How to prevent lice


It is as common as it is feared. What seemed like a slight itching and tickling on the scalp ends up becoming an uncomfortable and alarming itch that cannot mean anything else: we have lice. These tiny and annoying animals live on the capillary surface of living beings and feed on the blood they get after biting. Its appearance can be sudden and its spread fast and very contagious. We only have to inspect ourselves and our children to discover that those little black and white balls on our heads are actually lice and nits. These skin pests can not only appear on the head, but also on the eyebrows, eyelashes and even intimate areas.

How to prevent lice

Luckily, today there are many clinical and home remedies with which you can avoid lice and make this uncomfortable and frequent problem a scare. 

Hair cleaning

One of the primary and essential factors to be able to prevent lice is to have a correct cleaning and disinfection . Very often, these pests appear with the start of the school period and it is usually the smallest of the house who end up bringing these uncomfortable little animals on their heads after having spent all day playing and sharing with others.

How to prevent lice in children? In situations like this, the best thing to do to prevent lice naturally is to clean and brush your hair daily with quality products that clean and strengthen your hair. Above all, try to avoid sharing personal products such as caps, hats, brushes, scarves and any clothing that is in contact with the head.

Brush with nit

In addition to all of the above, another of the greatest allies to locate and detect a plague of lice is through the nit.

This instrument is very similar to a comb but its spikes are metallic and are very close to each other with the aim that, when passing it through the surface of the scalp and hair , they drag all the possible remains of both posh and of their eggs, the nits. In this way, we can make sure of its appearance and get rid of lice, although the problem must be rooted out.

Disinfect nearby objects

Once we know that we are suffering from a lice infestation, one of the main points to prevent its spread is precisely to prevent it from contaminating other people or objects. That is why it is very important to control and clean all common areas and be careful with clothing and fabric surfaces such as cushions, pillows or towels to avoid lice.

Use repellents and shampoos

When it comes to dealing with and eliminating lice and nits, one of the fastest and most effective methods is the use of lice prevention shampoos and lice repellant. Formerly, the problem ended when the hair was cut, since all the insects were eliminated.

If you are wondering how to avoid lice, we have products in pharmacies that, without damaging our hair or our skin, manage to kill and eliminate the plague of lice with a few washes. These products cause the death of lice due to their dehydration without providing chemical agents that are harmful to our body.

Home remedies

However, if what you are looking for are home remedies to prevent lice, there are many natural products that can be very effective for it. Lice infestations have been quite frequent throughout history and home remedies have been able to deal with them. With the help and information available today, the most effective products to prevent lice have been collected:

  • Essential oils : mix two tablespoons of olive oil with about 15 drops of an essential oil and apply it to the scalp, leaving it to act overnight. The most effective oils are lavender, clove, eucalyptus, anise, cinnamon, red thyme, peppermint, coconut, and tea tree.
  • Vinegar – One of the greatest natural disinfectants. Apply it all over the scalp, cover with a shower cap and leave it on for 4 hours.
  • Citronella : this plant is ideal for repelling insects. Mix rubbing alcohol, citronella oil and liquid citronella, put it in a spray and spread over the head. With only 5 minutes of rest, the effect will already be noticeable.

Tea tree to prevent lice is also very effective.


In order to avoid lice and nits, it is advisable to wear a short hair, since it reduces the possibilities. In addition, it is easier to detect and eliminate lice. To prevent lice naturally, it is useful to cut your hair and show off a short, healthy and lice-free mane.

Notify the school

How to prevent lice at school? It is necessary to be in contact with the teachers of the school and with the parents, since it is one of the main sources of lice in children . In this way it is easy to be able to detect the lice in time, before the plague becomes bigger and in this way avoid infecting the rest of the classmates.

Check hair every day

To detect and prevent lice in time, it is important to check the hair every day. A few minutes a day will be enough to check strand by strand for lice. In this way it will be easy to eliminate them quickly and prevent the plague from spreading more and more.


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