How to remove warts on the tongue


Warts on the tongue are a more common problem than you can imagine. Surely no one likes to experience the sensation of those uncomfortable warts, especially without knowing what they are due to or when they will leave. If you have noticed that one has appeared in your mouth, or on your tongue in particular, do not hesitate to go to the doctor and continue informing yourself.

How to remove warts on the tongue

With this article we want to give you a help so that you are aware of everything related to this health problem, so keep reading if what you want is to know how to cure the virus that causes this problem naturally because we also explain how to remove warts on the tongue. You will see that it is possible!

Causes of warts on the tongue

Warts on the tongue are caused by the Human Papillomavirus or HPV. It is usually a sexually transmitted virus, although it is also spread by coming into direct contact with a part of another person's infected body (a wart on the toe or hand, for example). Symptoms anywhere in the mouth usually occur when coming into direct contact with the infected genital part, having oral sex. The spread of this virus could spread faster on the tongue if there were any wounds on it.

If you want to prevent this, it is best to use condoms in all your sexual relations and abstain from unprotected oral sex, unless you are sure that the other person does not have the virus.

Learn more about this virus in this other article on How human papillomavirus or HPV is transmitted.

Symptoms of warts on the tongue

Warts on the tongue can occur in a group or alone. They can appear all over the surface of the tongue, but are more frequent on the sides and at the tip. They usually start as small blisters that eventually burst and the liquid, they contained spreads and ends up producing what we know as warts on the tongue.

If you let this condition, go unnoticed for a long time, scars or tumors can even form. There are times when the Human Papillomavirus does not occur until after a few months or years. If a wart is very large, it can cause discomfort when eating and difficulty swallowing. Special care must be taken if the wart is on one or both sides of the tongue, as it could explode and bleed if you bite it.

How to remove warts on the tongue – treatments

There is no definitive cure for tongue warts, as it is due to a viral infection and will stay with you for a lifetime due to the impossibility of definitively ending the virus. Normally, the same immune system and the organism of the person who owns the virus manages to control it itself, but on the other hand there are cases where it does not decrease and its appearance is continuous, because it is a more aggressive strain of the virus. The latter case is considered more serious, since warts could induce the appearance of tumors or cancer, especially in cases of genital warts caused by HPV that can cause cancer of the cervix, but also of the penis, vulva, anus or vagina. Likewise, the existence of these warts in the mouth can cause cancer in the tonsils, throat or tongue.

There are many specific medical treatments to remove these warts as unwanted as cryotherapy, surgical removal of these, laser, etc., although these can reappear over time.

There are also symptomatic treatments, that is, depending on the symptoms that each person presents, for example, the administration of analgesics if pain or discomfort occurs, or if you have difficulty eating, you may prescribe some type of antiviral topical cream to reduce the symptoms.

Home Remedies for Tongue Warts

If what you want is to get rid of these warts as soon as possible, then we bring you very effective home remedies to strengthen your immune system and that attack the root of the problem so that your body eliminates it and ends with them. These are the natural remedies to eliminate warts on the tongue that we recommend:

  • Vitamin C, thanks to its antioxidant and antiviral properties are very useful for curing warts. Ingest a lot of foods of this class such as strawberry, broccoli, papaya, kiwi etc., to keep the virus under control. Learn here more Foods rich in vitamin C.
  • The salad with onion, garlic, broccoli and carrot can also help you thanks to the large number of vitamins it provides, such as vitamin A that helps strengthen your immune system.
  • Moringa, also known as the plant of immortality, contains 45 antioxidants so it is able to make the warts of the tongue disappear and not return. You can ingest the cooking of its leaves up to twice a day.
  • Vitamin E will help protect your body's organs and tissues.
  • Oily fish, like tuna, will help you fight the virus thanks to its omega 3 content.

In addition to these foods that you should eat, there are also others that you should avoid, such as sugar and saturated fats, which red meats have above all.


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