How to cleanse the body of fats


Do you feel heavy and bloated? It is possible that, in your body, you have accumulation of fats and toxins that prevent you from feeling completely well. In these cases, the best thing we can do is choose to follow healthy guidelines that will help us cleanse the body and eliminate the accumulated excesses of the weekend, Christmas or holidays. Choosing to enjoy a healthy and healthy body is essential to be able to feel in top shape and, therefore, in this article we are going to discover how to cleanse the body of fats with tips and eating habits that will help you achieve it. Keep reading and get your body to regenerate with a few simple changes in your day to day.

How to cleanse the body of fats

6 tips to cleanse the body of fats

The accumulation of fat in the body not only affects the scale but is a condition that can seriously affect our well-being and our health in general. Fat can cause our cardiovascular system to be altered and other related conditions such as high cholesterol, obesity, heart problems and a long, very long, etc. appear.

For this reason, it is important to know how to cleanse the body of fats. We know that there are times when we can overeat (Christmas, holidays, birthdays, etc.) and, to recover our health, nothing better than following eating and living habits that will help us eliminate that accumulated fat and that our body is back in top shape.

Here we give you the best tips so that your body is free of fats and that, thus, your health is much stronger.

Green tea to eliminate fats

There are many infusions to detoxify the body but, one of the best, is that of green tea. It is a drink that helps us reduce cholesterol and increase the work of our metabolism. This means that, taking this drink, we manage to increase body heat and make our body consume more calories without the need to exercise more. Therefore, drinking green tea we get to burn more fat accumulated in the body and, in addition, it is a drink that does not contain calories.

Fasting lemon juice

In order to purify the body and eliminate fats, it is also recommended that, every morning, you drink a glass of lemon juice on an empty stomach. This citrus fruit has purifying properties that will eliminate toxins and fats from the body. In addition, it is a citrus that is very rich in vitamin C so we will enjoy a much more optimal health and in perfect condition.

Drink 2 liters of water a day

In order to have a clean and healthy body, nothing better than drinking 2 liters of water a day. Keep in mind that our body is made up of a large amount of water and this liquid will help us to be hydrated, to eliminate toxins through the urinary tract and for our bones and joints to function in a healthy way. Therefore, it is important to drink about 8 glasses or 2 liters of water every day to promote the cleansing of the body through natural routes.

The importance of a good rest

If you want to have an organism in top shape it is also essential that you rest daily for 7 to 8 hours. Our body needs the night rest because it is at this time when the cells regenerate and when the body is oxygenated. Without a good rest, our biorhythm is altered and, therefore, the functioning of the metabolism slows down or is altered.

Incorporate healthy foods

There are many foods that can help you satiate your appetite, nourish your body and cleanse your body. For example, the green apple is a perfect fruit for it since they are rich in pectin and contribute to eliminate toxins and fats naturally. They stimulate the work of the liver and, therefore, increase metabolic expenditure. Green leafy vegetables are also highly recommended for their contribution in chlorophyll and fiber. Here we discover a list of foods to detoxify the body that cannot be missing in your diet.

Avoid substances rich in toxins and fat

And, obviously, if you want to have a cleaner and healthier body it is important that you reduce to the maximum the foods or products that alter our body. For example, you should avoid the consumption of tobacco and alcohol, as well as refined foods rich in saturated fats. It is best to bet on healthy, natural diet rich in nutrients leaving aside all those chemicals that can affect our well-being.

Drink to cleanse the liver and lose weight

If you want your body to be much healthier and fat-free, you can also sign up for a cleansing drink that is made from fruits and vegetables. These drinks are known as detox juices or green juices and are perfect to nourish your body to the fullest, calm your hunger between meals and cleanse your body.

There are many recipes of these juices that you can incorporate into your day to day but, then, we are going to give you a recipe that is perfect to lose the fat of the organism. You will need:

  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 oranges
  • Celery
  • 2 lemons

Cucumber is a perfect ingredient to help us eliminate fat because it is very rich in water and fiber, the same goes for celery. Lemon, as we have already said, is a powerful natural cleanser that will help us cleanse the body well and eliminate accumulated excesses. And finally, oranges are also perfect for eliminating toxins but, in addition, they are rich in vitamin C and fiber, so it will help us to be in top shape.

How to make a purifying drink – step by step

  1. We will wash all the ingredients to remove toxins or dirt residues
  2. We will squeeze both the oranges and the lemons and strain the juice to remove trips
  3. Now, we will chop the cucumber and liquefy it, if necessary, we will add a little water to make it looser
  4. We will mix the juices of the citrus fruits with the cucumber and, finally, we will add the fresh leaves of a celery.
  5. We will pass all the juice through the blender until we get a homogeneous drink

Drinking this juice 1 time a day we will be able to enjoy a much healthier, nourished and purified body.

Tips to cleanse the body of toxins

In addition to the tips, we have given you in the first section, you should know that in order to cleanse the body of fats it is important to review our eating habits. Excess fat comes from our diet and, therefore, it is essential that we bet on a healthier and healthier diet that helps us to be in top shape.

Here are some good tips that you should incorporate into your routine to enjoy much healthier habits:

  • Consume protein: even if you are vegetarian or vegan you should consume vegetable protein because this is an essential nutrient for our muscles to be in top shape. In addition, if you choose healthy proteins, that is, from vegetables or lean meats, you will get your body free of toxins. Above all, avoid sausages, processed meats and foods rich in saturated fats.
  • Eliminate white sugar: it is one of the most addictive foods there are and that cause greater overweight or obesity. It is important to reduce sugar consumption as much as possible and, in case you want to sweeten a meal, you move to healthier alternatives such as brown sugar or, much better, stevia.
  • Omega 3: it is important that good fats are part of your diet because they will help you enjoy a much healthier body. Omega 3 is a rich source of healthy fats for the body that manage to improve the functioning of organs as important as the brain and heart.
  • Includes carbohydrates: they are essential to enjoy a body full of vitality and energy. But we should not overdo them since they are very rich in energy and, therefore, in calories. Take carbohydrates during the first hours of the day and avoid them at dinner time. Always choose the integral version of hydrates to avoid eating refined products.
  • Light dinners: dinner time is the most “dangerous” of the day, therefore, we must always opt for a healthy and light menu that calms our appetite but does not fill us with calories or fats. The metabolism slows down at night and, therefore, we must choose to make diets based on the intake of low-fat proteins and vegetables.
  • 5 meals a day: and, finally, to eliminate fat from the body it is important to keep the metabolism active and in top shape. Therefore, distributing meals in 5 doses a day will help the metabolism to be working most of the day and, therefore, consuming calories. In this other article we tell you how to speed up the metabolism to lose weight with tips that will help you.


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