Free bleeding: what it is and how to practice it


Approximately every 28 days and at the end of the menstrual cycle, vaginal bleeding occurs in the female body, that is, menstruation, a process that involves the exit, through the cervix and vagina, of blood and part of the tissues that have lined the uterus in preparation for the reception and development of a possible pregnancy after fertilization of the ovum. It is the normal periodic biological cycle, which ends with natural bleeding, this lasts a few days, generally between 4 and 6, in which the use of different hygiene elements, such as compresses, tampons, wipes or vaginal cups that collect the fluid it is usual. And are these elements really essential when you have your period?

Free bleeding what it is and how to practice it

What is free bleeding or free bleeding

The idea of ​​maintaining free menstruation, that is, free bleeding, is not a new concept. Since the 70s, especially after the first toxic shocks and health complications derived from allergic reactions that some women suffered when using intimate hygiene products, the suitability of resorting to them instead of letting the blood flow naturally began to be questioned.

Free bleeding is the same concept, but in English. And, it simply consists of that, in leaving the female body free when it comes to allowing menstrual blood to come out naturally, without using any element to absorb or collect it. Undoubtedly, this practice is healthy, because it is based on the proper functioning of the human body, without any intervention, but it presents a problem that is as basic as it is complex to solve: blood flows through the vagina and will stain everything it finds in its wake, the area of ​​the thighs and, of course, the underwear, becoming visible and being able to cause uncomfortable situations. Being able to let out, without impediments, the menstrual flow, but controlling it, to avoid indiscreet stains is really what free bleeding proposes, which is more than just free bleeding, since, in reality, it is conscious bleeding.

How to practice free bleeding

Wondering how free bleeding works? Well, we emphasize that practicing free bleeding is not as simple as it may seem at first, because its objective is to make you feel good and not that you are constantly worried about possible stains. To do this, the first step is to become aware of your own body and learn to interpret the ‘signals' that the uterus and vagina sendat the moment prior to the staggered exit of the flow. In short, free menstruation implies knowing when the uterus is going to make that small contraction necessary for the blood to flow, in order to be able to control it and retain it until it is possible to access a bathroom where it can be let out in the opportune moment. And how to expel all the blood from the rule? Of course, for this methodology to work, practice and some patience are essential requirements. Also, some tips that can help and know how to start with free bleeding are:

Introspection and self-control

Free bleeding requires a good capacity for introspection and self-control, so techniques based on meditation and knowledge of one's own body, such as yoga, can be an excellent help.

Kegel exercises

Controlling the musculature of the pelvic area is essential to, at a given moment, be able to control vaginal discharge. In this sense, Kegel exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor are a fundamental tool to successfully practice free bleeding.

Choose the moment

If you dare to try, start at the right time. You must bear in mind that, above all, at the beginning you will need to have a bathroom nearby, so you can take advantage of a vacation period, in which you are relaxed and at home, these can be the best beginnings because, remember, it requires practice and, if If you're used to using tampons or pads, it's more than likely that you won't be able to control the flow on the first try.

Out prejudices!

If you opt for free bleeding, leave behind the misconception that menstrual blood is something dirty, unpleasant or that you should hide. In addition, if a ‘leak' occurs, absolutely nothing happens, it will simply take a while to remove the stains from the clothes.

Benefits of free bleeding

Although it is a very personal option, women who practice free bleeding point out a series of interesting benefits. There is no doubt that the female body did not include ‘serial' elements of intimate hygiene in the development of the menstrual cycle, that is, it is a totally natural method, without any risk or contraindication. To do this, we offer you some of the benefits of free bleeding :

  • On a physical level, the control of menstrual bleeding and the strengthening of the pelvic area will favor gynecological health , also preventing other types of dysfunctions, such as urine leakage.
  • The absence of hygiene elements will favor optimal perspiration of the intimate area, also avoiding the risk of possible allergic or adverse reactions to any of the components used in its manufacture.
  • The feeling of control of your own body and the elimination of taboos can make you feel more empowered than ever.



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