How to deflate hemorrhoids with ice


Hemorrhoids or piles are small inflamed veins in the anus area. They are very annoying and painful for those who suffer from them, and can even hinder the act of defecating. Many times, they are caused by constipation or spicy foods and it is said that most adults will suffer from it at some point in their lives.

How to deflate hemorrhoids with ice

If you have had the bad luck of being one of them, do not worry, because although they may be a hassle, they have a solution! That is why in this article we explain how to deflate hemorrhoids with ice so you can feel the relief you need.

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids

Before assuming that you have a hemorrhoid problem, it is advisable that you know what its symptoms are, in addition to going to your family doctor. According to the Mayo Clinic [1], these are the symptoms of hemorrhoids:

  • Anal bleeding: however, this type of bleeding does not produce pain when defecating, but we can observe its appearance with feces, in the toilet or on toilet paper when cleaning. If this is your case, you may be interested in this other article on How to Stop Hemorrhoid Bleeding.
  • Itching or anal irritation: This is one of the most characteristic symptoms of hemorrhoids. Itching usually occurs when the hemorrhoids are rather small or temporary.
  • Pain or discomfort: when hemorrhoids are a little larger, they can cause pain or even discomfort in the anus area.
  • Inflammation: If you have hemorrhoids, you will most likely feel a small swelling in the anus area. You may notice it when you dry with toilet paper.
  • Lump: on the other hand, if you notice the presence of a small lump near the year, which may or may not cause pain, it is likely that it is a thrombosed hemorrhoid, that is, a slightly more complex hemorrhoid.

Keep in mind, in addition, that the symptoms will depend on the type of hemorrhoids. If you want more information about it, you can read this other article from on Types of hemorrhoids with photos.

How to apply ice on hemorrhoids

Many people affected by piles wonder how to put hemorrhoids inside or how to deflate external hemorrhoids quickly, especially when they are very inflamed and hurt or sting. One of the best remedies against intense hemorrhoid pain is ice.

The cold of the ice is very useful to lower inflammations, since, in this way, the temperature of the inflamed area is counteracted, which is usually elevated.

  1. First, wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Then, put crushed ice inside a bag or use a cold compress.
  3. Next, place yourself in a comfortable position and sit on top of the ice pack. If the cold is too intense, you can wrap the cold compress in a cloth, or use, instead, a cloth soaked in cold water.
  4. Hold about 10 or 15 minutes and repeat 2 more times a day.

With this remedy, you will not only lower the inflammation, but also relieve the pain of piles and other discomforts. Of course, it is important that you apply it after having gone to the bathroom, in case you have felt the need.

This home remedy for piles is specially designed for the most painful, that is, using ice on thrombosed hemorrhoids will be of great relief for those who suffer from them. For more information you can read this other article from on How to use ice to reduce inflammation.

Postures to reduce hemorrhoids

As incredible as it may seem, there are some postures that can help us when it comes to reducing the piles, producing great relief. Many of these are yoga poses, such as the ones we will show you below:

  • Viparita Karini or Legs above the wall: this is one of the most soothing yoga postures for hemorrhoids, as they help improve blood circulation to the anal area. You just have to lie down and raise your legs, resting them on a wall. So that you do not hurt your back, we recommend that you use a mat.
  • Malasana or Garland (squatting): if your hemorrhoids are due to constipation, then this is your posture. In fact, it is said that this is the natural posture of the human being to relieve himself. When we sit in the toilet, our intestine is somewhat crushed, so we have to make more force to get defecated. But if we squat, we will facilitate intestinal transit.
  • Bal asana or child posture: it is one of the most effective and restorative postures to combat hemorrhoids. With this posture, in addition, it increases blood circulation in the anus and relieves the pains caused by constipation.
  • Pavanamukhtasana or wind relief posture: This posture is one of the most effective for returning stagnant lymphatic and venous blood, providing relief to those who have piles or venous thrombosis. In addition, with this posture many internal organs are worked, so it is also very effective for those who suffer from gas problems.
  • Sarvanana or Shoulder and Hal asana or Plow Pose: both postures help improve body blood circulation, especially in the area of the anus and abdomen. Similarly, it helps regulate gastric juices and improve digestion. Although they are a little complicated postures at first, try to hold at least 10 seconds in each of them and in a short time you will notice the results.

If your pain is very extreme, you can try using a cold compress or cloth while doing these stretches, which will be ideal, above all, to reduce internal hemorrhoids.

Now that you know how to deflate hemorrhoids with ice, you may also be interested in this other article on How to Use Mauve for Hemorrhoids.


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