Forbidden foods for irritable bowel


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) , better known as irritable bowel syndrome, is a chronic condition that corresponds to different causes and is recognized because the person feels abdominal pain. In addition, there are changes in the intestinal rhythm without an apparent cause, so that there are episodes of constipation or diarrhea. There are also patients who notice days of colitis, which alternate with others in which they cannot evacuate. Diet is one of the keys to reducing these episodes, as well as acting preventively. 

Forbidden foods for irritable bowel

The basis of the diet for irritable bowel

Designing a diet for people with irritable bowel is difficult because there are times when some foods can feel good, while others can cause irritation of the intestine and the appearance of the symptoms that we have already mentioned, and not all are the same exactly in all people. For this reason, it must be taken into account that the diet must be personalized because there are people who have a greater tolerance for some foods than others, although they are not recommended for this type of patient.

One reason why it is key to monitor what you eat – if necessary, write it down in a notebook – so that the doctor can establish a possible relationship between the clinical picture of irritable bowel and intake. In any case, in general, there is a tendency to reduce the intake of these foods if you suffer from irritable bowel :

  • Carbohydrates, especially those that are more difficult to assimilate in the body
  • high fiber foods
  • Products with a high sugar content
  • Artificial sweeteners, seasonings or spices, among others
  • high-fat foods

List of prohibited foods for irritable bowel

In addition to following some general guidelines to minimize discomfort and irritable bowel episodes, it is important to know that there are a number of foods that should be avoided because they are not well tolerated by these patients, in addition to increasing the chances of alterations occurring. in the rate of bowel movements. For example, among the foods not recommended for irritable bowel are:

  • Vegetables: although they are healthy, some of them can cause special problems. In general, it is not recommended to eat any raw, so you should give up lettuce or escarole salads, for example. It is also not advisable to take, even if cooked, all cabbages and their varieties -including broccoli-, as well as mushrooms, beets, artichokes, onions, asparagus, peppers, leeks and garlic.
  • Meats: all those that have fats such as hamburgers, sausages or sausages should be avoided. Whenever possible, it is advisable not to eat red meat. If this is not possible, only the lean part is eaten. It is better to eat white meat such as poultry.
  • Legumes: they are not recommended because they are difficult to digest and usually cause discomfort such as gas and abdominal swelling. The only one that is usually allowed is soy.
  • Cereals: at first, it is not good to take any that is whole grain. In general, eating wheat, barley, rye, oats, and brown rice is not recommended. And this excludes not only breakfast cereals, but breads made with them or other products such as cookies. However, both wheat and rice can be eaten in their refined version.
  • Fruits: with some fruits you also have to be careful because of their level of sugar or fat -although it is healthy-, as well as because of their laxative effect. Among those not recommended are avocado, cherry, blueberries, plums, mango, melon, blackberry, raspberry, grape, watermelon or peach.
  • Chocolate: unfortunately, we have to say goodbye because its intake is related to irritable bowel outbreaks.

Drinks to avoid if you have irritable bowel

If you suffer from colon or irritable bowel, in addition to being careful with what you eat, you should also watch what you drink because there are drinks that are not beneficial at all. In this way, be careful when consuming:

  • Milk: it is a product that is sometimes eliminated from these diets because it is not easy to digest and usually causes discomfort in the digestive system, although sometimes the problem lies in the lactose. This “prohibition” can be extended to foods such as cheese or other dairy products.
  • Carbonated drinks: they are not recommended at all for people with irritable bowel because they cause a lot of discomfort, which can go beyond gas and abdominal swelling. In addition, they are usually rich in sugar, which is not beneficial for the digestive system. In this group, apart from soft drinks, beer and sparkling wines are included.
  • Drinks with caffeine or theine: they are also not recommended because they can cause episodes of irritable bowel, precisely because of the level of caffeine or theine they contain.
  • Alcoholic beverages: alcohol and health do not go hand in hand. And this time, neither. In fact, alcoholic beverages often trigger episodes of irritable bowel.

On the other hand, among the liquids that you can drink, you can include the infusions that you will find in this other OneHOWTO article on The best infusions for irritable bowel syndrome .

Other foods to avoid if you have irritable bowel

Apart from the foods that are prohibited for irritable bowel and the drinks that we have already discussed in the previous sections, it is important to know that there are some components or ingredients in the foods or dishes that are consumed -or are added when cooking-, that are not recommended for people with irritable bowel. Is about:

  • Sweeteners: they are not beneficial at all because they can trigger episodes of irritable bowel syndrome, even if they do not contain sugar. Normally, the substances with which they have been made tend to have a similar or worse effect than sugar on the body.
  • Fats: you must always follow a low-fat diet, even if they are healthy. However, olive or sunflower oil can be used for cooking, while butter or the like should be avoided.
  • Condiments and spices: it is also not good to use them in foods, especially those that are sweet or spicy, including sauces, even if they have been prepared at home.

Above all, do not forget that, when cooking, you should avoid battered and floured .

They are guidelines and advice that we give you in so that you know the prohibited foods for irritable bowel and do not eat them if you suffer from this problem. Always remember to consult with your doctor to guide you in the most appropriate diet.


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