of the stomach, which occurs when it becomes inflamed. There are several causes that trigger it, ranging from stress to drinking too much coffee or alcoholic beverages, as well as following a diet rich in spicy and fat. It also has its origin in the presence of some parasites, viruses or bacteria in the stomach. In addition, it can appear because the person has reflux or as a result of taking some medications.

Is lemon good for gastritis

These are cases in which doctors recommend following a diet in which citrus fruits are not taken because they increase the acidity of the stomach. However, for many years, the remedy of treating this ailment with lemon, which is precisely a citrus, has been transmitted from mouth to mouth. So, is lemon good for gastritis? From, we will clarify the main doubts that exist around it.

Is it good to take lemon for gastritis? – here the answer

Many people wonder, in general, if lemon is good for the stomach. As we have said, when you have gastritis, it is not good to take citrus fruits because they increase the acidity of the stomach, thus increasing the discomfort that you already have with gastritis. However, lemon is really an exception because this citrus has been shown to have properties to treat this stomach disorder, being very beneficial, in general, for the digestive system.

In fact, lemon has multiple properties, although the most important is that it is alkaline, which causes the acid to neutralize. This makes it easier for the level of acidity you have in your stomach with gastritis to stabilize.

Properties of lemon for gastritis

Lemon for gastritis is recommended mainly for that alkaline power, although the truth is that it has many other properties for this type of ailments. Benefits that make it a very suitable food to take in these cases, regardless of the origin of gastritis. And, once it has been consumed, it acts in the stomach as an excellent:

  • Antiseptic: lemon is characterized by being a natural antiseptic, as it helps reduce the risk of possible infections. It is also useful when gastritis has been caused by some bacteria, because it neutralizes them.
  • Healing: this citrus also has a great value as a healer, being able to help heal small ulcers in the stomach.
  • Protector: although its level of acidity may seem strange, taking lemon protects the stomach. The reason is none other than because it helps protect the natural lining of the stomach wall, contributing to its healthiness.

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How to take lemon for gastritis

Lemon for gastritis can be taken in different ways. Everything will depend on whether you really like its taste or if you prefer to camouflage it by mixing it with other products and foods:

  • Lemon juice: it is the most common way and one of the easiest and fastest to prepare. You just have to squeeze a few lemons to make a juice and drink it directly. It is important to take it freshly squeezed so that it does not lose properties.
  • Lemon water: if lemon juice is very strong in flavor or you do not like anything, another option is to mix its freshly squeezed juice with a little water. The taste is quite diluted and no properties are lost. You can put the water at room temperature or a little warm.
  • Carrot: another way to take lemon juice is to mix it with carrot juice, which you must also blend at the time. This combination is very beneficial also for gastritis because the carrot has anti-inflammatory power, apart from being diuretic, so it will help, along with lemon, to relieve gastritis.
  • Eat lemon: There are many people who like to eat lemon, or at least a piece, as if it were an orange. It is also another alternative to ingest it.
  • Dressing: if you have gastritis, another way to take lemon is to use it as a dressing for dishes. In this case, you just have to squeeze its juice on, for example, salads or vegetables, instead of vinaigrette or other sauces, or on fish, among other foods.

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When it is better to take lemon for gastritis

Lemon can be taken at any time of the day to relieve gastritis. However, it is always better to distribute your intake throughout the day, being the most appropriate to make three shots, which correspond to the morning, afternoon and night.

Although lemon is good for the stomach, it is always recommended to take some food afterwards or, at least, not to spend much time without eating between taking and meals.

From, we hope we have helped you know if lemon is good for gastritis. We always recommend that you consult with a doctor so that he can give you the most convenient indications and care depending on the cause that has caused the gastritis.


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