How to cure gastritis with lemon


Lemon is one of the natural remedies that has been most used to treat gastritis for years. And it is very effective to end the discomfort that you have in the stomach for the properties it presents to be very purifying and help eliminate possible bacteria or agents that have triggered gastritis.

How to cure gastritis with lemon

However, although it is a natural product, you also have to know that it cannot be taken in any way, being convenient to follow some guidelines so that no more problems are generated with its intake because it has an acidic and strong flavor. In, we explain how to cure gastritis with lemon so that you notice relief as soon as possible.

Properties and benefits of lemon for gastritis

Lemon has many health properties. Among them, those related to the digestive system to relieve even stomach ulcers stand out. In the case of gastritis, its main benefits are:

  • It is a natural antibiotic: lemon can help eliminate multiple bacteria that are present in the body and that are usually common and one of the main causes of gastritis processes.
  • It is alkaline: this means that, once the lemon has been taken, its acid neutralizes and helps stabilize the level or degree of acidity of the stomach to recover normality.
  • It is antiseptic: lemon has antiseptic effects, so it helps reduce the level of risk of infection in the body. This is especially important in the case of viruses that affect the stomach and can lead to gastritis.

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Is lemon good for the stomach?

Although lemon is beneficial to treat gastritis, it is important to know how to take it to take advantage of all its properties and avoid more discomfort due to its incorrect intake that, in turn, will increase the discomfort that gastritis already produces. And for this:

  • Taking lemon on an empty stomach is bad for gastritis. That is, lemon alone, without mixing it with water or having breakfast first, since otherwise the acidity of the lemon can further damage the stomach.
  • It is always advisable to have taken some foods before taking the lemon or use it to dress, for example, salads or accompany them.
  • Lemon should be taken with other beverages such as tea or water, among others, so that no more acidity is generated in the stomach.
  • It is advisable to cleanse the body before starting to take lemon to treat gastritis, so that the body eliminates viruses, bacteria or the organisms that have caused it. A specific soft diet or simply fasting (you can drink water or isotonic drinks to avoid dehydration), are good allies to do this purification.

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How to take lemon for gastritis

Once the above premises are clear, it is time to choose the most appropriate way to take lemon to cure gastritis. The possibilities are several:

  • Lemon juice with food: lemon juice can be added to other foods such as fish and even used to prepare some recipes based on chicken or turkey meat. It is also ideal as a sauce or dressing for salads and vegetables, whether cooked or steamed or grilled. In all cases, the food is tastier and acidity is prevented from being generated.
  • Drink lemon: this is another of the alternatives that you have to cure gastritis. One of the best options is to mix your juice with water. It is a drink that, even, could already be taken during the previous purification process that is recommended before following a lemon treatment. In addition, if you opt for fasting, you can add to this mixture a little salt and sugar so that the body does not become dehydrated or lose nutrients during the detoxification process.
  • Mix lemon with other drinks: this is also beneficial for treating gastritis. For example, it can be taken with a little tea, but that is soft, or with other tisanes that are good for the stomach such as chamomile or anise.
  • Baking soda and lemon: Lemon can also be taken with baking soda to relieve gastritis. In fact, baking soda is another of the recommended products when you have stomach discomfort because it is alkaline and helps reduce heartburn and heartburn.

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How much lemon to take for gastritis

The amount of lemon that a person has to take to cure gastritis is not exact and will depend on each one and the level of discomfort you have. In any case, as a guideline, it can be said that it is necessary to take it three times a day, coinciding with the three main meals that are made. In total, it should be the juice equivalent to a couple of lemons approximately.

However, if you take infusions or drink water with lemon, you can increase the intake as long as you do not add much citrus juice in the tisane or mineral water.

With these tips on how to cure gastritis with lemon that we tell you in, you will notice improvement in a short time. We always recommend that you go to the doctor and consult beforehand if a lemon treatment would be the most suitable for you.


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