How to make homemade creams for burns


A small cluelessness with appliances that we use daily in our home such as the iron, a stove, the ceramic hob or the oven, among others, can cause painful injuries that we know as burns. These lesions occur when the skin is damaged when it comes into direct contact with a source that emanates heat and can cause symptoms such as pain, burning, blisters and redness on the affected skin. In addition, in the worst cases burns can damage deeper layers of the skin and can cause both skin infections and scars that can last over time.

How to make homemade creams for burns

In the event that the burns are mild or moderate, there are different drugs such as creams and gels that can help you relieve some symptoms. However, there are also some natural remedies that can help us heal these injuries effectively. Below, in the following article, we explain how to make homemade creams for skin burns. Notes!

How to make a homemade ointment for burns with aloe vera and calendula

One of the best natural creams for burns is the one made with aloe vera and calendula. On the one hand, the gel contained in the aloe vera plant has great richness in both water and different antioxidant substances, which provides excellent healing and antibiotic properties that help to properly heal the wound and prevent the appearance of infections. On the other hand, calendula flowers have a high content of essential oils and flavonoids which gives it powerful anti-inflammatory properties that relieves the symptoms of burns such as burning and blisters.

To make a homemade cream for burns with aloe vera and calendula follow these indications:


  • 100 grams of aloe vera gel
  • 30 grams of marigold flowers
  • 1 tablespoon wheat germ oil
  • 50 grams of almond oil
  • 1 tablespoon soy lecithin
  • Water

Preparation and treatment

  1. Add the calendula flowers and almond oil to a heat-resistant container and macerate the ingredients at 70ºC until you notice that the flowers have dried out.
  2. Meanwhile add 1 tablespoon of soy lecithin along with twice as much water in a saucepan and heat the ingredients over low heat. Then shake the ingredients until you get a fairly thick emulsion.
  3. When the calendula flowers have macerated, remove the remains and add the oil obtained along with a tablespoon of wheat germ oil to the emulsified lecithin while still stirring the ingredients.
  4. When the ingredients are well mixed, remove the saucepan from the heat. Once it is warm, add half a glass of aloe vera gel to the mixture and shake again until you get a homogeneous cream.
  5. Store the remedy in a jar for creams and then put it in the refrigerator. You will already have the homemade ointment for burns ready.
  6. Once the cream is cold, take a little with your hands and apply the remedy on the burns giving a gentle massage until the product has been absorbed.

Use this remedy 2 times a day until the burns disappear. Also, in this other article you can learn more about how to use aloe vera for burns.

Homemade cream of white clay, lavender and tea tree oil for burns

Another of the most used natural creams for burns is white clay with lavender oil and tea tree oil. White clay is used in different medicinal ointments since it has a great richness in minerals that gives it excellent soothing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties that favors the wound healing process and relieves the symptoms of burns. On the other hand, both washing essential oil and tea tree have antiseptic and analgesic properties that help heal wounds and prevent possible infections.

Take note of these ingredients and steps to prepare a homemade burn cream with white clay, lavender and tea tree oil:


  • 3 tablespoons white clay powder
  • Calendula oil
  • 5 drops lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 5 drops chamomile essential oil

Preparation and treatment

  1. Add in a bowl 3 tablespoons of white clay powder along with the calendula oil. You will have to add the necessary amount to create a creamy paste like that of a cream.
  2. Then add in the same container the rest of the essential oil and stir the ingredients well so that they are well diluted.
  3. Once you have made the homemade cream, add it to a jar and store it in the refrigerator to use whenever you want.
  4. When you notice that the cream is cold, apply a little on the affected skin giving a gentle massage until it is well absorbed.

Use this home remedy 1 time a day, maximum twice, until you notice an improvement in the damaged skin.

Homemade cream for burns of honey, wormwood and malvadisc

If you haven't been convinced by some of the above two options, homemade burn cream with honey, wormwood and marshmallow might be the best option for you. On the one hand, honey is a natural moisturizer that has excellent antiseptic and healing properties, which accelerate the healing process of burns. On the other hand, both wormwood and mallow are two natural products that have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that relieve some of the symptoms of this type of injury such as burning, redness of the skin and blisters.


  • Half a cup of organic honey
  • 6 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons wormwood
  • 2 tablespoons dried comfrey
  • 2 tablespoons mallow root

Preparation and treatment

  1. Add the indicated amounts of wormwood, mallowshake and old comfrey to a glass jar along with the tablespoons of olive oil.
  2. Close the jar with a lid and let it sit for 24 hours so that the plants macerate well.
  3. When it is ready, remove the remains of the plants and preserve the oil obtained.
  4. Add in a pot, the organic honey along with the oil of the different herbs and stir it for a few minutes until everything is well mixed.
  5. Add the result in a jar for creams and let it cool.
  6. Apply the homemade cream once cold on the affected areas of the skin with a gentle massage.

Use this natural remedy 2 times a day on a daily basis until the burns heal.



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