Foods that satiate with few calories – complete list


Do you want to lose weight in a simple and healthy way? When we want to lose a few kilos, it is necessary that in addition to exercising for several days a week, we try to make a balanced and low-calorie diet. However, at the moment of truth it is very common for dieters to ask themselves the following question when trying to make the shopping list: “What foods should I buy to lose weight in a healthy way?”.

In addition to being low in calories we have to look for our meals during the diet to be satiating, that is, they help us calm our hunger to avoid binge eating and snacking between meals at all costs. In we want to help you with your goal and therefore, we provide you in the following article a list with foods that satiate with few calories. Read!

4 foods that satiate and lose weight

To be able to enjoy a healthy diet, nothing better than incorporating nutritious, satiating and low-fat and low-calorie foods. Here we discover a list with the essentials:


One of the foods that satiate with few calories is hake. It is one of the most suitable foods in any slimming diet since it is a white fish with a great satiating effect due to its high protein content. It also has other nutrients that will help us in our goal such as its low-fat content and its richness in healthy fatty acids, especially in omega 3, and in some minerals such as calcium.

Include it in any of your dinners and always cook it on the grill or in the oven to preserve its properties and not add extra calories.

Lean meats

Some lean meats such as chicken, turkey, rabbit and some cuts of pork such as sirloin are ideal to include in meals that satiate and with few calories. This type of meat stands out for its richness in protein and its low-fat content, so it helps us to be satiated while we consume fewer calories than we need and, therefore, we will be able to lose weight progressively.

To preserve these properties, it is necessary that we never cook any of these fried foods since we will be putting unnecessary calories into our food. Include some of these meats either at lunch or dinner by cooking them on the grill or in the oven.


We include asparagus within the foods that satiate with few calories because it is one of the vegetables that have negative calories. This means that for every 100 grams we eat of this vegetable, our body will spend a certain number of calories to be able to ingest the food. Therefore, asparagus is a vegetable with fat-burning properties that will help us lose weight simply by feeding on them.

It is also a satiating food for its richness in fiber and flavonoid and has diuretic properties that will help us eliminate fats and liquids naturally through urine. Prepare them for dinner either grilled or in the form of an omelets and enjoy all its slimming properties.


Cinnamon is an aromatic spice very appropriate for any slimming diet. Its content in essential oils, flavonoids and some vitamins give it a great fat burning power that manages to considerably accelerate our metabolism and therefore, to lose weight faster. It also has satiating properties, so a tablespoon a day either in a meal or in the form of an infusion will help us to have less appetite and, as a consequence, to eat less.

For a much more optimal result consume cinnamon and honey infusion on an empty stomach and before going to sleep every day. Here we tell you how to lose weight with cinnamon.

Snacks that do not get fat and satiate

Eating between meals is the most complicated time because we can opt for greasy and unhealthy snacks. But here we give you 2 ideas of perfect snacks for your slimming diet:


Watermelon is a fruit that we should include in any diet to lose weight in a healthy way and without going hungry. Its high-water content gives it powerful satiating properties that will help us reduce appetite and peck less between meals. It also has diuretic properties so it helps reduce the retention of fluids and other substances through the urine. Take a slice during snacks or prepare a smoothie with this fruit. In this other article we tell you how to lose weight with watermelon.


Nuts such as almonds and walnuts are within this list of foods since their high protein content gives us powerful satiating properties that will help us considerably reduce our appetite and therefore, avoid snacks between meals. They also have a richness in fiber and healthy fatty acids, which will help us increase our sports performance and therefore, reduce our weight.

Always consume nuts (a handful of 10 walnuts or almonds) in natural format during snacks to satiate your appetite and not be so hungry at dinner time.

Other foods that satiate and have few calories

In addition to the above foods, it is also recommended that you include some of the following in your weight loss diet:

  • Alga fucus – its source of minerals gives it excellent slimming and laxative properties, especially in the form of infusion.
  • Dark chocolate: it has a great richness in polyphenols, which gives it a great satiating effect.
  • Brown rice: it is low in calories and rich in fiber, which helps us reduce appetite, stay active and reduce fluid retention.
  • Banana: it is rich in magnesium and potassium, which increases our sports performance and make us feel more satiated.
  • Peach: its high-water content together with low caloric value provides us, in addition to satiating properties, a laxative effect that will help us eliminate the accumulation of fats and liquids in our body.


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