How to wear insoles with sandals


There are many cases in which it may be necessary to use insoles with the different types of footwear. Correct the tread, prevent or relieve discomfort in the feet or in certain joints, reduce the fatigue involved in standing for many hours or simply walk more comfortably.

With the arrival of summer and the use of cooler shoes, such as sandals, you may consider dispensing with your insoles but, in reality, you do not have to. Whether you use podiatric or orthopedic insoles, or if you wear them to go more comfortable and with your feet more rested, in we explain all the details about how to wear insoles with sandals.

How to wear insoles with sandals

Can you wear insoles with sandals?

Although in some models it is simpler than in others, you can practically wear insoles with almost any type of sandal, moreover, if you use orthopedic insoles, you should not give them up with the arrival of heat and the need to wear cooler shoes. In any case, it is about adapting the type of template you use to the specific model of sandal you want to wear, something that is quite simple. The ideal combination between insole and sandal will allow you to take care of your feet without giving up the star footwear of the summer.

How to choose sandals to wear insoles

If you wear plates, surely when choosing sandals what interests you is that the insole fits perfectly in the footwear, so that it gives you comfort and security when stepping on, without protruding or being seen in any way.

It is important to clarify that when wearing sandals you have different types of insoles, such as half-ended, heels or so-called summer insoles, which are self-adhesive and also have a minimum thickness, so they are a perfect option to wear with sandals. In addition to these possibilities, if what you want is to wear the insole with sandals, some aspects that you must take into account when choosing the ones that will be most comfortable are:

Keep your size

It is a fairly common mistake to think that you should buy a number more sandals if you are going to wear them with insoles. Not only is it not necessary, but also wearing a shoe that is too loose will make it difficult to tread correctly and can also end up causing you uncomfortable chafing. You should not ‘win' a number because you are going to wear your sandals with insoles.

Sandals with removable insole

Especially if you use orthopedic insoles, sandals that allow you to easily remove the template that comes from the factory, to be able to place yours in its place, are an excellent option. In these cases, the original plate is attached to the sole of the shoe by a simple, but firm, Velcro, so you can remove it whenever you want and replace it with the insole you need to walk in total comfort.

The most appropriate models

There are endless types of sandals and you will have to take into account the one that best suits you according to the template you use. In general, flat or platform sandals, (pure trend), support almost any template. Adapting the insole to high-heeled ones can be somewhat more complex. In these cases, the ideal is to opt for the gel half insoles instead of a run template.

Hidden templates

Another option when choosing sandals to wear insoles is to opt for a model that allows you to ‘hide' them completely, because the original template, of the sandal itself, is covered with an elastic fabric with an opening at the tip and another in the heel through which you can easily introduce yours, so that it is like a glove and totally invisible.

How to put insoles on sandals

In addition to having some models of sandals with details that facilitate the placement of insoles, with a little ingenuity and skill you can adapt yours practically to any open shoe, so that they are not detected with the naked eye at all. To perfectly fix your insole to the sandal, two simple methods you can try are:

Double-sided adhesive

Using a double-sided adhesive paper is a small trick to fix the insole that gives excellent results, although you should keep in mind that it will always be a temporary method because with the use, the natural movement of standing when walking and the normal perspiration the paper can end up losing its adhesion.

You just have to take the template and place it on the paper to, with a pencil, draw its outline with total accuracy. Then, cut out, glue one of the faces on the insole and the other on the sole of the sandal, pressing well and carefully so that wrinkles do not form.


It is another simple technique that gives very good results and is also usually more durable. Cut some wide strips of Velcro, stick one of the faces on the sandal and the other on the insole. Press and you can now wear the sandals you love with your insoles!

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