How to use aloe vera for burns


Aloe vera plants produce a very beneficial gel for human skin. The juice of the plant is capable of soothing and moisturizing the skin in case of redness, so it is very useful to benefit from it. It is a plant traditionally used for medical treatments, originating in Africa and dating back to 600 BC Currently, this gel is included in a large number of products.

How to use aloe vera for burns

Aloe vera gel can be used to soothe and heal burns caused by overexposure to the sun. It is a completely natural and effective home remedy, thus avoiding the treatment of the skin with chemical products capable of damaging it. 

Properties of aloe vera for burns

Aloe vera is one of the best medicinal plants for burns. The gel that is extracted from the plantation contains very beneficial properties for the skin, making it an excellent natural remedy for sunburn.

Aloe vera for burns, the name by which aloe vera is also known, is effective because it contains enzymes capable of reducing inflammation and redness . In addition, it increases blood flow to the area of ​​damaged tissue. It contains antibacterial properties that help prevent infections and promote the creation of new skin cells. It also speeds up healing, which is why it is considered one of the best home remedies for burns.

Aloe vera for sunburn is a very interesting product due to its ability to speed up the wound healing process . This is possible thanks to the increased blood circulation in the vessels of the skin. After applying aloe vera to the skin, you can prevent scars and blisters in the area affected by the burn. And, above all, you will have the desired effect, feeling relief immediately.

How to apply aloe vera on burns

Taking into account the numerous properties of aloe vera for burn spots, it is convenient that you know how to apply it if you opt for this home remedy to treat them. At we help you to use this plant correctly through the following instructions:

  1. Before using aloe vera, look at the burns and determine the exact extent. The gel of these plants is only useful for first degree burns, that is, those that only affect the outer layer of the skin. To identify this type of burn, it is enough to check that they are dry when touched. In case of more serious burns, you should go to the emergency room immediately.
  2. After identifying the first degree burn, you should clean the wound for a while with water. If you do not have water at that time, choose to wash it with physiological serum or with a damp cloth.
  3. Cut a leaf from the aloe vera plant and rub the juice on the burn with gentle movements. If you do not have this plant, you can buy the gel in specialized stores.

There are gels on the market with different amounts of aloe vera . Choose those that contain between 80% and 100% of the composition. Check the product label before purchasing to make sure. Otherwise, the sunburn cream won't be effective.

In addition to aloe vera to relieve burns, it is also suitable to use hydrogel dressings that serve to enhance the healing process and protect the skin lesion.

And if you also want to know how to take aloe vera , this article provides you with all the steps you must follow for correct consumption.

What type of burns is aloe vera good for?

Before determining what type of burns aloe vera is useful for, it is important to differentiate them according to severity :

  • The first degree are those in which the skin swells and reddens, producing a slight pain. First-degree burns are usually caused by touching a very hot dish or plate. They also occur when the skin suddenly comes into contact with hot or boiling water.
  • When the skin blisters quickly, turns very white, or even chars, the burn is more serious. It's probably second or third grade . In these cases, you must receive urgent medical assistance to treat and cure them correctly.

Aloe vera sunburn treatments are effective for first degree sunburns . Applying the gel in the second and third degree does not solve the injury, so the effect is null. In short, aloe vera is a very interesting homemade and natural resource for superficial and first-degree burns. Apply it in these cases, but if you detect more serious spots, consult a medical specialist to choose the best treatment and be able to cure them.



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