How to deflate swollen lips – here the answer


Occasionally, the lips become inflamed from multiple causes. Sometimes it is simply a reaction of stress and swelling occurs as a prelude to the appearance of a cold sore, which can also come out for other reasons such as a drop in defenses.

How to deflate swollen lips - here the answer

Other causes of swelling are injuries such as a possible cut, an allergy, insect bites or the appearance of some granite, among others. Regardless of what caused the inflammation, a swollen lip is often annoying, as well as unsightly. Various treatments help solve this problem. From, we provide you with a series of remedies on how to reduce inflammation of swollen lips, since, depending on the cause, there are more effective tricks than others. All of them you can make at home.

Tea to reduce inflammation of swollen lips

Deflating swollen lips at home is easy with natural or home remedies. One of the most effective is to do it with tea. You can apply it directly with the sachet after preparing the infusion or with gauze or poultice impregnated in the liquid.

The best option is black tea because it has astringent properties by containing tannins, which allows to reduce lip swelling. Applying it for about 10 minutes on the area is more than enough. Anyway, if you have a lot of inflammation, you can apply it several times a day, but letting a minimum of an hour pass between sachets or poultice.

Hot and cold to deflate the mouth

Cold and heat are also of great help in deflating swollen lips through different applications. One of the simplest is to take some ice, either diced or chopped, which you can wrap in a cloth or towel to apply directly on the area. It is also possible to put cold bags on the lip that are used for injuries or to lower the eye bags.

They are quite effective remedies because it is proven that the cold helps to lower any inflammation, including those produced by sports injuries. This trick is good for, for example, swellings caused by bumps, cuts or wounds on the lip (as long as they are closed and do not ooze). Here you can find more information about How to use ice to reduce inflammation.

Heat, while it may initially seem otherwise, is helpful in reducing inflammation. But it is only recommended when there has been an accumulation of blood on the lip due to a cut or a blow, among other possible causes. The key is that with the application of heat with a towel soaked in warm water, poultice or hot bag, blood circulation is improved and, therefore, the accumulation of blood is avoided and prevented.

Salt to reduce inflammation of swollen lips

Salt is especially indicated if you have to reduce inflammation of swollen lips due to the appearance of a cold sore, pimples or wounds that do not ooze because it is a good natural disinfectant that helps eliminate germs. In fact, when you put it on the area you notice a certain stinging or burning, which is the sign that it is acting. The way to apply it is also very easy and you can apply it several times a day.

  1. You can put some salt in a dressing and stick it to the lip with the help of a band-aid or tape to hold it and let it act.
  2. Another way is to moisten the salt a little with a few drops of water and put that mixture in a poultice, gauze or cotton that you must deposit on the affected area. So, in reality, it is a little less effective, but it is less effective.

Here you can find more information about Properties of salt for health.

Baking soda to lower inflammation in the mouth

Products that you have at home are usually very useful to reduce inflammation of the lips. Baking soda is one of them because it is antioxidant and alkalizing. This product is more recommended when the swelling has been caused by insect bites or by some type of allergy.

For baking soda to be effective, it is best to apply it through a kind of paste or dough, which is prepared when mixed with a little water. You can place it directly on the lip or, to make it more comfortable, with gauze or a cloth.

Aloe vera to reduce inflammation of swollen lips

Aloe vera is a well-known product in beauty, especially for the skin because it is very beneficial for its great capacity for hydration, nutrition and regeneration of the dermis, among many other properties that also contribute to lower inflammation.

Aloe vera is present in many creams that are sold in any establishment or supermarket, although the most effective way to apply it is in its pure state. That is, cut a piece of a plant and put its liquid on the lip area. And even if you peel the leaf of the plant, it is also a useful remedy to place that piece directly. You may also be interested in this other article on How to cure with aloe vera plants.

With all these remedies you will be able to lower the inflammation of the lips, although we always recommend that you go to the doctor so that he can indicate the care you need depending on the cause of the lip swelling. From we hope we have helped you with these tips on how to reduce inflammation of swollen lips.


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