How long a common cold last – here the answer


Practically in any change of season of the year, it is common to have a cold when catching cold due to the different changes in temperature. But there are also cases of flu and, of course, allergies arrive, especially in the case of spring. On many occasions, all these pathologies are confused because there are symptoms that are common in all of them.

How long a common cold lasts - here the answer

However, there are also signs that allow them to be differentiated. One of them is the duration of its symptomatology. It is the best way to detect them. In we explain how long a common cold last so you know if you really have a constipation or another illness.

What is a cold or cold

The common cold, also colloquially called a “cold,” is caused by an infection that is contagious and caused by a virus that affects the upper respiratory tract. The first symptoms usually appear within two days of being in contact with this viral infection.

Phases of the cold

First of all, nasal congestion and transparent or moet mucus are noticeable, which can be accompanied by a certain irritation in the eyes and sneezing. They are symptoms that allow the person, even though he is not well at all, to make normal life.

How long a summer cold last

Whether it is summer or any other season of the year, normally this painting lasts only a few days and it is not usual to exceed the week of duration. However, it is important to make some clarification because, if the cold is mild, it will go away in two or three days, while if it is stronger, you may need some medication to relieve the symptoms and that you feel better. In these cases, it will most likely last you seven days, in which it will be necessary to rest.

The duration will also depend on the care you provide those days. And, for example, if you drink a lot of water, it will go sooner because this way you eliminate the viral infection and expel the mucus. In addition, it is essential to rest and be in an environment without sudden changes in temperature.

Cold that lasts more than a month

In the event that the weeks pass and no improvement is noticed, you should return to the doctor because that infection has been able to lead to another pathology such as pharyngitis, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia or sinusitis, among other possibilities. It may also be an allergy.

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How long a flu lasts

Normally, when the cold lasts more than a week and you don't notice any improvement, you most likely have the flu. This disease, which is also a viral-type infection, mainly affects the airways, throat and nose.

The symptoms are runny nose, as well as the feeling of general malaise, which is accompanied by muscle, joint and head pains. It also hurts the throat and coughing may appear. Along with all this picture of symptoms it is common to have a fever and even that some tremors or chills occur as a result of the febrile state.

This clinical picture lasts longer than that of the cold. In fact, normally, to cure a flu it takes about two weeks. But this depends on whether it's a mild or a severe flu, which can even last for three weeks or a month. Again, the medications prescribed by the doctor and additional care are key to determining their duration.

Symptoms of an allergy

Sneezing, having mucus, nasal congestion, eye irritation or a generalized discomfort or any of the other symptoms we have mentioned above, does not imply that you have a common cold or a flu. You may be allergic and not only to pollen, but to some element that you have in your environment as pets or you are in spaces where there is accumulation of dust.

Allergy differs from the common cold and flu in that there is a tear in the eyes, apart from having itching in them and in the nose. Irritation of the airways is also noticeable, but there is no fever.

How long an allergy lasts

The duration of the allergy is variable, since the symptoms occur as long as you are close to the allergen that causes it. As a guide, we can say that, if you have an allergy to pollens that are common in a season of the year, the allergy will last you more than two weeks, even reaching two months if no specific treatment is followed. You may also find the following article on How to Know If You Have an Allergy helpful.

With these explanations, in we hope we have answered the question of how long a common cold last. Anyway, always when in doubt or any symptom it is important to consult with the doctor to prescribe the most appropriate medical treatment for each case and type of disease.


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