How to detoxify the body from medications naturally


After having been in treatment with some medication our body continues to have traces of this for some time. Although they are not harmful compounds, because they cure us of diseases, they are not natural in the body and it does not hurt to purify and detoxify it so that all the waste disappears. The best way to detoxify the body is by cleansing the blood and this is done through urine and feces through which we eliminate most of the toxic substances from the body. To do this, there are certain foods or drinks that can help us free the body of all the residues and chemical compounds or additives that drugs can leave in our body. In this article we show you how to detoxify the body from medications naturally.

How to detoxify the body from medications naturally

Drink plenty of water to detoxify the body

Drinking plenty of water is the most natural remedy we can find to cleanse the body of toxins. It causes the body to receive the fluid needed to function and the blood to flow properly. In this way, frequent urination is uried and the body is purified, thus expelling all the residues and remains that may remain of the medicines.

It is said that anesthesia must be expelled by urinating, but it is not entirely true. Anesthesia is not eliminated but transformed and metabolized in the body. It is true that these changes leave residues in the body that when transformed are expelled through the urine, but it does not mean that we are urinating anesthesia. The same happens with medicines, they undergo a transformation in the organism in their performance. However, once the treatment has been carried out, there are still residues that do nothing in the body and need to be expelled either by urine or by feces.

Drinking water will not only help eliminate compounds through the urine, but will improve digestive transit by also purifying the body through defecation.

Eating fiber to regulate intestinal transit

Eating plenty of fiber improves digestive transit, which helps all waste be expelled through the stool. The digestive transit has to be fluid and good, otherwise if toxins spend too much time in the colon, the tissues can reabsorb some of them. Therefore, it is important to maintain a good digestive functioning always, but especially after a medical treatment in order to eliminate all kinds of waste completely.

In the following article you can see which are the foods richest in fiber, do not hesitate to include them in your diet.

Infusions to detoxify the body naturally from medications

There are many infusions that can help cleanse the blood of toxins and wastes left by medications after their action. Among them, we can highlight:

Infusion of nettles

Nettles are ideal for detoxifying the blood, as well as functioning as a natural diuretic. They favor the expulsion of waste, which will help cleanse the body of medicines.

You can prepare an infusion of nettles by buying dried nettle leaves. It is used just like a boiling tea, a cup of water (or the amount you are going to use) and adding a teaspoon of dried nettles (or more if it is more quantity). You let it sit and strain it and you have your detoxifying nettle infusion. After a treatment with medicines, take this infusion 2 or 3 times a day so that the body completely purifies all the residues.

Dandelion infusion

Dandelion is a good natural remedy to cleanse the body. What it does is it stimulates the gallbladder, in addition to the kidneys and liver. In this way, water retention is reduced and helps the body to purify and eliminate impurities quickly.

You can find it already made in herbalists, but if you want to do it at home you only have to acquire some dandelion leaves, better if they are freshly cut. As in the infusion of nettles, it is as easy as adding in a saucepan or cup the amount of water you want to use and bringing it to a boil. Then, add the dandelion leaves and let it rest with the fire off, yes, put a lid on it so that it does not lose the essence. After 10 minutes, the infusion will be ready.

Licorice infusion

Licorice has numerous beneficial properties for the body and one of them is that it maintains good liver function. In addition, it acts as a mild laxative, so it helps clean the intestine and removes accumulated waste, which comes in handy to get rid of the remains of medicines. If you have licorice roots, you can prepare it at home in the same way as the previous two. If not, you can always buy it already made in the herbalists.

Natural juices to detoxify the body

If you are not an infusion, you can also prepare some smoothies and fruit juices that will help cleanse the body of medicines.

For example, green smoothies usually include several vegetables that contain chlorophyll that helps in detoxification and also gets rid of heavy metals that contain some chemicals.

A possible green smoothie can be spinach, apple and celery mixed with a little lemon juice. Pour some water so that it is not so thick. It is rich in fiber and, in addition, antioxidant and depurative.

Another juice also very diuretic and that favors intestinal transit is pineapple, cucumber and celery. Blend the ingredients with a cup of water and you're good to go.

Red fruits are diuretics on their own, so you can use them to make some juice. You can mix several of them or even add some other fruit such as pineapple, which is also diuretic and detoxifying.


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