Foods that produce bad cholesterol – get to know them here


Cholesterol is one of the major health problems of this century. And it is that having LDL, also known as bad cholesterol, entails numerous risks in the body, since it increases the possibility of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, apart from being related to obesity and even diabetes.

Foods that produce bad cholesterol - get to know them here

Although today, there are medical treatments that help reduce it, the most important thing is to follow a proper diet. If you take the pill, but eat it badly, the medicine will be useless. In we indicate the foods that produce bad cholesterol so that you eliminate or reduce them from your diet and have healthy LDL levels.

Dairy products that produce bad cholesterol

In general, foods that produce bad cholesterol have in common the fact that they are foods with a high fat content. And, within this group, there are dairy products, including milk, yogurts or cheeses, among others, always being advisable to take them skimmed or, at least, semi-skimmed. Even with everything it is important that you do not abuse them and, above all, butter and cream, even if they say they are low in fat.

And why? The reason is simple. Milk, whether you consume it for breakfast or through yogurts or cheeses, is rich in saturated fats, which have a direct relationship with the increase in cholesterol rise because it sticks in the arteries.

In products such as milk or yogurt it is easier to control those saturated fats because there are many brands on the market, which indicate that this food is skimmed or semi-skimmed.

However, more difficult is the case of cheeses because, depending on the milk with which they have been made, they can have more or less cholesterol. For example, cured and those known as cheese spreads are the ones with the most saturated fats. To give some examples, it would be the case of cured goat cheese, brie or emmental. In contrast, sheep and goat cheeses have been shown to have less cholesterol, especially if it is fresh cheese.

Meats and sausages that increase bad cholesterol

Meats and sausages are in the spotlight because they are foods that produce bad cholesterol. However, as in everything, it is convenient to make a series of clarifications. And it is that not all meats are the same. Among the least recommended are all those that fall into the group of red meats such as beef, lamb or beef, among others, because they have a high percentage of saturated fats. In this other article you can see a list of what red meats are, so you know which ones you should avoid.

It is always better to opt for white meats and poultry meats, which contain a lower level of saturated fats. But if it is not possible, the key to not raising bad cholesterol is to moderate its consumption and always choose lean cuts, removing the possible fat it contains before cooking it. In its preparation, it is better that you choose grilled or baked recipes.

Sausages are a case very similar to that of red meat. Here the problem is that, apart from saturated fats, they usually contain a lot of salt, which raises the tension and also increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. So, better if you don't eat them, if you want to lower bad cholesterol.

And, in this section, we will also include viscera or all those foods that are included under the term of casqueria. Despite being a good source of vitamins and minerals, when it comes to bad cholesterol, you need to be careful. The reason remains the same as with meats and sausages: their high level of fats.

Is the egg good or bad for cholesterol?

The egg is one of the most controversial foods in relation to cholesterol. For many years, it has been demonized. However, the latest research has found that, although they have cholesterol, eggs do not increase bad cholesterol by themselves, so they do not produce a negative effect on the body. That is, you can eat them with total peace of mind.

Now, you should not forget the way you cook it. And, if you always make fried eggs, you are more at risk of increasing bad cholesterol because you are adding more bad fats, especially if you do not use olive oil. And, of course, none of those American-style dishes of scrambled eggs with bacon. That does directly raise the bad cholesterol.

Find out more about this question about “Does the egg raise cholesterol?”” in this other article fromSweets and bad cholesterol

Within the foods that increase bad cholesterol, it is important to talk about sugar, sweets and all those processed products and those that are known as industrial pastries. Actually, they are harmful to bad cholesterol because, when there is more sugar in the blood, LDL cholesterol has a much more aggressive effect on the body.

In addition, many of these products are rich in trans fats, saturated fats and refined flours, apart from including a high percentage of sugar. These components increase bad cholesterol.

All these foods that produce bad cholesterol it is convenient that you eliminate them from the diet or reduce their consumption. From we recommend that you always consult with your doctor to indicate the dietary guidelines and the most appropriate treatment depending on your LDL level.


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