Is it good to drink milk for heartburn?


For many years, milk has been one of the foods that has been in the spotlight due to the lack of consensus on whether it is really good for heartburn and for people who have digestive problems or if, on the contrary, it is harmful.

Is it good to drink milk for heartburn

The latest research has shed some more light, although obviously everything depends on the pathology of the person. So, is it good to drink milk for heartburn? In we are going to answer this question to guide you on some first guidelines and remedies.

Does milk remove heartburn?

For many years, experts have recommended drinking milk so that people would not have heartburn, especially when these discomforts were related to a possible ulcer in the duodenum, among other gastrointestinal problems.

The latest research has revealed that, in reality, drinking milk when you have this type of condition in the digestive system is not the most recommended. And why? At present, it has been proven that milk does not help neutralize the acid that is produced in the stomach by these gastrointestinal causes.

Quite the opposite. Studies have revealed that, precisely, milk is one of the foods that stimulates the generation of these acids in the stomach. At first, it is true that a slight improvement can be noticed because it covers this organ internally, but after a few minutes, the discomfort is noticeable again and, even, a worsening may occur. So be careful with milk.

The components of milk that are bad for heartburn

Milk, although it is a natural product, has some components that are not very digestive. And we are not only referring to lactose, which is the most frequent and to which more and more people show a certain intolerance.

Specifically, milk contains casein, which is a milk protein responsible for releasing a gastric hormone, which is just what triggers the production of acid in the stomach. This leads to the fact that, consequently, it is not good to drink milk for heartburn. Therefore, better if you do not drink it. If you want to know more, you may find this other article about what foods produce acidity interesting.

Which milk is best for the stomach

Nowadays, in the market, you can find different types of milk such as skimmed, semi-skimmed or whole, as well as those enriched with calcium, among many others. And are they all equally harmful? The answer is not easy. And the problems are not only related to the milk protein that we have discussed above. Milk has other components that are also not beneficial for reducing the level of acids in the stomach.

Among them, for example, are fats. Its effect on the body does not make a skimmed or semi-skimmed milk better or worse than a whole one. In fact, in the studies carried out no variations in the production of acid are perceived, being generated in the stomach equally with any of these types.

On the contrary, there has been some benefit in the case of milk that is low in calcium because there is a lower production of gastric acid in people. However, when this acidity is as a result of an ulcer, no improvement is observed and the effect would be the same as with any other milk. That is, gastric acidity appears.

How to drink milk for heartburn

Although in general milk is not recommended to alleviate the discomfort of heartburn, in some cases it can be taken. If this problem appears to you from time to time and is not due to an ulcer in the duodenum, it can be taken. However, it should be done in small quantities and not on a regular basis.

When the discomfort is more continuous, milk can be replaced by other dairy products such as yogurts, which are usually more digestive, or desserts that are made with it such as custard or rice pudding. Likewise, consumption should be done in moderation. Another alternative that you can take into account are cheeses, but soft ones.

From we hope to have guided you with these explanations on whether it is good to drink milk for heartburn. Anyway, we always recommend you consult with your doctor to determine why you have heartburn, put the treatment and advise you the most appropriate guidelines and care, paying special attention to foods such as milk. You may also be interested in how to treat heartburn.


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