How to warm feet


With the arrival of the rains and the cold, we know that autumn and winter are approaching. In these months, what we most want is to get home, lie down and cover ourselves with a duvet to get warm and feel comfortable. The feet are one of the areas of the body that suffers the most from cold and the sensation can be very uncomfortable. In addition, feeling frozen feet can make it difficult to fall asleep. Fortunately, there are many solutions to combat the cold.

how to warm feet

How to warm feet

Have you ever wondered how to warm your feet? Surely in winter your feet are the part of your body that is most affected by the cold, to the point of not being able to notice them and losing sensitivity in them. This happens because, when exposed to cold, the blood flow is concentrated in the internal organs to keep them working. In these cases, the hands and feet end up being the most affected victims of heat loss.

For this reason, it is important that we take measures to keep our feet warm, especially in very low temperatures. To know the best solutions for cold feet, you should do the following:

  • Wear socks and clothing that warms you.
  • Stay active.
  • Apply heat to your feet.

Next, we will tell you the most effective tricks to warm your feet with the methods that we have mentioned.

Wear socks and clothing that warms you

Wearing warm clothes is essential to maintain body heat and, in turn, keep your feet warm. However, many times it is not enough to just put on socks, as they will be cold and it will take time for your body to transmit heat to them. Follow these tips for wearing foot warmers:

  • Wear wool socks all day, both during your stay on the street and at home. If your socks get wet, it is vitally important that you change them immediately; as if your feet get wet they will get colder much faster.
  • Wear hats for the cold. You may think that it doesn't make much sense, but the reality is that it makes a lot, since the more heat your vital organs need, the less heat your feet will receive. In this way, the hat will promote body heat and reduce the cold on the feet.
  • Warm up your body. In the same way as the hat, keeping warm will also prevent your feet from getting cold, so wear warm clothes at home and on the go. While you are at home you can also cover yourself with a blanket or take a hot bath. Keeping your body heat will make it much easier for your feet to get warm.
  • Wear shoes that cover all your feet and keep you warm, both at home and when you go outside, so you will avoid losing the heat from your feet.
  • When it comes to keeping you warm, wool fabrics are better than synthetic ones. If you suffer from a lot of cold, you can also consider buying thermal socks.

Stay active to warm up your feet

Sitting too long can slow blood circulation, so your feet will get colder faster if you're sitting. In turn, when you go to bed, put one or two pillows under your feet to keep them up and cover them, so they will stay warm. Here are other ways you can stay active during the winter:

  • Exercise even if it's at home. The more your feet move, the more heat will accumulate in them.
  • If you have been sitting for a long time and can't feel your feet, move them, stretch your legs and feet. You can also flex your toes several times until you start to feel them. Get up and walk, the movement will make the blood in your body circulate better and therefore warm your feet.
  • Perform energetic movements, swinging your legs 30 to 50 times. Perform the exercises sitting in a chair or on the edge of the bed, moving your entire leg back and forth to increase blood flow to your feet and keep them warm.
  • Apply oils or cream to your feet and do cold foot massages, rubbing the entire surface of the feet, including the toes, then put on thick slippers or socks to keep warm.

Running is an excellent method to keep your legs warm and not neglect your figure in the cold months.

Apply heat to the feet

You can apply heat to your feet when they feel cold using various techniques. In any case, it is best to combine these techniques to warm your feet with the use of garments specially designed for the cold.

  • Heat the room you are in if you are not outside. Close all the windows and turn on the heating or stove, maybe the room is too cold and this is the cause of your cold feet.
  • Cover your feet while you sleep. You can wrap your feet with a blanket to keep them warm; you can also put a hot water bottle under the blanket on your bed to keep warm.
  • You can buy some thermal insoles so that your feet are warm.
  • Soak your feet in hot water. The effect will be very relaxing and will return the heat to your feet. Dry them very well afterwards, because if they get wet they could easily get cold again.
  • Get an electric blanket. You can use it to place it on your feet and give them warmth.
  • Heat the socks on the stove before putting them on.

How to prevent cold feet

To prevent your feet from getting cold , you can follow these tips. Thus, you can prevent the uncomfortable sensation that cold feet produce.

  • Never walk barefoot, especially in cold weather, as the ground is too cold.
  • Wrap up warm when you go outside, with a jacket, hat and gloves.
  • Wear warm boots; the higher they are, the more they will prevent the cold from seeping into your feet.
  • Exercise and avoid sitting or doing nothing for too long. The longer your feet are moving, the harder it is for them to cool down.
  • Eat broths, hot meals and drink teas, so your whole body will warm up.
  • When you sit down, you can put your feet up to improve blood circulation, so they won't get cold as quickly.

How to warm up in winter

In addition to your feet, your whole body suffers from the low temperatures of winter, so here are some tips so you know how to stay warm in winter. In this way, you will also be contributing to your feet not getting cold.

  • One of the best options to warm up is a hot shower. After this, cover yourself well with warm clothes to keep warm as long as possible.
  • Wear wool and warm clothes. Cover up well with sweatshirts and jackets, especially if you are going to go outside. If you are staying indoors, you can wear thick, warm pajamas and use a blanket to wrap yourself in.
  • Use the heating of your house, stove or fireplace. You will feel great and very hot thanks to the warmth that these options bring to the environment.
  • Eat hot foods and drinks, so your body will warm up.
  • Do not be sedentary, the more things you do and the more you move, the more heat will be concentrated in your body.
  • Wear a hat, gloves and a scarf, especially if you are going to go outside to prevent your body from getting cold.
  • You can wear a dressing gown, they are very warm and you will surely be very comfortable with this one at home.
  • If you are going to go outside and you have problems with the cold, put on several layers. Try wearing underwear with a fleece lining for even more warmth.


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