How to meditate with stones – techniques and tips


Within the world of esotericism there are many branches, all of them aimed at balancing the mind and spirit. It is very important that, so that each of the techniques developed to achieve a balance and spiritual harmony have the desired effects and do not produce any type of imbalance, they are performed correctly, because if they cannot be totally counterproductive.

How to meditate with stones - techniques and tips

One of the most common and most developed techniques is meditation with different types of stones and crystals, to harmonize both the mind and spirit, as well as the body and the different systems that make it up, such as even the home, which can also present imbalances. So that you can do it correctly in we explain in detail how to meditate with stones.

Different forms of meditation with stones

Within meditation with stones there are different ways to perform it. It all depends on what is the objective that is sought with the realization of this technique. If what you want to achieve is that a physical space, such as your own house or workplace, harmonizes and disappears any type of imbalance, it is very simple, you just have to place the stone chosen as an ornament on any surface or even include it in any type of bead that is going to be worn throughout the day, to accompany the person who wants the spaces in which he is to be balanced.

On the other hand, to harmonize both the body, mind and spirit the technique to be performed is different. It is necessary to follow a series of steps to achieve the desired goal and not cause physical or spiritual imbalances.

Clean the stones

The first step to perform meditation with stones correctly is to clean the stones, to avoid any type of imbalance at the time of meditation. There are two methods of cleaning stones, depending on whether they can get wet or not.

In the case of those that can be immersed in water it is recommended to keep them for 24 hours in salt water to ensure that they are fully purified. Those that cannot be wet will be cleaned with soil. For this it is advisable to keep them for 24 hours in soil, inside a pot, not very deep. After a day the stones will be completely clean.

How to meditate with stones correctly

There are several forms of meditation and in this article, we will explain the simplest of all. First you have to choose a stone that in those moments helps to fulfill the effects that are sought. Later it will be explained in this article which stone is necessary for each occasion, to know how to opt for the right one, depending on whether the needs are physical or psychological.

First of all, it is very important to find a comfortable posture that favors concentration. To do this, you will opt for the traditional meditation posture, sitting on the floor with your legs crossed, or if there is no comfort in this posture, you will sit in a chair.

When you have found a comfortable posture, you have to practice breathing. A diaphragmatic breathing is going to be performed, which consists of filling the lungs slowly, from bottom to top, feeling how the air enters gently through the nose, filling all the lung capacity. Then they will be emptied breathing, also slowly, through the mouth. This type of breathing promotes concentration and meditation.

When the breathing has already been controlled, you have to take the stone and, with your hand, squeeze it while you feel how its strength and its characteristics are transferred to the person. Then the stone will be carefully observed, concentrating on its characteristics and the skills and aids it transfers. Finally, the eyes will be closed, concentrating on the transfer of forces from the stone to the person, maintaining the same rhythm of breathing.

Types of stones for meditation

As explained before, each stone satisfies one type of need. Now it will be explained what are the most common stones for meditation and what exactly they are used for:

  • Agate: this stone gives strength, recharging the lost energies. It is advised in periods of low defenses and fatigue.
  • Aquamarine: reinforces the ability to love and the development of the couple. It also helps to give an extra boost to the immune system.
  • Amber: it is advised when you want to achieve success in difficult situations. It is also highly recommended for problems in the digestive system.
  • Coral: increases the will and is one of the stones that balances in a more effective way.
  • Rose quartz: it is essential to balance sentimental and family problems.
  • Jade: helps prevent diseases and strengthen health.
  • Malachite: widely used to increase sensuality and reduce sexual problems.
  • Moonstone: it is the most used to reduce weight and as a purifying complement.
  • Topaz: widely used for any problem related to the digestive system.
  • Turquoise: helps to balance the organism in general and also the sentimental and family life.

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