How to take oatmeal to go to the bathroom


One of the most frequent disorders of the intestinal tract is constipation, a problem that consists of difficulty in evacuating or the absence of bowel movements for several days. For some people this condition may be casual, however, there are others who suffer from it chronically. Of course, the longer you suffer, the more complications will worsen, which can range from swollen veins in the anus to rectal prolapse.

How to take oatmeal to go to the bathroom

Benefits of oatmeal to go to the bathroom

To understand how oatmeal helps us go to the bathroom, we must know what type of food it is and what its components are. Oats is a cereal that stands out among the rest for its incredible nutritional content : it is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and, in fact, it has a unique type of phenols (known as avenanthramides) that are present in both grains and in the shell.

And this is not all, because one of the greatest benefits of oats is its high fiber content ; 100 grams of raw oats contain 10.6 grams of fiber… and you know what is the most interesting? This fiber includes both soluble and non-soluble fiber, which is why it is an excellent ingredient for going to the bathroom. Do you know the difference between both types of fiber?

Soluble fiber

Almost all of the fiber in oats is of the soluble type. This means that, on contact with water and gastric fluids, it turns into mucilage, a kind of gel that is fermented thanks to the bacteria that populate the intestines. Among other benefits such as lowering cholesterol, this gel makes the stool contain a greater amount of water, which softens it so that it passes more easily through the intestines . In addition, it slows down digestion.

This type of fiber is so essential that gastrointestinal specialists say that people who consume soluble fiber regularly are very unlikely to suffer from constipation.

Insoluble fiber

Unlike soluble fiber, insoluble fiber does not change on contact with liquids because it does not absorb them. Even so, it also contributes to giving volume to the stool , which facilitates its expulsion, since it acts as a bulking agent. This fiber does not undergo fermentation by bacteria but it does increase the feeling of fullness.

Thanks to these properties, oatmeal not only prevents constipation, but also coronary heart disease, colorectal cancer, obesity and lowers blood pressure.

How to take oatmeal to go to the bathroom – step by step

In general, almost any type of oatmeal available on the market is good for going to the bathroom. Of course, the less industrialized it is, the better, so try to always consume natural oats . From oneHOWTO we recommend you choose an oatmeal without added sugar or other flavorings and preservatives.

  1. If you want to eat steel-cut oats, soak them overnight to reduce cooking time. The chips do not need it because they are already precooked.
  2. Heat four cups of water or milk. Milk will serve to consume more calcium and protein.
  3. When boiling, sprinkle a cup (or 180 grams) of oatmeal into the liquid.
  4. Stir constantly so the oatmeal cooks evenly. Prevents lumps from forming.
  5. Add ¼ teaspoon of salt and lower the heat to a minimum.
  6. Now let the preparation cook for another 20-30 minutes.
  7. Always stir to prevent the oats from sticking. Remember that the fire must be very low.
  8. If you find the taste very unpleasant, you can always sweeten the oats with a little cinnamon, We recommend avoiding sugars and other sweeteners.

Wondering how to preserve oatmeal ? If after serving you there is a significant amount of oatmeal left in the pot, you will only have to put it in the fridge. When you want to eat it, it will be enough to heat it and add a little more liquid so that it is not a solid mass.

Other foods to go to the bathroom fast

Do you want to increase the power of oatmeal to go to the bathroom faster ? Then combine it with some -or several!- of these foods. Keep in mind that a good bowl of oatmeal can include various ingredients that are as delicious as they are healthy, so here are some examples so you can enjoy them in a different way every day:


Rich in insoluble and soluble fiber, apples will add an exquisite sweetness to oatmeal and will, at the same time, soften stools, reduce intestinal transit time and increase the amount of “good” bacteria. In the organism. Cut some apple slices and leave them on your plate of oatmeal to combine the flavors.


Figs have a powerful laxative effect that will go wonderfully with oatmeal, although you can also eat them on their own if you prefer. Figs will speed up bowel movement and get you to the bathroom in record time.

Chia seeds

If you are looking for another food rich in the two types of fiber mentioned, chia seeds are ideal for you. This ingredient is full of benefits, and within these we find that it softens the stool and stimulates evacuation. Also, you can combine chia seeds with almost any dish or juice.


Although this ingredient does not contain fiber, it does have a large number of microorganisms called probiotics . These microorganisms are beneficial bacteria for the digestion and processing of food and its nutrients that will do you wonder to relieve the symptoms of constipation.

Do you want to discover other good Foods for constipation ? In this other article you will find a long list of ingredients that you can mix with your oatmeal or with other dishes.


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