How to get rid of fleas on humans


Fleas are very small insects whose movement is carried out by moving through the hair of their hosts and jumping from one animal to another (or from one human to another). These parasites feed exclusively on the blood of dogs and cats, but sometimes they choose to feed on the blood of humans and warm-blooded animals such as cattle, pigs, sheep, etc.

How to get rid of fleas on humans

Do you have pets in your house? Do they scratch a lot and are you starting to have the same symptoms? It's time for you to find a solution.

How to get rid of fleas on humans and avoid their bites

There are different insects that can attack humans and whose bites are very similar. That is, if you were bitten by a mosquito, a flea or a bedbug, you could easily confuse each of the bites, since they are not so different. Flea bites in humans produce small red dots with holes in the center of the bite, as well as intense itching in the affected area.

The flea bite does not hurt right after it occurs; however, if the person in question scratches due to itching, this wound can be painful. Knowing this, it is normal for you to wonder how to eliminate fleas in humans and animals, so before telling you about some of the most effective methods that exist, we will discover some preventive measures that will help you fight these insects.

  • Keep an eye on your pets : If there are pets in the home, you should constantly monitor that they are not infected. To avoid any contamination in the animals, you must bathe them with products that prevent flea infection, examine them and comb them with certain constancy. If you do not see yourself capable of applying this measure on your own, you should take them to a veterinary center or hairdresser to carry out the necessary process.
  • Disinfect your clothes : if you have attended farms or centers where there are exposed warm-blooded animals (or any other place where you can be contaminated with these insects), you should make sure to shake your clothes very well before entering the house and wash them quickly. Take a deep bath to remove possible fleas from your body.
  • Fumigate your house: if you have dogs or cats at home, you should periodically fumigate it with products that prevent flea contamination. These insects can be lodged anywhere, mainly in carpets, upholstery and curtains.
  • Do a thorough cleaning: to clean the home, it is recommended that you use a vacuum cleaner, as this way you will be able to eliminate eggs and larvae, food, dust and other elements that could improve the development of these insects. You must attack the dark areas of the home and those rooms where pets sleep. In addition, we recommend that you vacuum carpets and upholstery constantly; spraying them with insecticide, for example, will help you get better results.
  • Wash your sheets often: It is also advisable to periodically wash your sheets, curtains and large items of clothing with hot water and insecticides.

How to get rid of fleas in human hair

As we have said, fleas are insects that move through the hair and are capable of jumping up to 15 meters high. This makes it possible for these parasites to slip through the hair of humans fairly quickly (whether it be the hair on the arms, legs, head, etc.). Do you want to discover how to get rid of fleas in human hair ? We propose a simple step by step:

  1. First, you should avoid scratching. We know it's messy, but if you rubbed your skin, you could make the bite hurt or even get infected.
  2. Buy a cortisone cream, a calamine lotion, or get a human flea repellant from the drugstore. Apply the cream where you see the bites, either on the body or on the scalp (keep in mind that you will have to buy different lotions if it is for the hair than if it is for the body).
  3. If you think fleas may be in the hair on your head, take a lice comb and proceed to go through each section of hair.
  4. Then take your daily shampoo and add 4 drops of tea tree oil to it. This oil has incredible properties that will help you to have a good control of pests. Leave the mixture on your hair for about 5 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water.
  5. Take the comb again and dip it in the mixture you have made with the tea tree oil. Brush the hair again to completely remove the fleas.
  6. If the fleas are lodged in your body, a deep bath and applying the same oil in the liquid body soap will suffice. Let the mixture act for 5 minutes and then rinse your body with plenty of water.

Flea repellents for people – homemade and effective

Apart from the products that you find in specialized pest control sites, you can also make your own effective homemade flea repellents. Among the most effective formulas are:

Citrus concentrate with lemon

The strong smell of lemon is hated by fleas, which is why it is a perfect repellent. If you want this home remedy to work, you just have to fill a bottle with a lemon juice dispenser and spray plenty of concentrate around the house: on furniture, curtains, carpets, pets, etc. If you plan to enter stables or livestock centers, we recommend spraying yourself with this preparation before entering, as this will help you combat any flea infection.

