Does the banana constipate?


Along with the apple, it is one of the foods that generate the most doubts as to whether they are constipated or not. Many people believe that the banana is good for diarrhea and others, on the other hand, associate it with fiber and use it when they have episodes of constipation, but who is right? Does the banana cause constipation or is it a laxative?

Does the banana constipate

Does the banana constipate or is it a laxative?

The answer to this great question has nuances and is that the banana constipates , but if taken in the right way, it provides such an amount of fiber that it can be a great ally in episodes of constipation, that is, as a natural laxative , achieving the opposite effect .

The green banana is astringent , that is to say that it constipates, since it is a fruit rich in tannins and has a great capacity to absorb the water found in the intestine. In addition, the starch contained in green bananas is not well digested by the body and causes very heavy digestion that favors the appearance of constipation. Also, the ripe banana is laxative because it no longer contains as much tannin, among other aspects.

Do bananas constipate babies?

These considerations about the banana should also be taken into account in babies and children, since another very frequent question with this fruit is whether the banana constipates babies . Many babies who begin to make the change from liquid to solid feeding go through phases of constipation. The introduction of new foods in the fruit porridge together with the reduction of liquids, by not taking so much from a bottle, make the child suffer from this annoying problem.

It is recommended that you consult with your pediatrician what foods you should progressively introduce in your baby's porridge or purées to prevent constipation. If the doctor has not advised against it, the ideal is to give the child only ripe bananas to avoid constipation. You can include it in their fruit puree or bake them and mash them with a fork (this will depend on the baby's swallowing ability), but never include green or underripe bananas in their diet. In this other article you can learn how to make fruit purees with various recipes that contain ripe bananas.

In addition to being a good fruit for constipation or diarrhea, depending on the ripeness of the piece, the banana provides us with many more benefits thanks to its properties. Here you can learn more about what are the benefits of bananas .

How to eat banana for constipation

If you suffer from constipation, the only recommended way to consume bananas, as we have been telling you, is that they have an optimal degree of ripeness. Ripe bananas , in addition to being sweeter, contain fructooligosaccharides, a type of soluble fiber beneficial to your digestion and with a certain laxative power. To take advantage of its digestive benefits, we recommend that you do not mix it with acidic fruits, such as lemon, orange, grapefruit, etc., since the acids of these can impede the digestion process of sugars and starch and make you feel heavy after eating.

What is the best way to eat ripe banana for constipation ? As long as they are ripe, you can eat them in any way, but at OneHOWTO we recommend one of the tastiest ways to eat it: in smoothies or shakes. If you want to savor a delicious banana smoothie, it is very simple:

  1. Add 2 ripe bananas to the blender jar.
  2. Add 250 milliliters of some vegetable drink (soy, oatmeal).
  3. Add a pinch of cinnamon powder (just a little to promote digestion as large amounts can cause constipation).
  4. Beat on high speed for 30 seconds and serve very cold. If the bananas or the milk are not very cold you can add a couple of ice cubes before blending everything.

Here we leave you a list of Fruits for constipation , so that you know more options of foods that do not constipate to add to your diet in the occasions in which you suffer from this problem.

Other constipating foods

Now that we have clarified whether the banana is constipating or laxative and we have also explained how to eat it so that it has a laxative effect and combat constipation, we detail some of the foods that cause constipation :

  • Dairy products: dairy products contain high levels of fat, lactose and lactic acid so, in addition to causing constipation, they cause abdominal pain, gas or poor digestion. If you suffer from any of these problems, you can try vegetable drinks, a healthy alternative and with different options.
  • Rice: Like bananas, its high starch content makes it an astringent food, which is why it is one of the most recommended dishes when there are episodes of diarrhea.
  • Black tea: the tannins present in black tea act by absorbing the water in the stool and reducing bowel movements, so you should not consume this type of tea if you suffer from constipation.
  • Red meat: they are considered one of the most constipating foods due to the amount of fat they have. The concentration of iron they have makes digestion more difficult.
  • Eggs: due to their high fat content, eggs affect the digestion process by slowing it down, making it a food that you should not abuse if you are constipated.
  • Caffeine: Being a diuretic, it causes great dehydration since it increases the elimination of water. The colon doesn't get enough fluid to process stool, and that lack of fluid makes bowel movements inconsistent.


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