How to deflate the belly


Decrease salt intake. Carrying out a tasty diet is everyone's desire, but there are times when exceeding salt in meals can bring us many inconveniences, since this precious ingredient is the main factor in fluid retention in the body and the one that causes we have swollen joints and belly. You will have to reduce or completely eliminate the consumption of this product if you want to see the results and you will have to take the opportunity to season your meals with aromatic spices.

How to deflate the belly

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Stay hydrated

One of the most important factors in leading a healthy life is staying hydrated. Water is the basic element for life and it has a cleansing effect on our body that becomes essential if what we want is to purify ourselves and eliminate toxins and other residues. An average of 1.5 or 2 liters of water should be consumed per day . If you do it periodically you will notice how your digestion improves and the feeling of swelling is relieved , in addition to having a satiating effect. Of course, this must be added to a generally healthy lifestyle for good effect.

Eat slow

If we have a swollen belly, the best thing we can do is give our stomach a little work and make it as easy as possible. That is why, when eating, it is convenient to eat food in a calm way and chewing well . In this way, we will give the digestive system time to process everything and we will feel less heavy and more satiated.

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Take care of food

As for any other healthy change, diet and nutrition play a fundamental role. If what you want is to take care of your digestive system and make your belly deflate , you should add more fruit and vegetables to your diet that provide you with the optimal vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of the body. Foods rich in vitamin A and C such as oranges, carrots, pineapple or melon will be your best allies.

Also, when you wonder what to take for a swollen belly, apart from thinking about eating lighter and foods that are high in fiber and vitamins, remember that you also have to stay hydrated. To do this, you can not only drink water, you can also choose to drink infusions that are diuretic and help reduce inflammation in the abdomen. Here we leave you The best infusions to lower the belly .

Avoid soft drinks and alcohol

If what you want is to eliminate the accumulated gas in the belly because you feel that the swelling is due to it, the first thing you have to do is avoid adding more gas to the stomach. The constant consumption of carbonated drinks and alcohol , in addition to being harmful to our health in general, cause us annoying swelling and the presence of flatulence.

If the water ends up boring you throughout the day, you can replace it from time to time with one of the infusions that we have indicated before or with some natural juice . Here we show you some of the best Juices to deflate the stomach .

Restrict flatulent foods

Despite the fact that, as we have said, adding fruit and vegetables to our diet is beneficial, if our problem is related to gas, there are some foods that we must restrict as they cause flatulence . Some of them are: bell pepper, broccoli, lentils, beans, onion or lettuce (especially at night). Here you can learn more Foods that cause flatulence .

In no case should you eliminate them from your diet since, on the other hand, they provide many nutrients. Simply, you should ration them in smaller quantities if you have a swollen belly and eat them during the day and not before going to sleep, since they will cost you more to digest.

Don't overdo the fried

As we said, one of the favors that we can do to our stomach so that it does not produce so much gas and inflammation, is to help it and not give it excessive work. In this sense, the consumption of processed foods high in fat or fried contribute to heaviness and swelling, so if you want to deflate your belly, restrict these foods and cooked in your diet.

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Increase fiber intake

If we suffer from constipation or abdominal swelling , in addition to keeping our body hydrated, we must provide it with the necessary fiber to restore good intestinal flora and make our digestion easier. A diet rich in fiber will not only help you do this, but it will also make you feel full and help you lose weight without starving yourself. However, care must be taken not to exceed the amount of fiber since, in excess, it can be counterproductive.

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Do physical activity

Staying active and moving is one of the best tips to avoid abdominal swelling . When we exercise we are activating our organs and promoting digestion and avoiding fluid retention.

There are specific exercises for the abdomen that can be effective, but if you do not have time or desire, the simple act of walking and being active will help you. You can consult this Exercise routine to reduce the abdomen .

Eat less but more often

To prevent your stomach from overexerting itself at each meal due to large quantities, it is recommended that in order to reduce belly swelling quickly , you start consuming the same amount but distributed over a longer period of time. If you are used to religiously eating 3 times a day, try spacing it out to 5 times with small amounts . In this way, you will stay fed all day but you will give your stomach time to digest and avoid heaviness.

Be careful with intolerances

Each person is a world and, in this case, what for some people can be very beneficial, for others it can cause discomfort. It is important to know, with the help of a specialist, whether or not we are tolerant to a variety of foods since intolerances , such as milk, can cause this type of reaction in our stomach, causing bloating and abdominal pain .

Here you can learn more about what are the symptoms of food intolerances .

Manage stress

If after reading all this long list you feel that you meet most of them but you still cannot reduce the swelling, perhaps you should stop to observe your rhythm of life. No matter how many changes in habits are made, if your body is subjected to a frenetic daily rhythm full of stress , it will be very difficult for it to process the beneficial measures that you are trying to take. If you suffer from stress or even anxiety, your digestive system is going to be affected , so it is best that you try to manage it either with the help of some activities and exercise or with the help of a mental health specialist.


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