Consequences of stopping eating meat


Today more and more people choose to stop eating meat and base their diet on exclusively vegetable products or, depending on the case, limiting animal products to a minimum. The reasons why a person can choose this lifestyle are many: animal rights, sustainability or, simply, why they do not like the taste of meat. Be that as it may, to all these legitimate reasons we must add one more that surely can convince many undecideds, it is about the benefits that can bring to our health to leave aside the consumption of meat.

Consequences of stopping eating meat

Do you want to know what happens in your body when you abstain from hamburgers, sausages and steaks? In the following article we will talk about the consequences of stopping eating meat.

Symptoms of not eating meat: no more constipation

Stopping eating meat not only implies that we abstain from eating a type of food, but also, we have to fill that gap that we have left. To do this, we must increase the number of vegetables and legumes we eat so that our diet continues to be balanced.

Surely, one of the first consequences we notice when we stop eating meat – and start eating more vegetables – is the action caused by the large amount of fiber present in the latter. In our digestive system, fiber helps us regulate intestinal transit, in addition to improving our digestions, which are usually heavy when eating meat. Finally, what we are going to notice is that we will go to the bathroom much more often, we will end constipation and we will have much more placid digestions.

Reasons not to eat meat: improve sex

The parts of our body are not independent elements, on the contrary, all their functions are interrelated and depend on each other. That is why there are things at first as surprising as that stopping eating meat can make your sexual performance ostensibly improve.

It is true that not all meats are the same, moreover, there is a specific type of meat that affects much more the quality of your relationships. This is red meat, the same type of meat that has negative effects on your circulation and vascular health. In fact, these are two equal effects, since as blood circulation worsens, the blood does not reach the sexual organs with the necessary amount.

In the case of men this can translate into erectile dysfunction and erection problems and in the case of women in less intense orgasms. Now that you know you have no excuses, leave the flesh and start improving your sex life.

What happens if I stop eating meat: reduces risk of disease

Some time ago a report by the World Health Organization came to light in which it warned that the consumption of processed meats increased the risk of suffering from different types of cancer. But the grievances of this food towards our body, when eaten too often, are noticeable in many other conditions, something that we can avoid by stopping ingesting it.

When we stop eating meat, our blood pressure is reduced. If we take into account that high blood pressure is one of the main causes of cardiovascular accidents, we will conclude that stopping eating meat reduces the risk of heart problems.

As in the previous sections, the main ones pointed out as guilty of this fact are red meat. Be that as it may, different studies that have been carried out show that people who do not eat meat give off a much more desirable and attractive smell for people of the other sex. Compared to that given by those people who do include meets regularly in their diet, this smell is qualified as less intense and much more pleasant.

The explanation given to this fact is that meats, with special emphasis on red meat, leave in our body a large amount of toxins and waste that we do not discard through the digestive system, but sweat.

Stop eating meat slims down

Many meats provide a large number of fats that end up accumulating in our body and making us gain weight. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you should start by limiting the consumption of these meats. Processed ones, such as hamburgers, sausages, red meats and those cuts that have visible fat are the worst in terms of weight gain.

But it is not only an aesthetic issue, health is something we cannot play with and the consumption of meat brings us closer to different dangerous diseases. Research has shown that consuming animal protein connects to higher odds of developing diabetes. Even without being obese, someone who eats meat regularly is more likely to suffer from this disease than someone who does not.

There are many people who argue that we need these proteins, that otherwise our body may suffer from a protein deficit. The reality is that if we maintain a balanced diet, that is, increasing the consumption of other foods such as tofu, nuts and legumes that compensate for that loss, we will not have any problem at the nutritional level.


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