How to cure a stye with pus in the eye


The eyes are one of the most sensitive areas and often require both special attention in their hygiene, especially if we wear contact lenses or glasses, and extra care, since they are usually affected more easily by external agents. These agents can cause problems and discomfort that affect both the inside of the eye and eyeball and the outer area that surrounds it. One of the most common problems that can appear in the eye is stye. If you have ever had one or even if in your case they are usually recurring, you will know that they are a nuisance that can generate problems when performing your day-to-day routine. On many occasions, you may have doubts about how to perform the hygiene of the area to prevent it from getting worse or to help it disappear more quickly. To help you, from the eyes.

How to cure a stye with pus in the eye

One of the fundamental practices for a stye to heal faster is to maintain proper hygiene, in a more careful way than in your normal routine. Think that you have an infection that has caused a production of pus in an area that must be extremely clean.

To clean that part properly we cannot use soap, since it is in the eye. We will use warm water and instead of applying it with our hands, we will use a cotton swab. We will clean it from the inside out to remove the germs, by means of very soft touches and before we will have washed our hands, even if we are using the cotton swab. Repeat two or three times a day.

Antibacterial ointment for stye in the eye

To cure a stye with pus in the eye and make the infection disappear more quickly, you can use an antibacterial cream. Go to the nearest pharmacy and explain your problem to the pharmacist so that he can give you the most appropriate ointment.

Before using it, read carefully its instructions for use and remember that you should not apply it directly with your hands, but with a cotton swab, and do not forget to wash your hands before starting, in addition to the area of the stye with warm water.

Application of warm water compresses

It is very likely that the stye will bother you when you close your eyes, therefore, it can be very uncomfortable at the time of going to sleep. There is a solution that can help you relieve this discomfort. Take a compressor thick gauze that is sterile (you can buy them at the pharmacy) and bathe it in warm water, letting it absorb but without releasing water. Stand on your back and put the compress on top of the eye affected by the stye. You will notice relief and you will find it easier to fall asleep by reducing inflammation, in addition to accelerating the process of disappearance of the stye.

And remember, never try to blow up a stye, because you can make the infection even worse. Wait for it to reabsorb itself.

You can see other useful tips on treating stye in the article How to remove a stye.

, we explain in detail how to cure a stye with pus in the eye.

Causes of a stye in the eye

You may be lucky and haven't fallen victim to a stye in your eye yet, but if it's the first time it's happened to you, don't panic. It is annoying, but it does not have to lead to any serious problem, apart from the fact that it can influence you the first days in your day to day by the discomfort it can cause you, such as, for example, not being able to open your eyelid enough, limiting your vision.

But what is actually a stye? Why is it produced? It is a protrusion, that is, a lump that can appear on the eyelid, both lower and upper, inside or outside it. It occurs because an infection develops in a sebaceous gland of the eyelid or one of the follicles from which the eyelashes come out, generating an inflammatory process.

Styes usually cause symptoms such as tearing, discomfort when blinking and closing the eyes, swelling and stinging. They usually disappear between 7 and 10 days after leaving, but we recommend that you go to the doctor to examine it and rule out other pathologies and avoid suffering complications. In addition, you can take into account some tips and tricks that we offer you to cure a stye with pus.


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