How to deflate the stomach


Why does the stomach swell? One of the most important factors to be able to stop and eliminate the inflammation of the stomach is to know its origin, which are not few. As we said, it may be a disorder that should be checked and treated by your doctor, however, here is a list of the most common causes to know why the stomach is inflamed :

How to deflate the stomach
  • Salt abuse: salt is one of the main condiments that promotes fluid retention and makes us feel bloated. Try to reduce its consumption in meals by replacing it with aromatic herbs to flavor your dishes.
  • Too much fiber: fiber is a very good component for our digestive tract, but in excess it can be counterproductive. If you are trying to change your diet and make it healthier, be careful not to go overboard with high-fiber foods .
  • Soft drinks and alcohol: Soft drinks, cocktails, beer or spirits, in addition to irritating our stomach, make it fill with gas, producing this annoying sensation. The best thing is that if you do not want to eliminate it completely, you reduce its consumption significantly .
  • Menstruation: if you are a woman you will know that there are a few days before your period arrives in which your body does not even know how it is. During the well-known “premenstrual syndrome” hormones can play tricks on us and, in addition, our belly and limbs can be swollen and with abundant fluid retention .
  • Swallowing air: many times we can swallow air without realizing it, slowly causing swelling in our stomach. If we eat very quickly or talk or move while eating food, it is completely normal for us to feel heaviness and swelling during digestion.
  • Intolerances: other causes that should not be overlooked is the fact of having some type of intolerance to a food or component. These types of conditions cause alterations after consuming these foods, since our stomach does not know how to process them correctly and causes digestive discomfort .

These are the most common causes of stomach inflammation, but below we leave you a series of tips so that you can notice that your belly is back to being the same as always by following healthy habits that are good for our digestion.

Drink more water

Water is one of the most important elements for living beings, however, sometimes we are not aware that we drink less than necessary, so it is important to drink plenty in order to have a correct development. Sometimes the most common alterations of our body such as wrinkles, constipation or headaches can be mitigated with the simple fact of drinking a good amount of water a day. In the case of your stomach it was not going to be less. Staying hydrated is vital to have good digestion and also to eliminate toxins and prevent fluid retention. If you are not already doing it, it is best to drink two liters of water daily, you will thank yourself.

Do exercise

A sedentary lifestyle is another of the factors that least help our stomach. If we introduce a simple physical exercise routine into our day, we will be activating all our organs and favoring our digestive system, since it will work better and we will also maintain a healthy weight.

Manage stress

Many times no matter how much we put all the tips into action, we cannot get rid of that feeling of heaviness. Stress and anxiety can be our worst enemy if we lead a hectic pace of life and, normally, these psychological disorders directly affect our stomach. Try to manage stress with yoga sessions, self-care or if necessary, therapy.

Eat slowly and more often

As we said before, it is important to analyze ourselves when eating food to avoid swallowing unnecessary air. In this sense, it is advisable to eat slowly and chew food well to help process the food in your stomach and, in addition, try to eat more meals a day but smaller in quantity to get the stomach used to working in a smoother way.

Watch your diet

The diet we take is very important. Thus, reducing the consumption of processed foods with too many sauces and fats will not help to have a deflated and healthy stomach. Also, we must be careful with foods that, although originally healthy, can favor the appearance of gas or flatulence, such as broccoli, legumes, cabbage or lettuce.

In we show you which are the best juices to deflate the stomach. Keep reading!

Try home remedies

And at this point you will wonder how to cure an inflamed stomach, well, if what you want is to try home remedies for an inflamed stomach that are not very aggressive for your body, you can try to prepare a tea to deflate the stomach through plants medicinal such as chamomile, ginger or anise. In addition, you should eat good foods for an inflamed stomach and introduce them in different home remedies such as: warm water with vinegar, flaxseeds, baking soda or carrot and celery juice.

As you will see, there is much you can do to take care of your stomach and prevent that annoying feeling of inflammation and heaviness. As we said before, if the symptoms do not diminish and persist over time, our best advice is to go to the doctor so that he can assess your problem in detail and provide you with the appropriate medication for you.



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