How to cleanse the colon with prunes – we tell you


Plum is a fruit that is extracted from plums, also known scientifically as Prunus domestica L, which belongs to the rosacea family. Although this fruit can be consumed in different ways, the most widespread is in the form of raisin, which is obtained from subjecting these fresh fruits to a drying procedure. Prunes, in addition to having a much more intense flavor, stand out for having a greater concentration of their components, which give them much more powerful medicinal properties than those of the fruit in its natural state.

How to cleanse the colon with prunes - we tell you

In addition to being a delicious food, prunes are popular for being a very effective natural remedy to purify and detoxify the colon, a digestive system that is responsible for eliminating water and sodium from the waste that we expel from our body, so that different toxins can be accumulated within this organ. That is why, in the following article of, we explain how to clean the colon with prunes. Read!

Nutritional composition of prunes

Prunes are a widespread way to consume this fruit and are achieved through subjecting them to a drying procedure that traditionally consisted of exposing them to the heat of the sun so that they dried naturally. Currently, more modern methods are used where plums are placed in artificial ovens to speed up the drying process. Whatever the technique, prunes have a higher concentration of the following nutrients:

  • Vitamins B and C: this dried fruit is especially high in B vitamins (B1, B2 and B3) and vitamin C. It also has a good contribution in vitamin E and vitamin A.
  • Rich in minerals: Prunes are especially rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium. They also have other minerals such as phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc and selenium.
  • Rich in fiber: it also has a high fiber content (especially pectin, sulfur and fructose).
  • Rich in nutrients: Finally, raisins contain a high content of nutrients such as flavonoids, carbohydrates and proteins.

Properties of prunes to cleanse the colon

Thanks to its richness in healthy nutrients, dried plums or in the form of raisins are used as a natural remedy to cleanse the colon as they give it the following properties:

  • Diuretic properties: plums have excellent diuretic properties that make them an ideal treatment to cleanse the colon. These properties help to eliminate excess waste and toxic substances accumulated in this organ because it increases the amount of urine.
  • Vasodilator properties: its richness in flavonoids and proteins also gives this dried fruit vasodilator properties that favor the blood flow of the organism. This is important to enhance the diuretic properties that cleanse the colon since better blood circulation increases the elimination of toxins accumulated in this part of the body.
  • Strengthens the immune system: its high content of both vitamin C and B vitamins give it properties that help strengthen our immune system. As a result of having a well-protected organism, we manage to prevent some microorganisms from accumulating in the colon, such as bacteria that cause the development of an infection.
  • Laxative properties: another property of prunes that favors the purification of the colon is its laxative effect thanks to its richness in fiber. In addition, thanks to this effect we also manage to prevent some digestive problems such as constipation.

How to cleanse the colon with prunes step by step

Now that you know the purifying properties of this fruit, then we will explain how to cleanse the colon with prunes. To do this, you must have these ingredients at home:

  • 1 piece of aloe vera
  • 6 prunes
  • Half a cup of mineral water

Preparation and treatment

  1. With the help of a knife, make a longitudinal cut on the stem of aloe vera in order to extract its juice. Then with a spoon, extract the gel inside and add it to a blender.
  2. Now you will have to add to the blender 6 prunes or dried plums and half a cup of water.
  3. Beat it all for a few minutes until you get a creamy paste. You will have the remedy ready to cleanse the colon.
  4. You will need to take the remedy three times a day. That is, one part during breakfast, another during lunch and the last portion at dinner.

For this natural remedy to be effective, you will have to perform this whole process for 3 days. It is important that you prepare the prune paste with aloe vera daily, since being a natural treatment without preservatives quickly lose their medicinal properties.


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