How to deflate the belly after childbirth

Many women after childbirth continue with an inflamed belly, it even seems that they are still in a state of gestation, despite having already had the baby. It is something totally normal, even though it is now fashionable to leave the clinic (as many celebrities do) as if they had not been pregnant and marking abs. The belly, after childbirth, requires time to return to its normal state. Obviously, care during pregnancy is helpful to facilitate a greater and faster recovery after delivery, but you have to be aware that the process is slow. In addition, you should always follow the doctor's recommendations and not launch into exercise when it can still be harmful to health. From, we explain how to deflate the belly after childbirth so you know everything you can do to recover the silhouette.
How to deflate the belly after childbirth

How long it takes to lower your belly after childbirth

Many women after childbirth and seeing that they still have a tummy, wonder when they will regain their silhouette. The truth is that it takes time. In general, it is estimated that the uterus takes about 4 weeks to return to its normal size. This process is accompanied by the loss of accumulated fluid as a result of inflammation of the cells during gestation. And we must not forget about the accumulation of fat to feed the baby, which has to be burned.

In addition, recovery depends on several factors such as, for example, the number of kilos you have gained during pregnancy and whether or not you perform physical activity. And, of course, do not forget about genetics, which is the main key. In general, this whole process occurs over several months because, in addition, the firmness and muscle tone of the belly area must be recovered. So, cheer up and go for it.

Does breastfeeding help you lose weight after childbirth?

Much has been written about breastfeeding and its benefits for women and babies after childbirth. And the truth is that most experts agree that breastfeeding the baby helps to recover the silhouette and reduce inflammation of the belly.

The key seems to be that breastfeeding the child helps burn accumulated fats because they are needed to feed him. In addition, clinics such as Sanitas [1] also point out that breastfeeding accelerates the burning of calories because they are needed for the process of producing milk for the baby.

But the benefits are even greater because it has been proven that the hormone prolactin, which is key for the woman's body to produce milk, in turn generates contractions in the uterus, which are of great help to reduce its size.

However, this process is more noticeable in the first kilos that must be lost, being more complicated to remove the last ones because the body always remains as with a kind of reserve to continue producing milk. And if you don't love the baby? The key is that you should keep a close eye on what you eat to be able to lose weight and not add more kilos to your body. There is no other option.

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When to exercise after childbirth

Exercise is beneficial to reduce inflammation of the belly after childbirth and recover the silhouette faster. Now, not all exercises are equally valid nor is it good to practice them (even if they are beneficial) the day after having had the baby.

In fact, it is totally important that, before starting to exercise, you consult with the doctor to know if your body is prepared and whether or not there would be contraindications. In general, it is estimated that to do exercises that have an impact such as running, dancing or lifting weights in the gym, it must take about 6 weeks, as recommended by MedlinePlus [2], the National Library of Medicine of the United States.

Exercises to lower belly after childbirth

The exercise that must be done is a combination of aerobic activity, to burn accumulated calories and fats, and toning to recover the muscles and firmness of the abdomen. For example, you can start with aerobic exercises such as:

  • Walking or walking
  • Run
  • Aérobic, aquarobics or similar
  • Zumba
  • Dance

To tone and deflate the belly, a specific table should be made that is focused on the needs of that area to recover muscle tone, including the pelvic floor. For example, hypopressive abdominals work well. You can also practice yoga and Pilates, but always in the modalities that are specific to the postpartum.


Diet to reduce inflammation of the postpartum belly

The diet, even if you are breastfeeding the baby, should be monitored to lose the extra pounds and not accumulate more fat. However, if you're breastfeeding your child, it's best to defer strict diets because you might stop producing milk. In this way, it is recommended to wait about 6 months approximately.

Mothers who do not breastfeed the baby are also good to wait before starting a diet because they need to recover from all the effort involved in childbirth and that the hormones settle more. In this case, it may be enough to wait a couple of weeks before starting the diet.

In one case or another, it is always advisable to reduce the intake of calories and processed foods rich in unhealthy fats and sugars. On the contrary, the intake of:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Fibre
  • Drink 2 liters of water a day

With these tips on how to reduce inflammation of the belly after childbirth, we hope in we have made you aware of the three key pillars for you to recover your silhouette quickly and also healthy. Do not forget to always consult with the doctor because, any decision you make, can affect you and your baby. You may also be interested in Tricks to lower the abdomen after childbirth.


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