How to remove the headache


An annoying headache is something that we can experience at any time and that requires more or less immediate relief. Not all headaches are the same or arise from the same cause. Knowing what causes them is important, especially if they are repeated frequently.

How to remove the headache

From a tension headache to a migraine, the various persistent headaches require medical consultation but, especially in cases of mild pain, it is not always necessary to resort to drugs to end them and feel better. Do you want to know how to remove the headache quickly and without pills? Don't miss this article and discover some simple practices and home remedies with which to find relief.

Apply cold compresses

When the headache is not concentrated in a certain area, but results in a feeling of bloating and general discomfort, putting a small towel previously dipped in fresh (not icy) water on your forehead and temples can provide you with a gentle and immediate relief.

Do relaxation exercises

Sometimes the trigger for a headache is a stressful situation that lasts over time without you noticing. A few minutes doing simple exercises inspired by basic yoga postures, such as the Lotus, and deep breaths can make the calm return and disappear the pain.

In this link you can find several relaxation exercises to combat anxiety, stress and headache caused by the tension of the area in these situations.

Massage yourself to remove the headache

Removing the headache with massage is a simple and effective natural remedy. If you have someone who can give them to you, ask them to gently massage, for a few minutes, the area that goes from the base of the neck to the shoulders to relieve, thus, the tension accumulated in the trapezius muscle.

You can also perform a self-massage, lightly pressing your temples with your fingertips while performing circular motions and keeping your thumbs just behind your ears.

Stretch your neck

If your head hurts and you also notice stiffness in the neck and back, try doing some simple exercises that consist of stretching the muscles of the area relieving the pressure at the base of the skull.

Relax as you tilt your head forward, trying to touch your chest with your chin. Do it slowly while breathing deeply and repeat at least three times. Next, make the opposite movement, that is, slowly bring your head back. Finally, it also stretches the lateral muscles (sternocleidomastoid) by bending the neck to the right and left.

Get acupressure

Removing the headache by pressing with your hand is also possible. Acupressure is an ancestral technique, based on traditional Chinese medicine, which is based on exerting pressure on certain body points to improve circulation, reduce inflammatory processes and relieve tension.

Want to know where to push to remove the headache? Sure enough, there are acupressure points to remove the headache. This is the so-called Hegu point, which is located in each hand, in the space between the base of the thumb and the index finger. Press right there with the thumb of your other hand for a few seconds or a few minutes and repeat in the opposite hand. You don't lose anything to try. In fact, there are numerous studies, compiled by journals such as the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management [1] that analyze the effectiveness of acupressure against different ailments.

Drink enough water

Sometimes, headaches are a response of the organism to deficiencies or adverse environmental situations. Headache can be one of the first symptoms of dehydration.

Sometimes, especially in winter, we don't feel the need to ingest fluids but our body needs them. If your head hurts, think about whether you've had enough water during the day. If not, the remedy is simple. Drink liquids: water, juices, infusions, etc.

Take a short nap

Insomnia and other sleep disorders or simply accumulated tiredness can be behind an annoying headache. Try to rest and sleep between 20 and 30 minutes and this simple practice will make you feel better.

Practice controlled breathing

Actually, breathing in a controlled way, focusing on the simple fact of the entry and exit of oxygen into your lungs, is a relaxation technique that can also help reduce headache. It breathes in slowly and deeply and expels air slowly.

By reading these other articles you can learn more about How to Relax Through Breathing and Abdominal Breathing Exercises and thus achieve more relaxation and relieve headaches.

Take a bath with warm water

If after a hard day, the headache makes an appearance, a relaxing bath with warm water and abundant foam can be a simple and pleasant solution that leaves you feeling like new.

Detach yourself with a walk

Clearing the mind for a few minutes is a remedy as old as it is effective against headaches. Maybe by simply disconnecting, while walking for a few minutes and enjoying the outdoors, you can reduce the persistent headache.

Avoid light stimuli

Reducing the lights around you or even staying dark and away from noise is a good option, especially if the goal is to remove the migraine headache.

Ventilate the room

Ventilating daily and for a few minutes the rooms of the house (also in winter) is a basic measure that contributes to good health in general.

Perhaps the reason for your migraine is the ‘charged' air that has not been sufficiently renewed. Rest for a few minutes and take the opportunity to open windows and ventilate the room.

Avoid prolonged fasting

Sometimes the solution to a feeling of discomfort is very simple. Fatigue and headache can have their origin in the lack of energy that makes our body unable to perform its basic functions correctly. If you have not eaten for many hours, the result can be a migraine, which will be passed with the necessary intake of healthy foods.

Natural Remedies to Remove Headache

We cannot forget about natural medicine to improve our health. Therefore, it is also advisable to use some medicinal plants for headache, either in infusion, essential oil or other forms.

Ginger tea

The root of the ginger plant has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, so making an infusion with its zest is a magnificent home remedy for severe headache and a good alternative to drugs. Here you can learn how ginger is prepared for headache.

Linden infusion

Linden is another medicinal plant that is an excellent ally when it comes to combating headache. Its calming properties against nervousness are known but as in the previous case, it is an effective natural analgesic against mild pain. Learn more about the benefits of alpine linden.

Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary plant oil improves circulation and relieves pain, so rosemary essential oil is a good natural alternative to migraines. Dilute a few drops in olive oil or almonds and moisten in the mixture two cottons. Put them where you notice that the pain is concentrated, for example, in the temples, and let the analgesic properties of rosemary take effect. In this other post you can learn more about what rosemary oil is for.


Lavender is also a plant whose essential oil is good when it comes to fighting headache. Putting some aromatic bags with lavender in your work area and also in the rest area will help the pain to decrease. Dilute a few drops of lavender essential oil in another vegetable oil (for example olive) and spread the mixture on your fingers. Do with your hands a gentle massage at the base of the skull, behind the ears and in the feelings, to reduce tension and pain. Here you will know how to make homemade lavender oil.

You can discover more medicinal plants for headache.

Foods to remove the headache

Aside from medicinal plants, there are also certain foods that help relieve headaches, such as the following:


Tiredness and exhaustion can occur together with the headache and in this case, taking a small number of nuts can help a quick recovery. The best are almonds and peanuts for their high content of magnesium, a mineral whose lack is associated with frequent headaches.

Spinach and chard

The lack of certain nutrients can be the origin of pain and, as we have said, the adequate intake of magnesium helps prevent and relieve the head. Spinach and chard are a natural source of this micronutrient and taking them in times where the headache accompanies you and you do not seem to want to leave, may be the solution.

Honey and lemon

Especially if it's a cold headache, try mixing the juice of a lemon with a tablespoon of honey. The antiseptic and soothing properties of honey coupled with the vitamin C of lemon will provide you with the improvement you need.

In addition to adding these foods to your usual meals, we recommend you eliminate or reduce enough foods that cause headache and that you can know in this other article.


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