How to cleanse the liver with garlic – very effective remedy


Garlic, also known as Allium sativum L., is a plant of the Liliaceae family that is currently cultivated in large quantities mainly in China and other eastern regions. Although its best-known characteristics are its strong aroma and flavor, garlic is a food that should be included in any food diet for its extraordinary health properties.

How to cleanse the liver with garlic - very effective remedy

Among its medicinal benefits, we find that garlic is a very effective remedy to detoxify the liver, since it has various nutrients that will help us purify this organ of any toxic substance that is accumulated within our body. That is why, in the following article of, we will explain how to cleanse the liver with garlic through a natural remedy and easy to prepare at home. Notes!

Nutritional composition of garlic

Garlic is an evergreen plant that is grown and then extracted from its bulb or head, which is used for food consumption. However, this vegetable in addition to serving for different dishes of cuisine, has proven to be an excellent medicinal remedy to treat different conditions, including detoxifying the liver. All this is due to the following nutritional composition of garlic:

  • Vitamins: it is especially rich in vitamin B6 and vitamin C.
  • Flavonoids: Garlic is one of the richest vegetables in quercetin. It also has a good contribution of routine, chlorophyll, kaempferol and apigenin.
  • Minerals: among them stands out its content of potassium, calcium, selenium, manganese and phosphorus.
  • Essential oils: how much with sulfurous compounds such as disulfide and allyl tetra sulfide, alkyl polysulfides and divinyl sulfide.
  • Amino acids: contains glut aminic acid, aspartic acid, valine, lysine, leucine, arginine, allicin and ajoene.

Properties and benefits of garlic for the liver

Thanks to the nutritional richness that we have known in the previous section, garlic is an excellent remedy to cleanse the liver due to the following medicinal properties:

  • Garlic is a vegetable that stimulates and favors the blood circulation of our body, since due to its content of amino acids such as allicin and ajoene, it has excellent hypotensive and vasodilatory properties. This medicinal benefit is important when it comes to detoxifying our liver, since good blood flow helps the cells obtain more oxygen and, therefore, accelerate the process of purifying toxins.
  • The allicin and ajoene content contained in garlic also makes it a potent natural antibiotic. Thanks to this, garlic keeps our liver clean of an accumulation of bacteria and fungi that can cause poisoning or a more serious condition.
  • It also has excellent diuretic properties that favor the elimination of toxins and body fluids accumulated in the liver through urine.
  • Finally, garlic protects and strengthens both our liver and the rest of our body from developing an infection or disease since it has excellent immune properties due to its content of amino acids, vitamin B6 and flavonoids.

How to cleanse the liver with garlic step by step

Now that we know the properties of this beneficial food for the liver, here is how to prepare garlic to cleanse the liver and thus purify this organ well of impurities and toxic substances. To do this, we will need to have the following ingredients and follow these steps:


  • 1 head of garlic.
  • Organic rosemary honey: we use this ingredient because it is also an excellent depurative that enhances the effects of this remedy with garlic.
  • 1 glass jar.

Preparation and treatment

  1. The first step to prepare this remedy will be to peel both the head of garlic and each of the teeth of the vegetable.
  2. When you finish peeling them, split each of the teeth in half or flatten them a little, to enhance the body's easier absorption of garlic's purifying properties.
  3. Put all the garlic cloves in the bottom of the glass jar and then add the organic honey to it. You should pour it little by little, with the help of a spoon, if necessary, until the container is absolutely full. It is important that there are no bubbles left in the mixture since we intend it to be vacuum-packed.
  4. Once the bottle is completely covered with honey, close the container well with its respective lid.
  5. In order for the properties of garlic to be well impregnated in honey, you will have to let the mixture rest in the jar for a week in a dry and dark place.
  6. Once the indicated time has elapsed, you will have the garlic and honey remedy ready to cleanse the liver.
  7. To make its effects greater, take 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach every day for 1 week.



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