Is it good to walk for the lumbago?


Low back pain, also known as lumbago, is a pain that we can perceive in the lumbar region. Generally, when you have lumbago, your back becomes stiff and you have difficulty both moving your lower back and staying upright for a long time. Although it is a sharp pain, it is important that you know that there are certain exercises for lumbago that can help you alleviate the pain.

Is it good to walk for the lumbago

One of the exercises that is usually recommended is walking, but is it good to walk for lumbago? What is better for lumbago to rest or walk? In this. article we tell you if it is good to walk when our back hurts. Notes.

Is walking good for lumbago?

Surely on some occasion you have felt that twinge in the lower back. It is low back pain or low back pain, a pain that any of us can suffer at any time. Subjecting the back to bad postures, excessive weight bearing, overweight or daily overexertion can cause us this pain.

Although many people do not give importance to this type of pain, you should know that it can become chronic. Therefore, performing exercises for lumbago is essential to prevent pain from lasting over time. While massages and stretches are effective against attacks of lumbago, they are not the only remedies that will help you fight back pain.

An example of exercise is walking, but is it good to walk for lumbago? In the face of low back pain, it is better to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, move and strengthen your muscles, something you can easily do walking. That is: yes, it is good to walk if your back hurts or you are experiencing low back pain. While it is true that in the acute phase it will be more difficult, avoid bed rest for more than 3 days, since it can be counterproductive.

How to walk with lumbago

Now that we know it's well to walk with low back pain, we need to learn how to do it in the most appropriate way. And it is that the posture for the walk is very important: you must squeeze the abdomen slightly to protect the lumbar and throw the shoulders back, so that the back is straight naturally, leaving the weight well distributed.

For the walk to be effective and combat low back pain, bet on long walks, at a good pace and with good equipment. Sports, comfortable and light garments will allow you to walk much better and maintain a correct body posture while doing this activity. It is also recommended to wear comfortable shoes to be able to walk properly.

Tips to cure low back pain

As you know, not exercising to strengthen the muscles can be an aggravation of lumbago. Therefore, and unless there is a pathology behind back pain, episodes of low back pain can be avoided by fleeing from a sedentary lifestyle, adapting correct postures and strengthening the muscles.

Taking care of our back, carrying out good habits, will help to cure lumbago effectively. If you want to keep your back pain-free, take note of the following tips for curing low back pain:

Adopt a correct posture

Both when you are sitting and when standing, it is very important to adopt a correct body posture. Failure to do so can cause low back pain. Avoid overloading the lower back, since it is not prepared to support excess weight. To do this, try to sit with your back resting on the backrest and not on the edge of the chair. You can also use a cushion to fill in the gap in the lumbar curve.

In the event that you must stand for a long time, change the position of the feet often to distribute the load and weight. You can place one of your feet on a footrest or alternate its support.

Flee from a sedentary lifestyle

As we have pointed out above, one of the best remedies to combat low back pain is to get you moving. Leading a sedentary life, the muscles surrounding the lower back will tend to weaken and be more prone to injury. Physical activity will always be indicated to reduce low back pain, make the muscles stronger and protect the lumbar.

If your back hurts, it's good to both walk and perform other exercises, including yoga, Pilates, tai-chi or swimming. Move at least 3 days a week and your back will appreciate it.

Avoid excess weight

Carrying weight is a way to punish the lumbar. If you have to, avoid generating tension in this area. To do this, separate the legs, lower the body by bending the knees and climb little by little with the object that you must carry attached to the body. This process must be the same to leave the object on the ground.

When we carry weight, it is important to distribute the load and avoid lifting weights above the shoulders to keep the lumbar in good health.

Avoid resting

If you are suffering from low back pain, we do not recommend bed rest or, at least, do not extend the inactivity more than 3 days. As soon as you pass the acute phase of pain, the ideal is to start moving as soon as possible, performing gentle aerobic exercises and avoiding those that can affect the lumbar area, such as the extension of the trunk.

If you want to relieve the pain, try lying on your back with your knees bent and you will feel the pang waning.

Apply cold and heat

Before the attacks of lumbago, it is advisable to apply cold by means of ice packs in the lower back. Then, during the next 2 or 3 days, it is more advisable to apply heat to relieve the lumbago until the pain subsides completely. The use of electric mats, hot water bottles or infrared lamps can be used to give heat to the lumbago, although no more than 20 minutes.

Receive massages and physiotherapy

Another method to cure the lumbago and help remit the pain is to massage the lower back. As you know, low back pain can occur as a result of tense and contracture muscles, so it is important to act in the area to relieve them.

To treat low back pain during massage, you can apply an arnica ointment, a plant that helps reduce pain and swelling. Likewise, we encourage you to go to a professional physiotherapist who, through his techniques (electrotherapy, massage therapy), will not only improve pain but also redirect and correct the bad habits that can trigger low back pain.

Reduce stress and anxiety

The pictures of stress and anxiety increase the tension in the lumbar area, causing the muscles of the back to contract with greater intensity, which causes more back pain. Try to relax and avoid all those situations that can increase stress.

Staying at a good weight

Being overweight is not a good ally of the lumbar, so it is necessary to avoid overloading the vertebral structure to reduce back pain. In this sense, we recommend not only to carry out a healthy and balanced diet, low in calories, but also to practice exercise and redirect bad habits, for example, quitting smoking. It is the best way to prevent low back pain.

Pay attention to the bed mattress

It has been shown that mattresses directly affect our sleep quality. Sometimes, the structure of the mattress can be degenerated, something that resents our back night after night.

Look for mattresses of firm consistency, not stony, that provide good support. This will reduce your back pain. On the other hand, to sleep with lumbago, it is recommended to choose to do it on your back with a pillow or cushion under the knees or on your side with the cushion between your legs.


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