How to use Neem for scabies


Neem is a product that is widely used to eliminate pests such as fleas or ticks, but it also has other uses to treat diseases that are caused by parasites such as scabies. Neem, which is extracted from a tree that is common in tropical and subtropical areas, has important benefits and properties to cope with this pathology. To achieve this, it must be applied in a certain way because scabies has a series of peculiarities different from that of other insects or mites. From, we explain how to use Neem for scabies so you know how to use it and get the most out of it to put an end to this problem. Properties of Neem to cure scabies.

How to use Neem for scabies

Neem has many properties that help kill scabies. And it is that this product is rich, among many other compounds, in azadirachtin, which acts as an antinutrient for insects, mites or parasites.

Normally, when you want to get rid of scabies by treating it with this product, it is used under the formula of Neem oil because it is easier to apply, although there are other solutions and textures, and also to take advantage of its benefits. In this way, using this product is a good option because these are the properties of Neem to treat scabies:

  • Analgesic: Neem helps reduce the pain felt when you have scabies, thus acting as a painkiller.
  • Anti-inflammatory: This product also helps to lower the inflammation that occurs in the skin of the area affected by scabies, noticing greater well-being in the skin.
  • Soothing: Neem not only reduces inflammation and pain, but also the itching of scabies, which is very annoying and irritating and causes us to scratch more and become small lesions on the skin that worsen the infestation of scabies mites. In addition, as a result of the lower itching, the affected area also appears less irritated because the person stops scratching.
  • Disinfection: helps disinfect lesions that may appear on the skin as a result of the appearance of scabies or by scratching too much and intensely.

How to Use Neem Oil for Scabies

Neem oil is very easy to use. It should only be applied mainly on the area of the skin that is affected by scabies, spreading it well so that it can reach the parasites, in addition to preventing secondary infections from occurring when there is a scratch wound or scratching a lot. It is also key that Neem oil is not applied only in the exclusive area where the scabies is, but that it must be surrounded to prevent the disease from spreading and progressing.

And it is that when surrounding the area and, as a consequence of its action as an antinutrient for these mites, the parasites will have difficulty advancing and surviving, which in turn helps the scabies to heal sooner.

Another aspect to take into account when deciding to use Neem oil for scabies is the time it is convenient to leave it on the skin. It is important that it does not exceed 10 minutes so that the dermis is not irritated too much because it is a strong product.

After this time, it is key to wash the area very well so that there are no traces of Neem oil, although its properties will remain in the skin that has previously absorbed it.

How to use Neem leaves for scabies

Another way to use Neem for scabies is to do it through its leaves. What you have to do in this case is to make a paste or poultice of Neem leaves for scabies. It is not complicated to elaborate:

  1. Take several leaves of Neem (the number of leaves will vary depending on the amount of pasta you need to make according to the extent of the area in which it will be applied).
  2. Put the necessary leaves in a mortar, with nothing else added.
  3. Crush them with the help of the mallet until you have a dense paste.

If you can't make this paste, you can add some Neem oil to help you crush them.

With these steps, the pasta will already be done. Once you have it, you should only apply it to the affected area, also trying to put a little in the surroundings to avoid the spread of the disease. Then, the rest is like in Neem oil: wait 10 minutes and wash very well.

Although Neem leaf paste is the most used form, there is still another way to use it, being a combination of the two one of the home remedies for scabies that many people use. It is, in particular, to make an infusion of Neem leaves, which is prepared like any tisane. Then it remains only to apply it with a cotton or gauze on the affected skin and leave it until it dries and then wash the area with soap and water.

With these ways of how to use Neem for scabies, from, we hope we have helped you to know more about this product. It is always advisable to consult with a doctor or specialist the most appropriate treatments for scabies and the care you can apply at home to end it.


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