Cucumber diet: what is it and how to do it


When the heat and good weather begin to arrive, many people are in a rush to lose the weight they have been gaining during the year. It is advisable to have a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits every month. If ever this is not possible and you end up gaining excess weight, it is recommended to start getting fit and eating a balanced diet for at least six months before the summer in the so-called “bikini operation”. However, if you have not arrived on time, it is common for you to start hearing the word “miracle diet”, but you have to be very careful with these.

Cucumber diet what is it and how to do itc

One of the most popular of recent times is the famous cucumber diet, whose prediction assures you a loss of 1 kilo per day.

What is the cucumber diet

The cucumber diet, as you may have imagined, has cucumber as its main protagonist, whose low-calorie content and almost complete formation of water makes it a refreshing, antioxidant and, above all, very light food. In this type of restrictive diet, it is allowed to eat other types of food such as fruits, eggs or grilled chicken.

However, the center of the entire diet consists of incorporating cucumber both at breakfast and at lunch and dinner. In this way, you will end up satiating yourself with a food that is almost all water and that does not have more than 70 calories per piece.

Is the cucumber diet effective?

The cucumber diet is a super restrictive diet whose principle is hypocaloric, that is, consume fewer calories than we need in order to make your body begin to spend stored calories and lose weight and lose fat. Here you can read more about the Hypocaloric Diet: what it is and how to do it.

However, doing this type of contrast suddenly and in such a radical way, although it will effectively cause you to lose several kilos a week, can also have a dreaded rebound effect.

This means that when you go back to providing your body with the type of food prior to the diet or a similar one in which you include many more foods than cucumber, you will gain weight again and you may even gain a few extra kilos. Even so, in terms of effectiveness, it is true that you can lose up to 5 kilos per week, and it is recommended not to spend more than 7 days doing it.

How to do the cucumber diet

As we said, cucumber is the main protagonist of this diet and you should know that it will be present during all the main meals of the day. As a guide, this is the menu scheme for a cucumber diet:

  • Breakfast: you will start the day with a green tea or coffee and a piece of fruit of your choice between tangerine, orange, pear or apple, accompanied by a peeled sliced ​​cucumber and a glass of water with lemon.
  • Collation: if you get hungry mid-morning, you can have a low-fat yogurt.
  • Lunch: for lunch, you can have a homemade vegetable soup that has hardly any fat, along with a lettuce and cucumber salad and a piece of fruit for dessert to fill you up.
  • Snack: to be able to arrive at dinner without fainting, in the middle of the afternoon you can eat a boiled egg without oil or salt or a little sugar-free gelatin.
  • Dinner: dinner is one of the most powerful dishes since, in addition to the cucumber salad for lunch, you must include a grilled semi-fat chicken or fish fillet.

Also, you should remember to drink at least two liters of water a day to eliminate toxins and stay hydrated and, if you feel strong, do some exercise such as walking, running or swimming.

Cucumber diet contraindications

Like all miracle diets, the cucumber diet must be viewed with great respect and distance. Although it is true that many kilos can be lost in a very short time, all nutritionists and food experts agree that it is not healthy to lose so much weight in such a short time, not only because of the rebound effect, but also because it is not coming to nourish the body well and is harmful.

Despite the fact that cucumber is a source of water and active antioxidants, only with this diet the healthy nutritional proportions for the body are not reached. If, for weight reasons, you need to lose two kilos in a few days, you could try to do it for no more than 3 days and always continue with a balanced diet. However, the most advisable thing is to commit to having healthy lifestyle habits and, of course, include cucumber in your normal diet, which integrated with other foods is a very beneficial contribution for the functioning of our body and visible, above all, in skin care.

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