How to cleanse the colon with coffee enemas – very effective


Whenever we talk about coffee, we tend to think about its properties for beauty or whether or not its intake is harmful to the body. Regardless of all these uses, what is clear is that coffee is effective in removing toxins from the intestine. In fact, it is one of the best products to perform this process. But how is it done?

How to cleanse the colon with coffee enemas - very effective

In we are going to give you all the keys of how to clean the colon with coffee enemas so that you know how to do it, although you should always consult with the doctor if it is convenient that you do this cleaning.

Why Coffee Cleanses the Colon

Coffee has specific properties and effects to cleanse the colon, so that all toxins and excess accumulated fats are eliminated. This process is done because coffee has a high content of caffeine, which is absorbed by the intestine, apart from activating the liver. This activation causes the production of bile to be generated, which is expelled in the small intestine.

The benefits of coffee go beyond colon cleansing because it is also of great help in detoxifying the liver, apart from facilitating the elimination of parasites and reducing chronic pain.

But these benefits will not be achieved simply by drinking coffee. You need to make a coffee enema, which is like any other you can put in that area. The only particularity is its composition, since it only has coffee and water as ingredients.

How a coffee enema is made step by step

Making the coffee enema is not complicated. In fact, it is very simple and anyone can prepare it because it does not involve any difficulty. The ingredients are also very easy to get.

  1. In a saucepan, which is not made of aluminum, you have to put a liter of water to heat.
  2. Coffee should be added when the water is already boiling. Normally, it is enough to put two tablespoons, although if you need a more in-depth cleaning you can add up to four tablespoons. It is important that you use coffee beans because it is the one that has all the properties. Once you have thrown it into the water, you will have to wait about ten minutes.
  3. This infusion must be strained with a strainer or filter, which is better to be made of fabric so as not to have to use aluminum objects or other materials that can add to the preparation some chemical element such as lead or cadmium, among others. Remember that it is about eliminating toxins, not adding them.
  4. After straining it, you have to let it cool and wait for it to be warm. Then, a bag is filled to about half to make enemas in which you have previously removed the air. You can buy an enema kit to make enemas in a pharmacy, which includes a specific plastic bag for this treatment, a rubber tube and two cannulas. And the enema is ready to use.

How coffee enema is used to cleanse the colon

Once you have it ready, it's time to apply the coffee enema. Follow these simple steps to apply it correctly:

  1. The most appropriate way is for you to lie on your left side of the body with your leg straight, while your right leg shrinks.
  2. Another very effective way is to lie on the ground facing up and flex both legs.
  3. In this position, insert the cannula or nozzle through the rectum so that the contents enter, for which you will have to place the bag in a position that facilitates the liquid to come out.
  4. When the bag has been emptied or you notice a feeling of being full, you have to hold the contents in the intestine for at least ten minutes, or even feel that you cannot take it anymore, and go to the toilet to expel the water from the homemade enema.
  5. It is normal for this enema to be performed every 15 days or so.

Do not forget that it is never good to abuse because it can be harmful to health. Although, normally, there are no problems, some side effects such as chest discomfort or palpitations can occur. In general, these discomforts disappear if you reduce the number of tablespoons you have thrown to prepare the enema.

With these steps we have explained in how to cleanse the colon with coffee enemas. But, remember that you always have to consult with your doctor if you really need to get enemas and if you can use coffee. This way you will avoid scares in the face of possible adverse effects. Your doctor will tell you what type of enema is right for you and how often you should apply it.


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