How to use boric acid for feet


Have you seen a series of rashes on the skin of your feet? If this symptom occurs especially between the fingers of this area or on the plant, surely, it is because you are suffering from a condition known as fungi or mycosis in the feet. This condition also called athlete's foot is a fungal infection that consists of the appearance of dermatophytes in the area of the feet and can cause symptoms such as reddish rashes, itching and peeling on the affected skin.

How to use boric acid for feet

Foot fungus is a contagious condition, so it is important that we apply a pharmaceutical treatment so that it spreads to other parts of the body such as nails and hands. However, in addition to drugs we can also use some home remedies, such as boric acid, to accelerate the elimination of these microorganisms and others, such as bacteria that produce bad smell in the feet. If you want to know how to use boric acid for your feet, keep reading this article from where we will also explain its properties and benefits.

Boric acid for feet: properties and benefits

Boric acid, also known as trioxoboric acid, is a chemical compound that can be found in nature, especially in volcanic areas since it is usually part of various materials such as boracite. However, this acid is usually made in laboratories for later sale in the form of whitish powder.

Although boric acid is a natural remedy that is used as a poison to eliminate different insect pests, it is also an ideal substance to treat some foot conditions, such as fungus or athlete's foot and bad smell, due to the following properties and benefits of boric acid:

  • Antiseptic properties: this product acts as a natural disinfectant, so it is a good remedy to keep the skin of the feet clean and thus prevent contagious conditions, such as athlete's foot, from spreading to other parts of the body. In addition, thanks to this effect, it also helps to reduce other problems in this area such as bad smell.
  • Antifungal properties: thanks to its slightly acidic pH, thyroxyboric acid is an effective remedy for the treatment of fungal infections, such as mycosis in the feet, since it prevents the appearance of fungi and eliminates those that exist in case the infection has begun.
  • Antibacterial properties: another reason that causes the bad smell in the feet is the appearance of bacteria in this area. Due to its antibacterial properties, this product is a good alternative to eliminate these microorganisms that cause this symptom and other skin problems.
  • Insecticidal properties: as we have mentioned, it is often used to eliminate insect pests and it is because it is a powerful natural insecticide. Therefore, it is used for plants, but also on the skin, always used correctly, to eliminate pests of scabies mites, among other conditions caused by insects. Scabies can affect us anywhere in the body, both in the feet, arms, neck, abdomen, legs, etc. Here you can check more about How to use boric acid for scabies correctly.

How to use boric acid for foot fungus – step by step

Now that we know the main properties of this substance that will help us eliminate conditions such as athlete's foot, then we will explain how to use boric acid for foot fungus with a simple step by step.


  • 1 tablespoon and a half boric acid.
  • 3 liters of warm mineral water.
  • 1 basin or plastic container where your feet fit at the same time.
  • Rubber gloves.
  • Neutral pH soap.
  • Moisturizer.

Preparation and treatment

  1. First of all, you will have to put on rubber gloves and wash your feet with a little neutral pH soap and warm water. It is important that you emphasize the area between the toes, as it is usually where fungi attack the most.
  2. Once washed, dry them with a clean towel and take off your rubber gloves.
  3. Add in a bowl 1 tablespoon and a half of boric acid and 3 liters of warm mineral water.
  4. Now dip your feet in the mixture for 15 minutes.
  5. Once the time passes, put on other gloves again and wash your feet again with soap and water.
  6. Now dry them again and apply a moisturizer so that they are well hydrated.

Once you have used this remedy, it is important that you keep your feet barefoot for 1 hour before putting on shoes. In addition, boric acid is highly toxic if ingested, both for people and animals, so you will have to wash your hands immediately after using it. It is also not convenient to use it in mucous membranes or open wounds.

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How to Use Boric Acid for Foot Odor

As we have indicated, boric acid is also an excellent remedy to eliminate the bad smell of the feet, as it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Therefore, below, we teach you a simple trick with boric acid for sweaty feet. This trick is a good alternative both to eliminate and avoid the bad smell in the feet and consists of following these indications:

  1. Add 2 tablespoons of boric acid to your shoes (one tablespoon in each pair), as if it were talc for your feet.
  2. When you have added them, shake each shoe to distribute the product well.
  3. Then put on your shoes to instantly remove the bad smell.
  4. As in the previous remedy, it is important that you wash your hands well after use.

In addition, it is also recommended that you leave out of the reach of both children and animals the shoes in the beech added boric acid, until you wash them.

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