How to take milk thistle for fatty liver


The liver is one of the main purifying organs of our body. It is responsible for processing all the toxins that we ingest in food or absorb from the environment, however, there are times when all these toxins accumulate and inflame our liver, giving us a feeling of exhaustion and tiredness. There are many ways to purify the liver, however, opting for natural remedies is the best option and this is where we recommend milk thistle. This plant has been used since ancient times to cure different diseases, the most common being used for liver problems such as fatty liver. Thanks to its antioxidant and purifying properties, this medicinal plant is recommended to treat this type of problem.

How to take milk thistle for fatty liver

Benefits and properties of milk thistle to cure fatty liver

This plant contains silymarin in its seeds, this is made up of flavonoids such as silybin, silidianin and silicristin, which are responsible for strengthening liver cells and reducing the absorption of toxins. Thanks to all these compounds, protein synthesis is stimulated, making our liver tissues recover and reducing inflammation or hepatitis and other problems in this organ.

It is also known for its great effectiveness in regulating the flow of bile, resulting in fat loss and accumulation. It should be noted that bile is extremely important for the elimination of toxins, therefore a good production of it will keep the liver healthy .

Among the benefits of milk thistle to treat fatty liver that we can highlight is the support it provides for the treatment of hepatic steatosis and cirrhosis, a disease that affects the liver. Specifically, due to its properties, milk thistle increases liver activity , making people suffering from this disease recover more quickly.

In any case, and precisely because of this activation of liver function, it should only be taken if the doctor recommends it , since increasing the activity of this organ in certain cases, depending on the liver disease and its severity, can cause make it worse instead of helping.

How to use milk thistle to treat fatty liver

It is important to give fatty liver a solution in time and if you have opted for the intake of milk thistle, here we will tell you how to take milk thistle for fatty liver in the most effective way.

Although silymarin is mainly found in the seeds, consuming them directly is not the best option. Today it is found in capsules, food supplements and infusions , these being the most recommended alternatives, since they contain the right amount that the liver needs to regenerate its functions and an excess of silymarin can be harmful. You must be very careful that it is a quality product and made with all health standards, so you must look at the product label.

If you choose to drink milk thistle infusion to cleanse fatty liver , then we recommend that you drink between 2 and 3 cups of this infusion per day for a maximum of 3 weeks in a row. During the break, see your doctor again to check your progress. To prepare a dose of one cup, we recommend you use 1 and a half cups of water and boil 1 tablespoon of milk thistle leaves and flowers in it for 2 minutes, let it sit for 10 minutes covered, strain and drink.

Milk Thistle Side Effects

Generally, milk thistle does not have side effects , since it is a very mild plant that has not caused problems in most people, unless they have a particular allergy or intolerance . The symptoms that the population that takes it have highlighted the most are nausea and headaches , however, they pass after the first week of consumption.

If you take any medication for the liver or any other condition, it is vital that you consult your doctor to avoid any type of interaction between the medication and milk thistle, or in fact with any plant that you want to start consuming as a natural treatment. Likewise, if the state of your liver is very delicate, it is indicated that it be taken under strict medical prescription.

You will also be interested in knowing what the Contraindications of milk thistle are , so you will know in what situations it is not convenient for you to take it.

Is it enough to take milk thistle alone to cure fatty liver?

Yes, since it is excellent for improving the dissolution and expulsion of fat not only from the liver but also at a general level. It will also help you prevent the accumulation of both toxins and fat, due to its high detoxifying power , however, consuming it by itself will not solve the problem of fat in said organ.

Thus, although milk thistle helps in the process of eliminating accumulated fat and regenerating the liver, it is important to know that it is not a cure for this disease. Milk thistle will help detoxify this organ, and the body in general, of chemicals, toxins and other residues such as accumulated fat, but it will not cure the disease on its own .

Apart from the consumption of milk thistle to treat fatty liver, it is also necessary to maintain a low-fat and very balanced diet, not drink alcohol and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables with high detoxifying power. like the artichoke. Opt for salads and eliminate copious or precooked or fast food type meals.


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