Foods allowed in the paleo diet


Probably, you have already heard of this characteristic diet that many celebrities consume, either as a paleo diet or as a Paleolithic diet, since the roots come from this time. It is inspired by our ancestors to create a healthy and high-protein diet by eliminating chemical processes from food. While this is not very easy to carry out today, since foods are processed, it has adapted to our times. Many people perform this type of diet since it is not very restrictive, with the premise that if the first men who populated the Earth ate healthily, why not do it ourselves too?

Foods allowed in the paleo diet

In this article we tell you all about the paleo diet and what foods are allowed for you to carry it out.

What is the paleo diet and what are its benefits

Earth's first humans ate what they could and found their survival instinct. Many were hunters and could dispose of fresh meat and others lived in greener areas and were fed mainly on a vegetarian diet. Whatever the situation, what they had in common is that none of them consumed processed foods and this is what the paleo diet is based on. Although today it is difficult to carry it out, what the paleo diet does is use only those foods that existed at that time, that is, meats, fish, vegetables, etc. but it does not use, for example, dairy, legumes or cereals since these appeared later.

The question of the paleo diet and its benefits is based on the idea that if the first men who populated our planets had a healthy diet, why not do it ourselves? And you'll wonder why this is a healthy diet. The premise of the paleo diet is that it avoids carbohydrates and sugars above all else. The body needs carbohydrates or sugar to get energy in addition to fat that also produces energy although more slowly, but necessary for everyday activities such as walking. However, if the body feeds on a lot of carbohydrates or sugars, as it can't synthesize them all, what it does is that many of those carbohydrates are converted into fat that is stored in the body.

What is certain is that the consumption of fat is abundant due to the meat, especially red, which was the one consumed by our ancestors. But it is also true that these compensated with all the exercise they did daily, since going out to hunt, collect or the physical work they did made them stay active. Therefore, it would be a good idea to combine this diet with some exercise. In addition, the fats that come from animals are part of the so-called “good” cholesterol of our body and is what we need in our body, since it acts as an antioxidant. What we are avoiding are saturated fats that can negatively affect the body.

Below we will see which foods are allowed in the paleo diet and which ones you should avoid if you want to follow this diet.


They can be meat from poultry or other animals. Red meat was the most consumed at that time, like beef, which today we can find anywhere. Also, other meats like chicken, lamb, turkey, duck, pork and even game meat which is the closest thing to what there was then. In fact, if possible, the meats should be those that eat grass and have been in freedom, better than locked up eating grain. Everything as natural as possible. If you do not find this type of meat, you do not have to worry, you can follow the diet equally.

Also included are meat products such as liver and casqueria such as kidneys, brain, tongue … Keep in mind that in the past men fed on everything that could be eaten from the animal. Of course, if you have high iron, you should not take these foods in excess, since they contain large amounts of this mineral.

Fish of all kinds

The fish that is normally recommended in this diet is fatty fish such as mackerel, sardines, salmon or anchovies.

In addition, it is advisable to take enough fish a week since it provides Omega 3. If you want to follow the diet strictly, yours is that it is a fish that has been caught in the wild. Wondering what are the benefits of Omega 3?

Fruits and vegetables

The Paleolithics found the fruits of natural trees without pesticides, without extra care, nothing more than what nature offered. You can eat all kinds of fruits. In addition, together with vegetables they are rich in antioxidants and vitamins and minerals which is beneficial in some degenerative diseases.

Even if you do not do the paleo diet, eating fruit is something very healthy and beneficial for the body. You can eat vegetables with and without starch such as sweet potato, pumpkin (with starch) or artichoke, asparagus, beets, cabbage, carrot, celery … (without starch). Of course, it is best to eat them either raw or cooked.


Other foods allowed in the paleo diet are eggs, since they come from an animal and have not been processed. Be sure to buy free-range eggs from free-range hens, they are rich in amino acids.

Traditional oils and fats

Formerly, sunflower oil was not used like now, although they could find olive oil. If you buy the latter, it better be virgin.

You can also use traditional fats such as lard, coconut oil or duck fat.


Nuts are allowed in the paleo diet and will also provide you with many nutritional values. You can eat all kinds such as almonds, cashews, walnuts, sunflower or pumpkin seeds…

Whey Protein

Also known as whey protein or whey protein. There are those who have included it in the paleo diet although we should put it between questions because it is a derivative of milk and dairy products are one of the foods not allowed in this diet. In addition, it is a protein powder, so it does not start from the idea of consuming what Paleolithic men found.

It has been added to the diet as a supplement to people who do sports. Depending on how much you want to follow the diet strictly or be more or less strict, it will depend on you to take it or not. It is considered a dairy product, however it is not 100% like milk, so if you take it, you will not stop being paleo, but you will not be following the diet strictly.

Foods not allowed in the paleo diet

As foods not allowed are all those that have been processed, that have carbohydrates or that are sugars or dairy. They are foods not allowed in the paleodiet:

  • Refined sugar or sweeteners. Foods that carry sugars such as ice cream, juices, buns or soft drinks are also not allowed.
  • Dairy products and their derivatives such as cheese or yogurt.
  • Grains and cereals such as corn, wheat, oats, quinoa, barley …, and neither foods that contain gluten.
  • No legumes (lentils, beans, chickpeas…).
  • Vegetable oils such as sunflower.
  • Trans fats. That is, those fats that have been modified or that are not natural such as industrial pastries.
  • Processed meats.
  • Fast food, processed foods and even processed sauces.


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