Is decaffeinated coffee bad for high blood pressure?


Coffee is one of the products whose intake is very questionable in the field of health because there is research that shows that it is beneficial for the body, while in others the opposite happens: they say that it is harmful. And this situation and disparity of opinions occurs when talking about coffee and hypertension.

Is decaffeinated coffee bad for high blood pressure

The debate is also not closed in relation to decaffeinated coffee, which is also analyzed whether or not it is more harmful than coffee. The research carried out does not give a concrete answer. So, is decaffeinated coffee bad for high tension? The answer is not simple, but from we give you some keys so that, if you are hypertensive, you can know whether or not you can drink decaffeinated coffee.

Coffee and high tension

Coffee, as you may already know, has caffeine. And this substance is proven to produce an increase in blood pressure. However, with this rise it is important to be cautious because the tension rises, but for a certain period of time and that, in addition, does not last long.

A peculiarity for which many experts already agree that coffee does not have an effect on blood pressure in the long term, although it obviously depends on the number of cups that are taken and the blood pressure you have because mild hypertension is not the same as a more serious one. Obviously, with the latter, even if few cups are taken, the risk is greater and the consequences can also be worse.

And, although the various researches carried out show different conclusions, they seem to agree that decaffeinated coffee if drunk well is not bad for blood pressure, but also no better than caffeinated coffee.

In fact, its effect would be similar according to studies conducted in groups of people who drank coffee with or without caffeine in which it was shown that decaffeinated coffee did not actually produce a greater increase in blood pressure than caffeinated coffee. Therefore, it will actually depend on the amount of decaffeinated coffee or not that is taken the fact that it affects blood pressure or does not do so. Later, we explain the details better.

Blood pressure is not affected by caffeine alone

When talking about whether decaffeinated coffee is bad for high blood pressure, one of the problems that exists is that the many studies have focused only on the analysis of caffeine. However, this component is not the only one that affects hypertension.

Decaffeinated coffee contains other types of substances that have been shown to also influence blood pressure, this being an uncompleted element in research in general and that could be distorting the conclusions. This is the case of the aromatic grain, which also stimulates the cardiovascular system of the human body.

It is a fact, without a doubt, that has to be taken into account, since it tends to ignore the presence of other components in decaffeinated coffee that can have the same effect as caffeine or be more harmful than it.

Decaffeinated coffee and diabetes risk

The problems of drinking decaffeinated coffee when you have high blood pressure are not only focused on blood pressure rising. Other health conditions related to hypertension may also occur.

In fact, it is common for a hypertensive person to also have type 2 diabetes. In these cases, drinking coffee, even if it is decaffeinated, has to be done with great caution because, when you drink, the level of glucose in the body is altered.

This reaction in the body has shown that drinking coffee can increase the risk of prediabetes. That is, the more cups, the more risk and the more possibilities they entail for the person to have this disease.

How to drink coffee if I have high blood pressure

Normally, when you have high blood pressure, the doctor sends a specific medication or a series of medications to treat high blood pressure, in addition to indicating rules and guidelines for healthier life such as moderate and periodic exercise and eating an adequate diet, among other recommendations.

Coffee can fit into those eating guidelines, depending on the level of blood pressure you have and how the person tolerates caffeine. And, again, scientific research has found that people who are regular coffee drinkers do not experience a significant increase in their blood pressure. An effect that is more considerable in those who do not consume it frequently.

And that's where the key may lie for many specialists and experts. The taking of decaffeinated coffee will depend on the amount and frequency, always advising to take it in moderation because the abuse is proven to alter the nervous system and, consequently, blood pressure.

In general, experts recommend not to exceed 2 cups of decaffeinated coffee a day, although it is always recommended that you consult with your doctor to indicate the personalized guidelines that you should follow depending on the level of blood pressure you have.

From, with these keys, we hope we have answered your question of whether decaffeinated coffee is bad for high tension. You may now also be interested in reading this other article on How to eat if I have high blood pressure.


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