How to remove sinus headache

Sinusitis is a very annoying disease because one of its main symptoms are headaches, which are also difficult to eliminate because, in many cases, they do not disappear with the taking of the pills that usually allow to notice relief when the pain has been produced by other ailments. And it is accompanied by discomfort that is perceived as if they were a pressure, in the area of the nose, which extends to the cheekbones and rises to the forehead. These are cases in which specific care is required to notice relief. Fortunately, there are several ways to achieve this. From, we explain the main and most effective so you know how to remove the headache due to sinusitis.
How to remove sinus headache

How to tell if my head hurts because I have sinusitis – symptoms

Before applying a treatment to remove the headache due to sinusitis, it is important to know if the discomfort we have is really due to this disease or can be due to another cause such as a migraine or migraines or are related to a febrile process or other diseases.

In general, the main confusion usually occurs in relation to migraines and migraines. And it is very important to clear those doubts because, depending on the cause, some guidelines or others must be followed. And how can you tell if the headache is from sinusitis? There are some differential symptoms that are clear:

  • Nausea or vomiting: Does not appear in people who have a headache caused by sinusitis. These symptoms are common for migraines.
  • Light: People with sinus headache do not experience any worsening when they are in lighted environments. That is, they do not need to be in the dark, something that does happen when there is a migraine or migraine.
  • Noise: When discomfort is related to sinusitis, noise is also not a problem for people.
  • Mucus: Mucus changes color when you have sinusitis.

Anyway, when in doubt, it is always advisable to consult with a doctor to determine whether or not you really have sinusitis.

Care to remove sinus headache

The headache caused by sinusitis requires action on several fronts. The solution goes through remedies and care to relieve sinus headache that can be followed at home and that help both to relieve discomfort, and to prevent them from appearing with more intensity.

Specifically, you should act at home to decongest the nose to clean the nasal passages well, even reaching the cheek area, that is, the area of the paranasal sinuses where mucus accumulates. This process is not complicated to do and there are several options:

  • Vaporizations: one of the easiest to do is to take steam baths or mists so that the nasal passages are decongested. They are care that you must perform as if you had a cold. That is, you put water to boil and, when it is very hot and removed from the fire, you bring your face closer to the steam that comes out while you have your head covered with the help of a towel. In this way, you breathe that hot and humid air that will help you decongest the nasal passages. If you have a lot of congestion, you can put a few fresh mint leaves or a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in the water because its components are beneficial for breathing better. Here you can find more information about How to make mists.
  • Salt water sprays: one of the most effective remedies both to prevent -if you are a prone person-, and to treat the headache due to sinusitis is to make salt water sprays. This solution can be purchased in the pharmacy and parapharmacy, where they already sell them prepared and in bottles with nasal applicators to make it easier. It is enough to make one or two sprays in each nostril. Any way you can also prepare it at home, mixing water with sea salt in a container in which you put your nose to make the inhalation or you can use a syringe for a simpler application.

Vaporizations can be done whenever you need them, while salt water sprays are recommended to be performed only twice in each nostril in the same day. In the latter case it is not good to abuse because it can produce an irritation of the nasal passages that will do nothing more than increase the discomfort you have.

Other treatments for sinus headache

In addition to the care that we have discussed above to perform at home, it is also required to follow the medical treatment for sinusitis headache and for this. In this way, it may be necessary to take the following medications, but always under medical prescription:

  • Analgesics to act directly on the pain.
  • Nasal steroids that are helpful in reducing inflammation of the nasal passages.
  • Antibiotics, which are prescribed only when the person has infection.

With these medicines, by reducing the symptoms of sinusitis, relief from the headache that is caused by sinusitis is also noticed. However, in some cases, surgery may be necessary. According to Mayo Clinic, this treatment is ideal for people who have chronic or recurrent sinusitis or do not get a positive response to the treatments that have been prescribed.

Surgery is also usually the solution when the person has some structural abnormality, which causes him to have sinusitis continuously and that persists despite the treatments, so that the headache is practically continuous.

With these tips on how to remove the sinus pain that we have told you in, we hope you have been able to know more about this disease and also what can be done to feel better. It is always important to go to the doctor if you suspect that you may have sinusitis to start treatment as soon as possible, prevent an infection from occurring and the headache from appearing. The doctor will also indicate the care at home that will be best for you.


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