Home remedies for stomach pain in children


As we all know, tummy ache is one of the most common health problems experienced by children and babies. Many worry about this situation, but most cases are not serious and we can solve them ourselves. In addition, thanks to the qualities of some foods, there are home remedies that we can apply to relieve this pain.

Home remedies for stomach pain in children

Causes of stomach pain in children

There are several reasons why a child may have a tummy ache. Perhaps it is only because our little one has eaten too quickly , which causes stomach and tummy discomfort, salivation, coughing, retching or sudden vomiting.

We have to pay attention to these symptoms, because if we observe that the child breathes badly, the cough is continuous and he cries during and after the meal and it happens in all or almost all the meals he makes, it could be that we are facing the disease gastroesophageal flow and we will have to go to the doctor as soon as possible.

If the child has diarrhea, it may be because he has eaten some spoiled food or has contracted a gastrointestinal virus . We will have to be alert and start treating the problem as soon as possible, since the stool will be liquid and abundant, which can cause the child to become dehydrated.

Another possible cause of tummy ache in children is constipation , which is common when new foods are added to a child's diet. In this situation the stools are very hard. Lastly, you may just have gas in your belly , which we'll explain later.

Heat as a home remedy for stomach pain in children

hot water bottle , for example like the one we put in bed in winter, applied to the abdomen is of great help to relax the muscles of the child's belly and relieve discomfort.

We can give him a nice hot bath , which will have the same effect. In this way, we will also make the child forget a little about the pain while we are playing with him in the bathtub.

Remember that it is convenient that the water is hot but try not to burn and remember to wrap the hot water bottle with a cloth, rag or thin towel or place it on the pajamas or sheets, to avoid burning with direct contact.

How to get rid of stomach pain in children with massage

Another of the best home remedies for stomach pain in children is to gently massage their abdomen, encouraging activity in the area while calming discomfort. What is achieved by massaging this area is to increase blood flow, which will speed up digestion and facilitate the elimination of accumulated gases, reducing pain and colic.

If after the shower or bath we take the child, lay him down on the bed and give him a belly massage , we will help even more to make these uncomfortable discomforts disappear. You can do the massage at any other time, but after the shower with warm water it is recommended since, normally, the little one will be more relaxed.

How to give a belly massage to a child or baby

  1. Run your hand over your entire abdomen in a clockwise direction for 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. Do it without sliding your hand too quickly or with force, because the massage has to be done with a gentle gesture.
  3. You can use oils, such as peppermint essential oil mixed with olive oil.

If you prefer, you can also do exercises such as cycling, which will help improve the movement of the intestines and stomach and, therefore, eliminate gas and relieve discomfort. For this, stretch him out on his back, grab his legs, move them as if he were pedaling, you can even play with him and explain that you are pretending that you are riding a bicycle, along the way his imagination will also be awakened and he will stop thinking about the pain in his stomach.

You can find out more about these techniques in this other OneHOWTO article on How to eliminate gas with massage .

Foods to relieve stomach pain in children

Soup as a main dish is one of the best options to relieve this pain. When the child is hungry, we will prepare a soup or chicken broth , if it is a soup, make sure that it has little pasta. This provides nutrients and hydrates the child, but the most important thing is the relaxation of the muscles that we achieve thanks to its hot spot.

There are fruits that are very good for stomach pain like pear, papaya and banana, they can do wonders for pain. The first has an anti-inflammatory effect on the intestinal mucosa and helps the intestinal flora, the second has the ability to reduce stomach inflammation and the third combats inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

White rice , turkey breast and fresh cheese are indicated in this situation, as they help eliminate gas.

If we suspect that our little one has pain due to a digestive problem in the intestines, yogurt is very efficient in improving intestinal transit and relieving pain.

It is important to give the child soft foods , as they are easy to digest and do not harm the stomach or intestines.

Teas to relieve stomach pain in children

Many of you will have heard of chamomile infusion as one of the best home remedies to cure stomach pain in children and adults . Do not worry if you did not know, because now we will tell you everything you need to know about why this infusion is excellent to solve this problem and we will mention others:

  • Chamomile infusion has relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties, by relaxing the upper muscle of the intestine, it facilitates digestion, which makes food move better through the stomach and small intestine.
  • Ginger infusion is also recommended and, like chamomile, has anti-inflammatory properties, although the child still refuses since its flavor is strong.
  • There are mint infusions that have similar properties and we can also simply buy mint candies that the little ones love, as long as they are old enough.

Here you can consult more about The best infusions for stomach pain , but remember that you should not give any infusion or tea to your little one without first consulting your pediatrician.

Tips to get rid of stomach pain in children due to gas

If a baby has a tummy problem, remember that after each meal you have to make him air. Simply, you can get it by picking it up and putting its head on your shoulders, facing you. When you have it well placed, pat it gently on the back and in this way it will be easier for the burps to come out and relieve any stomach pain you may have.

Maybe it's just an intestinal spasm caused by nerves or even more gas production from being nervous; this can happen in older children and not so much in babies, but it is less frequent than previously mentioned in this article. If you think your child has a stomach ache due to nerves, help him calm down, give him a mild infusion such as chamomile tea and consult the doctor.


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