How to remove bad breath with hydrogen peroxide


Bad breath can be due to several causes such as inadequate or non-existent oral hygiene, although it can also have its origin in stomach or digestive system problems. Sometimes, simply, it responds to a specific situation and the halitosis disappears in a few hours or in a day. Depending on its cause, it is advisable to use some treatments or others, especially when bad breath persists. Anyway, you can also opt for home or folk remedies, one of the best-known being hydrogen peroxide.

How to remove bad breath with hydrogen peroxide

But does it really work? How should I use it? Do you have any danger? In, we are going to explain how to remove bad breath with hydrogen peroxide so that you can use this remedy effectively and correctly.

Properties of hydrogen peroxide to remove bad breath

Hydrogen peroxide is well known, obviously, for its use for wounds. However, it has many other uses for beauty to, for example, lighten hair and also for oral health.

In these cases, the properties of hydrogen peroxide to end bad breath are focused on its disinfectant power, which allows to eliminate viruses, bacteria, spores or yeasts. In this way, hydrogen peroxide can remove bad breath because it eliminates the bacteria that accumulate in the mouth due to poor or incorrect oral hygiene and that are the main responsible for halitosis.

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Hydrogen peroxide suitable for oral use and types of halitosis

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are several types of halitosis, although they can be divided into three large groups:

  • Due to poor digestion: or various stomach or digestive system problems.
  • By food: bad smell of the mouth and even taste, generated by the foods that are eaten such as, for example, onion or garlic.
  • By tartar on the teeth: or by a bad or non-existent dental hygiene or by not performing well the tooth and mouth brushing.

In general, hydrogen peroxide can only act to remove bad breath in the latter case. That is, in that halitosis that are caused by not brushing your teeth (or by not doing it well), having tartar or by the accumulation of bacteria by food remains that have been accumulated in the mouth.

How to Remove Bad Stomach Breath

In the rest of halitosis, really hydrogen peroxide is not effective because the problem, although you notice the bad breath or taste, is not in the mouth, but usually comes from the stomach, being necessary that you resort to other treatments or remedies.

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How to remove bad breath with hydrogen peroxide

The most common and easiest way to remove bad breath with hydrogen peroxide is to make a mouthwash. The way to do it is easy. You have two options:

  • Rinse your mouth directly with hydrogen peroxide: in this case, you should take the hydrogen peroxide, which you can buy in pharmacies or parapharmacies, to pour a small amount into a glass. Normally, there is no exact amount for this rinse but, as a guideline, we can say that it is similar to the one you would use with any other mouthwash.
  • Mix hydrogen peroxide with water: in the event that bad breath is not very intense, it is possible to prepare a mouthwash by mixing water with hydrogen peroxide. The mixture should be in equal parts to give a total amount similar to that of any mouthwash.

Mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide for bad breath

With either option, the process of using this mouthwash is the same. In this way, you must:

  1. Brush your teeth, tongue, gums and rest of your mouth thoroughly with a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  2. Use floss to clean between the teeth and remove possible remains of food that may have accumulated.
  3. Take the hydrogen peroxide rinse or mix it with water, as you have chosen, to have fun throughout the mouth and teeth. You can even gargle with hydrogen peroxide.

With these simple steps, the whole process would be finished and the mouth will be cleaner. The results are immediately noticeable.

Toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide for bad breath from the mouth

Another way to use hydrogen peroxide to end bad breath is to use toothpastes that contain it. Many of them, both those of more commercial brands and those sold in pharmacies and parapharmacies, include it among their ingredients.

Normally, it does not appear as hydrogen peroxide, but as hydrogen peroxide. The other option is mouthwashes that also contain hydrogen peroxide.

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Precautions when removing bad breath with hydrogen peroxide

Although hydrogen peroxide is effective in removing bad breath, the truth is that, like any product, it requires a series of tips or precautions:

  • Frequency of use: in general, if you have a specific problem of bad breath, there is no problem in using hydrogen peroxide several days in a row and even a week. However, it is not convenient to use it every day because in the mouth there are also microorganisms that have to be there and that act as a natural defense. Hydrogen peroxide can kill them for its disinfectant power, causing a health problem.
  • Bleach: Hydrogen peroxide also has whitening power, so you should be equally careful with its use so as not to damage tooth enamel. In this sense, hydrogen peroxide can be a danger to teeth.

With these tips and guidelines on how to remove bad breath with hydrogen peroxide, we hope at we have helped you know its correct use. We always recommend that, in case of any problem, you consult the doctor or specialist to indicate the most suitable guidelines for the origin of your halitosis.


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