How to Improve Long-Term Memory


Memory, unfortunately, is lost over the years, although there are also diseases that can cause forgetfulness as is the case of Alzheimer's. Keeping the brain in good shape is one of the ways to avoid and even improve memory.

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To achieve this, there are a series of exercises and activities that are of great help. From, we are going to explain all the keys on how to improve long-term memory so that you get the most out of it to study and work or to reach old age without losing mental capacity.

Exercises and games to improve memory

In general, these mental exercises can be put into practice by anyone because they are easy and very entertaining to perform. Anyway, in the event that you have Alzheimer's or any other disease that involves memory loss, it is important to always consult with the doctor.


One of the best ways to activate memory is to do hobbies. Among them, sudokus are the most suitable because they require mental calculations for resolution. Precisely, mental calculation is another excellent way to maintain memory. In both cases, you must start with simpler operations to be able to solve them and move forward to level up.

Alphabet soup and self-defined

Other hobbies that are equally beneficial are alphabet soups and self-defined ones, because they also force you to think and concentrate, as well as all those games in which you have to detect errors or differences between drawings or images.

Card games

Of course, all those card games in which you must remember which cards have already been put on the table to design the plays, such as brisca, wink or poker, are very useful.

Another variant is the card games, in which you have to memorize the cards or remember some elements that contain them in order to guess them later, match them by colors and equal objects, etc.

Chess and memory exercises

Chess is another good game to develop memory, because you have to be very attentive to the board and the movements, in addition to designing the strategy to follow to win the game.

For culture lovers, another alternative that is beneficial for memory is to learn poetry by heart, fragments of texts from books or film dialogues and even the lyrics of the songs. You may also be interested in How to Check If I Have a Good Memory.

Physical techniques to improve memory

Another way to improve long-term memory is to do physical activities, but they involve some memorization. It is a very fun and enjoyable way with which not only the mind is improved, but also the body.

Here would enter, for example, aerobics, because you have to learn a different choreography and movements in each class or step. But there are more options, ranging from synchronized swimming to a ballroom dancing class or modern rhythms.

You can also exercise your memory with a training circuit in which you must perform a series of activities in a specific order because, equally, you have to remember them. In short, it is good to do any physical exercise that is not repetitive and in which you always have to learn an order or specific movements. You may also be interested in How to Make Juices for Memory.

Routine strategies to improve memory

Improving long-term memory is not complicated nor is there a reason to perform the activities we have discussed, although they are more effective. With small gestures in the day to day you can also get good results, being a good start. It is only necessary to change routines and activities that are done by inertia or without thinking.

For example, an alternative is to change the route between home and work to have to activate the brain to reach the destination through other streets or brush your teeth using the opposite arm. Another option is to modify the order in which you do routines at home such as cleaning, trying to start with another room.

They are simple day-to-day acts that are also effective in knowing how to improve long-term memory and that give good results. From we recommend you start as soon as possible, even if you are young, because then you will have more chances of not having memorization problems in the future. Anyway, if there are already forgetfulness, it is advisable to consult with the doctor to detect possible problems and indicate the most suitable activities.


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