How to Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis


Deep vein thrombosis is currently one of the diseases with the greatest condition. The habits of life today have favored that more and more people suffer from it. Preventing it is not complicated, although we must not forget that there is also a certain genetic predisposition to it.

How to Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis

From, we are going to tell you how to prevent deep vein thrombosis because it is a serious pathology, since it occurs when clots form inside a blood vessel, which can lead to an episode of myocardial infarction by not circulating blood well through the veins. Notes!

Moving to prevent thrombosis

One of the best tips you can follow to avoid deep vein thrombosis is to exercise. It is not that you give yourself great beatings running or you stick hours and hours in the gym in hard training sessions, it is more than enough that you practice a moderate activity, but with perseverance. In fact, the daily periodicity is the most recommended.

And what activities can you do? It is best to walk because with this exercise the entire circulatory system is activated. You do not have to go at a very fast pace, but it is important that the walk lasts at least half an hour.

Any other moderate activity such as cycling or swimming, as well as other beneficial aerobic exercises. And, if you do not have time to practice them for 30 minutes, the key is that you abandon sedentary life as much as possible.

For example, go upstairs instead of taking the elevator, get off the bus one stop earlier to walk to your destination and get up from the work chair every hour and take a short walk around the office to drink water or go to the toilet. They are simple gestures, but very useful to avoid thrombi in the legs.

Staying at the ideal weight as a preventive measure

Being overweight is not good in general for many diseases and thrombosis is no exception. In fact, obesity or having a few extra pounds is one of the risk factors. A reason why you should do everything necessary to lose weight and eliminate body fat, if necessary, and is that fats help clog the arteries and favor the appearance of thrombi.

If you do not have to lose weight and your level of body fat is ideal according to the doctor, try not to gain weight and stay at your ideal weight to avoid gaining kilos and reduce the risk of thrombosis. In the following article, we give you some tips to maintain your weight and not get fat.

Foods to prevent thrombosis

Regardless of whether you have to follow a slimming diet with the instructions of the doctor or you do not want to gain weight, the truth is that there are a number of foods that are beneficial for the circulatory system or and that help prevent thrombosis.

In this group are all those foods that are rich in vitamin C because they help increase the production of elastin and collagen, which favor the elasticity of the arterial walls. So, you have no excuse not to eat oranges, lemons or kiwis.

All those foods with high content of vitamin E are also very beneficial because it has a great antioxidant power, which is essential to avoid the coagulation process. Foods rich in this vitamin are green leafy vegetables and vegetables such as broccoli, as well as sunflower seeds and red fruits.

Foods with vitamin K can also not be missing in your diet because they are key to reducing the activity of the GLA protein, which is linked to thrombosis and varicose veins. This is found in vegetables such as brussels sprouts, spinach or lettuce.

Clothing also influences thrombosis

Another measure to prevent deep vein thrombosis is to pay attention to the clothes you wear. It is important that you do not wear very tight clothes or that they oppress you, and this does not include only the waist of pants or skirts, but also the elastic of the socks and the measurements.

If you have circulation problems and varicose veins have already made their appearance, it is better to use stockings that favor venous return. Your doctor will be able to tell you the most suitable compression.

They are tips on how to prevent thrombosis that we give you in and that we hope will be useful to you to avoid this disease and that you can follow healthier lifestyle habits.


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