How to cleanse the colon with papaya – very effective remedy


Papaya is a fruit that has many benefits for beauty, but also for health. Perhaps among the least known are all those related to the digestive system. And, due to its great contribution of fiber, it is an exceptional food to regulate intestinal transit and combat constipation.

How to cleanse the colon with papaya - very effective remedy

They are benefits that are obtained when consumed on a regular basis and that can be intensified when it is necessary to make a more complete evacuation. In these cases, it is necessary to take this tropical fruit in a certain way. How is it ingested? In we give you the keys on how to cleanse the colon with papaya.

Cleanse the colon with papaya

One of the best ways to cleanse the colon with papaya is to consume it alone. And it is that this fruit by itself has many properties so that the intestine is clean for its large amount of fiber and its detoxifying power. In fact, it is known in this field to be a natural laxative. However, it is possible to consume it in different ways:

  • One of them is taking papaya juices, which should be natural. That is, you have to take the ripe papayas and liquefy them at home. It does not serve any juice or smoothie that you buy because some type of preservative or added ingredient is always added that subtracts its effectiveness.
  • Another way to cleanse the colon with papaya is to eat it naturally. You can prepare it chopped in small quantities and ingest it naturally without having to add anything. This requires it to be at its correct ripening point for it to taste good.

In any case, for colon cleansing to be really effective, the day you take the liquefied or chopped papaya you should not eat anything else. That is, it is convenient to spend a whole day eating only this fruit and, even, on some occasions it may be necessary to follow this feeding pattern for 48 hours.

During this period of time, it is very important to maintain hydration so it is recommended to drink two liters of water. This amount of liquid has a double function: on the one hand it hydrates and, on the other, it also helps in cleaning.

Anyway, there are experts who also recommend other ways to take papaya, continuing with its natural base. One of them is, for example, adding a little lemon to the juice or smoothie because it is also beneficial for the intestine. Another option is to mix the papaya with some extra virgin olive oil, which has healthy fats that are necessary for proper bowel function.

Smoothies to cleanse the colon with papaya and oatmeal

Another way to take papaya to cleanse the colon is to do it through smoothies or more complete smoothies. One of the best-known proposals is the papaya shake with oatmeal, the latter product that also has important properties for the digestive system, as it contributes to reducing swelling and improving intestinal transit.

The preparation of this smoothie is very easy. We just need the papaya and oat flakes. Mixing the smoothie of the papaya and the flakes and crushing afterwards, the shake would be ready, which is a little dense.

Anyway, there are other ways to make this shake, although by adding other foods, it can lose effectiveness and it will take more days following this diet to achieve good results.

One of these ingredients is cinnamon, which is added directly to the mixture of papaya and oatmeal. In this case, the effect is not reduced so much because cinnamon is also beneficial for this problem. By adding it, what you actually get is a better taste.

In other recipes, almond milk is included as an ingredient so that the smoothie is more liquid and has a better taste. Here the depurative power and cleansing of the colon would be more diminished, being necessary to be more days with this diet until the complete evacuation is achieved.

Papaya smoothie with kefir to cleanse the colon

To cleanse the colon with papaya another good option is to prepare the papaya smoothie with kefir because it is a probiotic dairy. That is, it is made from yeasts and bacteria beneficial to the digestive system and intestines.

Mixing a few tablespoons of kefir with the papaya smoothie would be more than enough to prepare this smoothie. In fact, it would be the most effective combination to cleanse the colon. If the taste does not like it, you can add a little honey to sweeten it.

All these alternatives that we tell you in on how to clean the colon with papaya are effective and, at first, do not present health problems. If constipation problems persist or a colon cleanse should be done frequently, it is always advisable to consult with the doctor.


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