How to Take Moringa for Diabetes


Did you know that moringa is a medicinal plant that can help improve diabetes naturally? That's right, this plant has very powerful hypoglycemic properties, so it allows to reduce elevated blood glucose levels. In addition to this, it helps regulate the proper functioning of the pancreas and has many other benefits for the general health of the body. However, it is important that you remember that before starting any treatment, no matter how natural it may be, you should always consult with your doctor or health professional. In the case of treatment with medicinal plants, you can go to an expert in phytotherapy. Keep reading this article to learn how to take moringa for diabetes. Properties of moringa for diabetes

How to Take Moringa for Diabetes.

Moringa is a tree native to northern India whose leaves are used medicinally for its various healing properties. The moringa tree is also called the tree of life. It contains great nutritional value thanks to the minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids it has. Likewise, it has antioxidant properties in the body and can be used to control and fight cholesterol, heal wounds and protect tissues, reduce inflammation and relieve pain, improve stomach ulcers, treat hypertension, protect the liver, stop the proliferation of cancer cells and strengthen the immune system.

In addition to all the above benefits for the health of the body, moringa is one of the best medicinal plants to treat diabetes naturally. Let's see below what are the benefits of moringa for diabetes:

  • It exerts a hypoglycemic action, as it helps reduce the amount of sugar in the blood.
  • Stabilizes glucose levels.
  • It regulates the proper functioning of the pancreas and helps to produce the insulin necessary for the human body.
  • Promotes weight loss.

How to Take Moringa for Diabetes

Once all its properties are known, we are going to show you how you should take moringa for diabetes, as there are several forms of consumption:

Drink moringa tea

You can consume moringa in the form of an infusion, to prepare it you must follow the following instructions:

  • Boil a cup of water, turn off the heat and add 1 small tablespoon of moringa leaves.
  • Let stand for 3 to 7 minutes, then remove the leaves and you can consume the infusion.
  • Add some natural stevia leaves if you want to sweeten. Remember that moringa leaves should not boil because they would lose their medicinal and nutritional properties.

Moringa powder

Another way you can take moringa for diabetes is in the powder form you can find in herbalists.

This powder can then be mixed with any food or drink (infusion, smoothie or soups). The dosage should be consulted with your health professional; however, we discuss below the general dose: 1/4 teaspoon of moringa leaf powder (1 gram or 0.03 ounces) per day for the first 3 or 5 days. Consume it preferably at breakfast and always accompanied by food. After 3 or 5 days, increase the dose to half a teaspoon (3 grams or 0.10 ounces) a day.

Moringa capsules

Moringa also comes in capsule form that you also find in herbalists. Usually, one capsule is consumed in the morning with breakfast.

Fresh Moringa

If you have a moringa plant at home, you can use its leaves to consume directly, wash them and mix them into your favorite salads.

Contraindications of moringa

Before taking moringa for diabetes, it is very important that you know what the contraindications of it are, since its consumption is not recommended in the following cases:

  • Pregnant women.
  • Breastfeeding women.
  • Patients who are taking medications for blood clotting.
  • People who are taking sleeping pills or sleep medicines.

It is also essential to note that overuse of this plant can have some adverse effects, such as diarrhea, nausea or heartburn.

Recommendations for the treatment of diabetes

In a correct nutrition and daily exercise is the key to be able to fight and control multiple diseases. In the case of diabetes, exercise is a fundamental and essential part, since a sedentary life combined with a poor diet can considerably aggravate this condition.

It is necessary that you inform yourself correctly with your family doctor about your type of diabetes, since depending on the type of diabetes you have, it will be the care and treatment you require. In the following article you can learn about how to take care of diabetes.

It is also necessary that you know that any natural treatment, in this case a treatment based on medicinal plants such as moringa, should always be supervised by a health professional or specialist in phytotherapy and even more taking into consideration that you are a person with diabetes.

Taking an incorrect dose of any medicinal plant will bring us more problems than benefits and as a consequence we will not see its effectiveness. Each body is different and requires different doses to suit each need. A plant can do harm by action or by omission. What does good to one organism may not do so much to another, therefore, the importance always of consulting and having a correct prescription to, thus, be able to take advantage of all the benefits that nature gives us.


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