How to clean the tongue


When it comes to brushing our teeth, there are many people who forget to complete their daily hygiene by cleaning another fundamental part of the mouth. We refer to the tongue, a muscle that performs such basic and essential functions as chewing, swallowing or swallowing food, as well as noticing flavors and speaking correctly. The problem with not cleaning this area of the mouth is that food debris accumulates in its different grooves, which causes the appearance of bacteria and other oral problems.

How to clean the tongue

But how do I know if my tongue is dirty? What do I have to do to get it clean again? If you want to know the answers to these types of questions, keep reading this article from, as we will explain how to clean the tongue and why it is so important to do so. Notes!

Why clean your tongue

As we have advanced, the tongue is a muscle that exercises basic functions such as chewing or speaking, so it is important to keep it clean and healthy. However, many times, when we brush our teeth, we forget to clean this area of the mouth. But why is it so important to clean our tongue?

The problem with poor oral hygiene is that the remains of food that we have not been able to eliminate correctly accumulate in the grooves of the tongue. Due to this, the tongue accumulates more and more dirt, something that leads to the appearance of bacteria and, consequently, oral problems such as halitosis or bad breath. In addition, bacteria also cause other oral conditions such as cavities or periodontal disease among other things.

Why he gets his tongue white

If you notice that your tongue has acquired a whitish or yellowish color it will mean that there is an accumulation of dirt and bacteria on it, so it will be necessary to clean it with specific utensils such as the lingual scraper. Thanks to the use of this instrument, you can avoid the appearance of sores on the tongue, as well as possible infections or bad breath.

If you want more information about what are the causes of white tongue, take a look at this other article from.

If you have already appeared some sores in the mouth do not worry, because in this article on How to cure tongue sores you will find a very useful step by step. Despite putting into practice, the methods that we propose in this article, it is also advisable that you continue to discover how to clean the white or dirty tongue to avoid the reappearance of bacteria.

How to clean the white or dirty tongue

To keep our tongue healthy, it is essential to perform a daily cleaning. Are you wondering how to clean the white tongue correctly? First of all, for proper lingual hygiene it is important that you get a tongue cleaner or a tongue scraper, a product used to eliminate the accumulation of bacteria on the tongue (especially those that produce bad breath). When you have this utensil in your possession, we invite you to follow these steps every night:

  1. First of all, brush your teeth regularly. Then, floss your teeth to remove any food debris left in your mouth.
  2. Now take the lingual scraper or tongue scraper and scrape this muscle gently. A word of advice? it makes movements from the deepest area to its tip.
  3. Repeat this process a few times to properly clean all areas and grooves of the tongue, including the sides. It is also important that in each pass with the scraper you rinse your mouth with water.
  4. To finish your oral cleaning, use a mouthwash or mouthwash with fluoride, since in addition to removing the remains of dirt that may have remained, it can also help protect your mouth from bacterial plaque.

It is important that you clean your tongue at least twice a day on a daily basis to prevent the appearance of bacteria and, consequently, oral problems. If despite the cleanliness that we have explained your tongue is still white, you may find this other article useful on How to clean the white tongue with home remedies.

How to tell if the tongue is clean

Once you have completed the steps to learn how to clean the white tongue, it is time to check if it is really clean or not. To do this, you will only have to stand in front of a mirror and observe the appearance of your tongue:

  • If the predominant color of your tongue is a pink hue, it will mean that you have properly cleaned your mouth.
  • On the other hand, if you see that on your tongue, especially on the back, there is a layer of whitish tone (and even yellowish at times) it will mean that it is not clean, so it will be advisable that you perform a lingual cleaning more than once a day.



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