Beer yeast

Once again, we come across a smell and taste that are very unpleasant for fleas. If you are thinking of entering a place where there is a possible plague or these insects have already entered your home, you will only have to take a clean cloth and impregnate it with this preparation. Then gently rub it over the most sensitive parts of your body (especially those where you've already been stung). This flea repellent is highly effective and very easy to find, because if you ask for a flea repellent for humans in the pharmacy, you will see that many contain brewer's yeast.

Eucalyptus oil

Spray eucalyptus oil lotion on your bare skin to repel fleas and you will see how these do not even come close to your body. Do the same with your pets; place a few drops of this oil in the water with which you are going to bathe them and proceed to wash them as you usually do.

Pennyroyal plant

This plant is an excellent flea repellant. To make it properly, all you have to do is boil several pennyroyal leaves in a saucepan of water and then pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Spray all parts of the house where you think there are fleas as well as your pets and your body.

These are some of the best home remedies for fleas that you will find, however, you should know that the flea repellents for pets that you will see in the pharmacy are also very effective and convenient, as you will find them in pills, collars, sprays, drops, shampoos, etc. On the other hand, drugstore human flea repellant is available in the form of ointments or creams, sprays, and aerosols.

Flea bites: how to remove them

Flea bites can cause many pathologies and even diseases in animals and humans. To identify a flea bite, you only have to look at how they appear on your skin, since fleas usually bite several times at once and in a straight line. These are the symptoms that accompany flea bites :

  1. Intense itching in the affected area.
  2. Redness and skin irritations.
  3. Allergic reactions around the bite or sting.
  4. Scabs on the skin.
  5. Hair loss in both animals and humans.
  6. In extreme cases, skin infections and high fever.

Generally, and after two days, the discomfort from the flea bite usually disappears. However, to avoid or reduce the discomfort caused by these injuries, we will give you some effective and easy tips:

  1. When detecting the flea bite on the skin, avoid scratching as this will increase the redness of the skin and swelling. Put cold compresses on the bites to reduce the itching sensation.
  2. If the bites bother you a lot, you should go to the doctor immediately to prescribe an antihistamine to reduce the itching. Avoid self-medicating.
  3. Finally, rub the affected skin with some creams that contain calamine to reduce itching. You can also go to the pharmacy and ask for some cortisone cream so that

How long does a flea bite last?

The duration of a flea bite will depend on each person and how they react to the wound. Typically, flea bite discomfort subsides within days, although the redness may remain on your skin for a week or so.

However, it is possible that the sting in question will cause an allergic reaction. In that case, you should go to your GP immediately to prescribe the necessary medications.

How to remove fleas from home

Now that you know how to get rid of fleas on your body and in the hair of your beloved pets, we will help you disinfect your home to combat the appearance of these pests, since the problem has surely originated there.

  1. When fleas are already installed in your house, you should use insecticides to counteract them. To do this, seek advice from experts who can help you find the best insecticide on the market. It is recommended that the insecticide contain, at a minimum, Permethrin to kill adult insects and Methoprene to kill eggs and larvae. You can also use this article on How to make natural insecticides, as you will find a very useful step by step to make your own insecticide.
  2. Carefully read the label of the insecticide you are going to use and follow its instructions to the letter so as not to cause poisoning in people and animals due to misapplication.
  3. When fumigation is carried out, animals and people who are not participating in it must leave the house for a reasonable period of several hours.
  4. After you have sprayed, you should not touch things in the home until the applied insecticide has dried.
  5. You have to select the most infected areas very carefully to fumigate them with greater intensity, since if any are left unfumigated or poorly fumigated, the development and proliferation of fleas could occur again.
  6. It is recommended that you continue vacuuming daily until you see no more fleas, but if after two weeks you still see them, you will have to do another spraying.
  7. You will have to treat your pets the same day as the fumigation, as this way the disinfection will give the desired effect. This article on How to get rid of fleas on pets can be of great help to you.


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