Good foods for the liver


If you are wondering what function the liver has, you should know that it is one of the most important organs in the human body, it is responsible for producing a large part of the body's proteins, so its function is vital in the body. In addition, there are a number of foods that help take care of the liver and even improve its condition, carrying out a purification process. To purify the system and eliminate toxins, it is essential to have a healthy liver, which is why everything you eat influences the state of this organ.

Good foods for the liver


Coffee is a choleretic food that helps protect the liver if consumed in adequate amounts . It also helps improve the digestive process. In fact, drinking coffee daily reduces the risk of digestive disorders, such as gallstones, gallstones or pancreatitis. It is recommended to consume three cups of coffee daily.

Wholemeal bread

Wholemeal bread is one of the good foods for fatty liver thanks to the fiber content it provides . Whole grains prevent the absorption of cholesterol, so the organ is protected compared to the cholesterol provided by refined grains. For this reason, the integral version of different foods such as pasta, cereals, bread and rice are good for the liver. Go to your doctor or your dietician to prepare a diet for fatty liver!


Walnuts contain basic nutritional properties in a balanced diet. Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels is essential for a healthy liver, and walnuts help to achieve this . In addition, the consumption of nuts favors the displacement of other less recommended fats that provide cholesterol, such as the fats that red meat contains.


The list of spices that help to have a good digestion is extensive: turmeric, ginger, cumin, garlic or cayenne are good examples. By adding these condiments to your dishes you will obtain multiple benefits for the body: the flavor improves, the amount of salt used decreases and it favors digestion . All this relieves the workload of the liver.


Infusions such as dandelion, green tea, mint pennyroyal or boldo help protect the liver if consumed in moderation. They contain antioxidant properties that favor the purification of the organism and, at the same time, contribute to maintaining correct levels of hydration in the body. Detoxifying the liver is key, as well as purging it quickly!


Fruits provide essential antioxidants to the body to maintain a healthy liver. In this sense, the consumption of apples especially protects this organ because they reduce the absorption of fats from the liver. In this way, hepatic activity is relieved. Therefore, it is a good food for an inflamed liver.


Oatmeal is a highly recommended cereal to keep the liver healthy due to its high fiber content. Oat consumption helps improve digestion and is a quick source of energy , promotes intestinal transit and decreases fat absorption. For all these reasons, oatmeal is one of the most recommended foods to take care of the state of your liver.


Salads are very important in a balanced diet, they are the basis for maintaining healthy different organs, in this case, the liver. In this sense, lettuce is the basic ingredient for most salads and one of the healthiest ingredients due to the large amount of nutrients it provides to the body. If you eat lettuce frequently, liver activity will be favored and will help the proper functioning of the liver and the human body.


Cabbages contain good nutrients for the body, one of the great advantages of their consumption is the existing variety, so they can be eaten without becoming a repetitive food within a balanced diet. Eating cabbage is indicated for liver activity because it contains sulfur and different vitamins, contributing to the elimination of toxic substances.


Salmon is one of the best fish, they help improve a fatty liver. Its consumption provides healthy fats to the body, favoring the maintenance of enzyme levels in the liver . In this way, eating salmon will prevent fat from accumulating in the liver and in the organ, thus little by little it will cleanse the liver. Introduce this fish in your diet to obtain infinite benefits.

Other good foods for the liver

The list of good foods for the inflamed liver and for the liver in general is very extensive. In addition to those exposed throughout the article, the following also favor a healthy maintenance of this organ:

  • Mushrooms: they are rich in vitamin D. This substance is essential for the body, since its deficit is linked to an incidence of liver diseases.
  • Asparagus: it is a good food for the liver and kidney. Its consumption helps eliminate toxins through urine, largely due to its content of healthy nutrients such as sulfur.
  • Artichokes, aubergines and escarole.
  • Endives.
  • Legumes like chickpeas.
  • Cucumber.
  • Other fatty fish such as sardines.

What do you think of this article about good foods for the liver? Leave us your opinion in the comments. And, if you also want to know which foods are bad for the liver and which are the foods to cleanse the liver , don't miss these articles. Keep this organ in top condition!


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